FY 20 Budget

Governor Dunleavy released his much-anticipated Fiscal Year 2020 budget last Wednesday and I’m still studying the details.  I’m pleased to have a budget that started at zero and was built to roughly $3.5 billion in Unrestricted General Fund dollars. I welcome this fresh approach to the budget and am excited to hear the vision behind their plan. 

As we work on the budget with this administration, I will be asking:

  • Why they added in the programs they did;
  • How they will be measuring their effectiveness;
  • What performance measures were used to establish the outcomes; and
  • What items were not included and why?  

Governor Dunleavy’s budget deserves scrutiny and starts an important conversation with Alaskans about the level of services available and provides an opportunity for transformational change. I’ve remained consistent in saying that I don’t want to waste this opportunity to do things differently and innovate within government. 
If you would like to review the proposed budget and backup documents, you can find reports on the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget’s website here or on the Alaska Division of Legislative Finance’s website here