FALL 2020 Newsletter
Fall is upon us, no matter your team colors, the SettleMINT EFT team is here for you with a variety of services. We just wrapped up our 2020 fiscal year, completing over 150 projects! We are fired up and ready to tackle 2021 and all it has in store for us. Including, a big welcome to the credit unions from My CU Services. As we bring these credit unions over to CU*Answers, we will not only expand our client relations, but also expand upon our ATM-Debit Card expertise. We are here and ready to help with all of your ATM, Debit, Credit and Bill pay needs.
Skip-a-Pay for
Online Credit Cards

As we transition into fall and the upcoming holiday season, it is a great time to offer your members Skip a pay. SettleMINT is here to help!
We have resources that can help
walk you through the process.
Option 1, if you want to offer skip a pay to a group of your credit card members, refer to the Skip-a-Pay for Online Credit Cards Booklet.
And Option 2, if you would like
to offer this on a member by
member basis, there are steps
Guide booklet starting
on page 75.
Our SettleMINT EFT team
is available for consult. Contact
us and we will be happy to
guide you in this process.
Tune ups for ATM/Debit and Online Credit cards

Is it time for a Tune up? Keep your card services engine running smooth. This service is intended to help you keep your day to day processes running like a well oiled machine. It involves a detailed walk through of your current card configuarions, the tools used for everyday maintenance, dashboards and reports. We will guide you on best practices and show you tips and tricks along the way. Cruise on over, we are here and waiting to give you a snapshot
of where you are at with
your Card Portfolio, as well
as changes you can make to
buff and shine your program
inside and out.
Benefits of bringing your credit cards online

  • Members can see their loans in ItsMe247
  • Payments are easier than ever for the members and front line staff
  • Promotions and Cash Back rewards are super easy to set up and track
  • Loans are on CU*Base just like your other loans for easy tracking
  • Statements are combined with regular statements giving you a big savings on postage
  • Take control of your credit card portfolio!
Credit Card Promotions

Want a great way to stir up new interest in your credit cards? As we walk into Fall and the Holiday season, your members will be using their cards more than ever. Cash Back Rewards is a great way to increase activity. Another great option is to offer a purchase promotion, or boost your totals with a Balance transfer promo. We have the tools to help you set up and run a promotion. Our Credit Card Promotions Guide is a great resource and it also gives details on our Cash Back Rewards option. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you get started.
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