Mark Burkman set up a press conference on the 2-year anniversary of the Seth Rich murder to introduce a new witness called "Luke" who phoned in and wished to have his identity protected. The affair was fraught with technical problems, which made it come off as very amateurish. The event was pilloried by the Daily Beast and similar news websites that pretend to be edgy but which are totally of the establishment.

If we suspend our disbelief for a moment and assume that the witness is sincere, what emerges from Luke's account is quite unexpected. As a self-described terrorism consultant and expert witness for the US Attorney's Office in Maryland, Luke is well acquainted with its wicked ways and particularly those of its former District Attorney, Rod Rosenstein.

Luke's account is not partisan. Contrary to what we and Burkman might have been expecting of this witness, he doesn't feel that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC. He believes that Rod Rosenstein was behind it, as the DNC email breach would reveal the DOJ's (and the Republicans') tampering and altering of the DNC's emails throughout the course of the Obama Administration. Also, it would reveal that they began spying on Hillary's private server, almost as soon as it went live.

He paints a portrait of corruption at the DOJ via Rod Rosenstein that is so profound, it may be hard for most to wrap their heads around. Rosenstein and Hillary hate each other personally but Washington, DC "cares not" who's in office, as long as that person can be controlled.

The audio on this clip is not good but it was the best I could find. I've transcribed everything up to the Q&A below:

Mark Burkman: If you could kind of tell us the basic story of Seth and these two agents and how it came to be with you I'd be grateful.

Luke: My background, very briefly, very in general -

Mark Burkman: Take your time -

Luke: Military. Second half of that career, I was attached to the intelligence community, I maintained that connection into the civilian world, I work as a consultant, mostly in domestic and foreign terrorists.

That's how I came to be contacted by the Department of Justice in Baltimore over the years. The people involved in his death I knew well, both professionally and personally…

I do not know Seth Rich, I never met him, never dealt with him. Never would have known the name until late 2016, when these people were bragging about what they had done and gotten away with everything. This is an accumulation of multiple conversations, held with other people in front of me, other people I know.

The three people that night, they had been surveilling him [Seth] because of his computer breach. They knew it. They knew what he had done. It was too close for comfort, they believed that they were under investigation. They had monitored quite a few things. They were in the emails and into the computer systems.

When this happened, it set off all their bells and whistles. They wanted to know immediately who he was, what he was doing. This was a large breach – Seth Rich went in and grabbed a bunch of emails –

Mark Burkman: Can you tell us briefly and of course, no names but tell us about the backgrounds of these – one is DEA, one is ATF, am I correct?

Luke: Yes.

Mark Burkman: Tell us a little bit about these guys, to the extent you can and if you can't, I understand and then tell us how you initially came upon this information.

Luke: Well, they were bragging about it. That's when I first heard the name. Didn't know anything about that side, what they were doing. They were bragging about it. They bragged about it, probably before the name came up.

I did some research, found out what they were talking about, through my channels and they have details about what happened the night leading up to it; the actual act, what occurred right afterwards and why. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out why.

It involved the computers, the emails and their manipulation of those. They said, when he did this, there was a breach of something. Whether or not he gave anything to WikiLeaks, I have no idea. Whether that was his intent or if that actually happened.

But [Seth's] going into the system they had control of, that set off everything. And when he grabbed that [inaudible], they assumed it was an investigation and for approximately two weeks prior to the act, itself, the murder, he was being surveilled to one degree or another. That's how they knew he had this thumb drive that they wanted.

(See the rest of this transcript and the video at the link below)

Running Time: 60 mins

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