Session Update
February 11, 2020
District 15 
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Senator Ed Harbison  
Georgia Senate
432 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
From the Desk of 
Senator  Ed Harbison

Monday, February 3, we gathered under the Gold Dome for our fourth week of the 2020 legislative session. Last week brought many committee meetings and much discussion regarding issues of importance. 

We also convened on the Senate floor for three days, where we passed several measures, including an adjournment resolution which sets our session schedule in the upcoming weeks. Also passed on the Senate floor was my bill, Senate Bill 262, which you can read more about in my detailed report below. All bills passing the Senate now move to the House for further consideration.

Last week, I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by the GPB show, Lawmakers. Lawmakers covers each session day specific to our legislative action and is a great way to keep up with daily news from under the Gold Dome. If you missed the episode, you can click here to watch!

I will continue to update you throughout the legislative session. If you need anything at all, please let me know as I am here to represent YOU. Thank you for your continued support and much needed prayers. It is an honor to serve you. Be blessed my friends!

Ed Harbison
Senator of the 15th
Session Update- Week Four

The latest in session news can be found right here. Make sure you stay on top of your Georgia issues. 

Senate Action
Adjournment Resolution