May 2018
Volume 9 | Issue 5
In This Issue:
Setting Clear Goals to Make Your Mentoring Program Effective 

For every organization with which we work, the mentoring program goals are unique. What they have in common is that the result of creating an effective mentoring program is both impactful and significant for the overall growth of the company. To make sure that our training and consultation hits the mark, we develop custom programming that's in alignment with the goals and desired results for each of our clients. 

Since we work with organizations at various stages of their mentoring journeys, perhaps a few ideas and suggestions about programming goals would inspire you?

In the next few newsletters, we'll be sharing ideas about the types of goals we've seen and worked with. It's important that you know what a good mentoring program can do for your business, culture, and success.

Often, clients ask us to conduct a workshop to help kick off a new mentoring program for a particular part of their organization, and then, when they see the benefits of that program, ask us to return so we can help them launch a mentoring program in another area of the organization.

This was the case recently for the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. In the Summer of 2017, we helped National Geographic kick off a mentoring program with their explorers for three cohorts of mentoring pairs. They liked it so much that they asked us to come back in May of this year to help them kick off a program with staff members and to conduct a trainer facilitation program as well. This is so they could continue the work internally.

This multi-phase approach allowed National Geographic to pilot the program, see its demonstrated benefits, and then enable a team internally to continue the learning and benefits in a more cost-effective and customized way.
Mentoring Action Tips for Your Next Meeting
 Welcome to a NEW round of monthly tips! This month we tackle a question and a prompt so you can implement a solution in your very next meeting. Here it is:

Question: How do we, a mentor and mentee, fit in everything we need to do in one session? We want to all the catch up, address day-to-day issues and work on our goals. It seems like the time flies and it's challenging to cover all of these elements before it's time to wrap up.

Answer & Action: There is a lot to cover, and setting up structure for each meeting is very helpful in staying on track. An agenda with time limits on each area of discussion is invaluable. It might feel a little stiff at first, but you'll make headway in no time and appreciate the efficiency and structure that an agenda will impose.

Consider making it a game: use all of the allotted time for each discussion point without going over... or under time.

How to do this well? Decide early on who will draft the agenda. Consider sending it to your mentoring partner ahead of time for input and to give them time to reflect in advance of your next session. 

Speaking of your next session...
Attention and Control

Delve into this worthy read for insights about "attention management" with regard to perspective, taking control (and responsibility) of technology, environment and more. 

What's most helpful about this article? The specifics to reflect on when considering how and where to practice attention management. Enjoy!

Women in the Technology Industry

A few notes from last week's Women of the Channel West Leadership Summit in Rancho Mirage, CA. When asked what the main talking points were throughout the event, Lisa Fain shared this:
  • Discussion about impact of #metoo on men mentoring women
  • Importance of finding work/life integration vs. balance
  • How do you find/choose a mentor
There was also lots of focus on sponsorship. All in all, Lisa observed approximately 500 attendees, who were mostly women who work in the IT channel, in all stages in their careers.

Lisa's main takeaway:  Mentoring is essential for women in the technology industry; they are hungry for mentoring and sponsorship so that they can lead authentically. 

Where are employees in your organization hungry for mentorship and sponsorship?
Cultural Competency: Unleashing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Through Mentoring with Lisa Fain

The 11th Annual UNM Mentoring Institute Mentoring Conference, Oct 22 - 26, is coming up. Lisa will be speaking during the Plenary Session alongside esteemed colleagues in the industry.

"Cultural competency is the ability to understand and bridge differences and is a crucial factor in a successful mentoring relationship. Without cultural competency, mentoring partners cannot reach the depth of understanding that is required to unleash this benefit. This presentation will introduce a model for cultural competency, and provide concrete examples, tips and tools to develop, hone and apply this important skill."

Review the sessions and consider joining Lisa in Albuquerque in October. This is a great time to take in new information not only for the remainder of the year, but also for 2019 as well.
Maximizing Your Mentoring Relationships (podcast)

Download or listen in on this 57-minute podcast where Dr. Wanda Wallace interviews Founder of CME, Dr. Lois Zachary, about how you can maximize your mentoring relationships for best personal and professional desired results. A fantastic listen for those who are new to the process, and also as a refresher for those very familiar with mentoring.
Our Mission
We are committed to promoting individual and organizational mentoring excellence. We do this by providing: mentoring training, coaching, consultation, and program evaluation. We've helped leading organizations around the globe create mentoring cultures, and we're here for you.

A Note to Our Readers
We believe that leaders cannot be effective without a strong and ongoing commitment to mentoring excellence. This belief, our passion for mentoring excellence, and our extensive experience in the field with organizations led us to create the Center for Mentoring Excellence. 

At our virtual, you will find mentoring tools and resources, expert advice and a forum for sharing best mentoring practices. We hope that you will visit us there and let us know how we can continue to help you raise the bar on mentoring in your organization.