Session Update- Week Five
February 15 , 2016
District 15 
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Senator  Ed Harbison

The 2016 session of the Georgia General Assembly has hit the half way point as Thursday, February 11th marked the 20th day of 40 legislative days. That means we only have 10 more legislative days until Day 30 or as we call it, "Crossover Day". Crossover day is extremely important for legislators trying to pass their bills. It is the last day that Bills can transfer or "crossover" to the other chamber with enough time to make their way through the "process" of committee hearings and a floor vote. Looming deadlines like "Crossover Day" means that long nights at
the Capitol are ahead. Despite the hurried frenzy, we have managed to get a lot of things done for the betterment of Georgia citizens.

Senate approved its version of the amended Fiscal Year 2016 State Budget this week. The budget now goes back to the House, where they will either accept our changes or request a conference committee to resolve differences.

As we make our way through session, I will continue to update you on major developments. Thank you for your support, allowing me the opportunity to work for you. It is humbling to know that you have entrusted me with the responsibility to protect and serve our district. If you need anything at all, please feel free to contact my Capitol office anytime.
Session Update- Week 5 

The latest in session news can be found right here. Make sure you stay on top of your Georgia issues. 

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Senator Harbison in Action!
Meeting with Dr. Shannon and other Columbus Physicians.