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Discovering Value and Purpose
by Bill Hudson
Released Today ... June 3, 2021

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“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born,
and the day you find out why.”  - Mark Twain

   For the past three years, I’ve painted less and written more. Some instinct compelled me to document seven decades of boys-to-men events before old age and poor health remove the opportunity. While writing this memoir, I realized that “coincidence” after “coincidence” had pieced together to set me on a preferred course. With many valuable lessons learned along the way, I can now confidently and proudly answer the question, “Why was I born?”
The Book Summary (from the back cover)
Welcome to a true story that begins on a Baltimore sandlot in the early 1950s. A young boy’s love of baseball defines his direction and goals. Bill Hudson enjoys America’s greatest decade of prosperity with rock ‘n’ roll, television, classic cars, smoking, Catholic nuns, slingshots, BB guns, and mischief with an unforgettable team of neighborhood characters. But life threw some curveballs and opened other doors. He developed new interests and talents taking him to the west coast of California in the ’60s as an aerospace engineer.

He met and married Ellie. Life confirmed a mutual purpose as their children soon numbered eight—four boys and four girls. Baseball became a family bond and Bill realized his love of baseball had far greater value than ever imagined in his childhood dreams.

“This is the poignant story of a life well-lived from the incredible freedom of a ‘50s childhood in Maryland’s suburbs through the ups and downs of life on the west coast. The book offers unfailing inspiration and insight into the gifts of love, family, and day to day existence. It is a pure joy to read.”      
                                      - Carol L. Deibel (Historical Society of Harford County, Maryland)

Lessons Learned
Writing a memoir can be a wonderful, reflective, therapeutic experience for anyone. But I’ve learned that publishing, self-publishing in particular, requires the support of others. I want to especially thank my family for their continual support, my editor Patricia Freeman, the staff at www.100Covers.com, and formatter Suzanna Chriscoe of www.ElefontBooks.com.

As a consequence of writing this book, I believe:
(1) Even though the world has 7.8 billion people, no two are alike. We all experience each minute differently.
(2) Every life has value. Every person has a story worth telling.
(3) Facing adversity is necessary to finding purpose. Overcoming adversity is necessary to finding value.
(4) Our purpose is to understand and help others.
(5) Life is an incredible gift of experiences

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