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Your Version Of AutoPilot!

The latest version of AutoPilot Mach 3 is

How do you know what version you are on? It's simple. On your Mach 3 go to Help, then About and the version number will be displayed. [Note: I use the short notation for that as follows: Help > About.]

It is also displayed on the splash screen when AutoPilot is started.

This is important because the newest version of AutoPilot has a chime/sound option when you use PushPin! This is one of many improvements made with this software release.


However, as is the case with software, sometimes a new release has unintended consequences. The use of the More button on the E2E menu to link a pattern vertically does not function properly. If you depend upon this functionality, then you might not want to install this version.

Pushpin Chime

The Pushpin Chime is a new function under Settings > Pushpin Chimes > Set Chime. It will play a sound each time a Pushpin is placed. This is a tremendous help when placing complex pushpins because one can be assured that the pushpin has been placed without having to keep looking back and forth between the screen and the quilt.

An interesting aspect of Innova chimes is that they are long in duration, such as with the mooing of a cow [an actual example].

When placing Pushpins you want something that is quick, such as a "dink".

Finding Other Sounds

All of the Innova sounds are MP3 sounds. Windows has the older WAV formatted sounds. These can also be played by your AutoPilot.

These wav can be found by using File Explorer [usually located on the task bar or by right-clicking on the Windows Start icon in the lower left of the screen and choosing "File Explorer" from the pop-up menu].

Highlight the "C:" drive and type "*.wav" in the search box.

A list of wav sounds will appear and with them the length of time that they play. I like the ones that are 0 hours, minutes and seconds as they are long enough to hear and short enough that they don't waste time. In the example here I have selected the Hammer sound

Right click on the ones of interest and use the Open With > Windows Media Player to listen to them.

Once you have found a good sound, copy it over to the Innova chime area.

The Innova Chime Area

The sounds of the Innova are referred to as chimes. They are located at C: > Program Files (x86) > ABMSoftware > Autopilot > DATA > Chimes, as shown below.
Paste the sounds you want here and they will be accessible for the Pushpin chime as well as the normal chime that sounds when the stitching is complete. Note: for the chime for completed stitching, I like the long sounds because I can be quite a distance from the machine.
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