FALL Quarterly Newsletter

Do you utilize Payveris Bill Pay Services? Have you been looking for new ways to analyze your members who use Bill Pay sevices and the payees they are paying? Use these dashboards to take action, with built in file creation and member outreach capabilities.


CU*Base tools 

#1105 Bill Pay Subscriber Analysis and #1106 Where your Members Pay Bills.  

Payveris Bill Pay: Did you Know? 
  You can monitor your member's P2P activity? 
 Here are quick and easy steps :
  •  Log into PASS
  •  Choose option 'Search Customer Audit     Trail' under the Customers Heading
  •  Transaction Type- 'Set Up Pin Payment'
  •  Change the Date range 'Created Date From & To'
  •  Click Search
**Did you know?: If you click on the Customer Name heading it will sort your search alphabetically by name to group the member's transactions together**

Payveris offers a Bill pay Fraud Monitoring Tool? 
Paywatch  offers an easy way to monitor your members activity and prevent fraud.  Don't have time for another daily task? Let our SettleMINT team monitor Paywatch for you.  Visit our Store today for all of the details. Download the Brochure here

Check out all of the Great Services SettleMINT has available in the

Featuring ATM/Debit or Credit Card Tune Ups

A one on one session with a SettleMINT EFT Account Executive where all configurations, dashboards, reports and services are discussed in detail.  This will improve your day to day processing and keep your staff up to date on all of the tips and tricks. 



SettleMINT EFT Solutions 

focuses on electronic payment product offerings.


We understand how important  ATM, Debit and Credit Card servicing, Instant Card Issue, Bill Payment and Shared Branching 

can be for your members.


We provide expert service for daily client support, product enhancements and EFT Conversions as well as consulting services.






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Daylight Savings Is almost over. Don't forget to FALL BACK on Sunday November 4, 2018 @ 2 am

Do you have an Upcoming Vendor Mandate?
Please remember to share any mandate information with SettleMINT at eftsolutions@cuanswers.com
Shared Branching Consolidation
As part of COOP's initiative to consolidate the shared branching platforms, if you received an email regarding the shared branching consolidation, don't worry there isn't anything that you need to do.  This will not effect the way your members use shared branching or the way you perform these types of transactions.  
Considering a Vendor change when your contract is ready to renew?
Make sure you contact the SettleMINT department and get on our schedule. We are currently scheduling into FALL of 2019.  



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