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"The Seth House" in Elmira, New York

THE SETH HOUSE is the actual building where Jane Roberts channeled Seth . This is where most of their 45 books were written, including  "Seth Speaks" . It is Seth who coined the term "You create your own reality."

We have established a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving this legendary building. This house saw miracles folks, it's worth taking good care of and inviting people over to enjoy it. Let's make wonderful things happen here.

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"Seth Talk" - Chat ONLINE about SETH

It's can be rough out there for many people who are home bound now. So we want to bring people together online to share positive conversations and talk about Seth's uplifting material.

These gatherings are broadcast via Zoom and YouTube.
See info on our website about how to access these events.

Our next meeting is Sunday, March 29th.
Click Here for details and we hope you can join us.

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This is brand new. Last month it only had 1 video on it, but now we uploaded "Seth Talk" 3-22-2020 Parts 1 & 2. Almost 4 hours of "Seth Talk". Wow it really was great to see and speak with so many Seth Friends.

For our first go at " Seth Talk " our online Chat Group

  • We had 24 participants.
  • We made many mistakes.
  • We didn't edit it professionally.
  • We had so much fun.
  • We want to do it again.
"Seth Talk" 3-22-2020 - Part 1
1 Hour 57 Minutes

"Seth Talk" 3-22-2020 - Part 2
2 Hours
"Seth Talk" at The Seth House
Join us each Sunday at 4pm New York time for "Seth Talk" broadcast Live from Apartment #5 where Jane & Rob lived. This will also be Live on YouTube.

Jane Roberts' Birthday

Jane Roberts was born on May 8, 1929. We had planned to do something special around the time frame of May 7-11, 2020. Due to the current world situation, of course, we may have to wait before making any announcements as to what we can do to celebrate here at the house.

Last year we had an awesome event and 'Open House' for Jane. Then in June we did the same for Rob's birthday. Meeting cool Sethies in the house where Jane channeled Seth is a Seth Reader’s dream come true.

However, being sensitive to these "mass events", we will let you know later how a celebration will manifest. We’ll tell you more as the time draws near. Stay safe and well everybody.

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This old house is a place that offers great possibilities for joy and personal transformation. We look forward to meeting people who want to join us on this journey. This is truly the magic that life is all about.

This has been sent to you with warm wishes from Elmira and some dedicated Seth readers who care about this historic, but shabby, old building where miracles have happened. We look forward to stirring up more goodness and light right here at...

458 West Water Street, #1-A, Elmira NY 14905
(607) 442-1315
The Seth House is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.

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