Spring 2020 Newsletter
Spring is here and so is CU*Answers and the SettleMINT EFT team! We know a lot is going on during this time, but that won't stop us from maintaining business as usual.

2020 was already looking like a busy year and it is getting busier as we add more projects to our calendar and continue to assist you and your members any way we can. In this newsletter you will find the projects we are excited about in the coming year and a few of the ways we can help you, help your members.

Stand Alone P2P

CU*Answers and Payveris, a next generation online mobile digital payments company, have partnered to provide a fully integrated and “native” Person to Person (P2P) payment experience to client credit unions and their members.
This is a standalone P2P offering that allows your members (with transaction processing by iPay or Fiserv) the freedom to pay anyone!

This service can be used in both It’s Me 247 Online Banking and Mobile Web Banking.

Head over to our store for more information and to place an order!
Payveris IP Address
Security Feature

Payveris is always working to improve their platform and, most importantly, increase security to help combat bill pay/Pay Anyone (P2P) fraud. One of these features is the white-listing of IP addresses used by PASS users when accessing the PASS website.

Last year, the SettleMINT team engaged credit union staff to collect the necessary IP addresses and insure that you will be able to access PASS when this feature is implemented later this year.

If you have not submitted your IP addresses yet, you can below, or contact a SettleMINT EFT team member for more information!
Spring Cleaning Time!

The SettleMINT EFT team offers a few different services that can help refresh your ATM/Debit, Credit, and Bill Pay services:

  • ATM/Debit Tune Up
  • Credit Card Tune Up
  • Bill Pay Training
  • Fraud Training

As a SettleMINT EFT team member about how to get started, today!
Researching a New Vendor?

If you are beginning to research new vendors based on contractual expiration, please remember to reach out to CU*Answers as early in the process as possible. This will help us advise you on when we have available dates for your project, and to make sure your project is added to our schedule. You can start the conversation for many projects by submitting a project request in our store. You are always free to email or call the team as well. 

Please note that we are already booking projects into December of 2020!  
Credit Card Skip-A-Pay

CU*Base provides you with the ability to create skip-a-pay programs for your credit card members using Tool 317. This tool provides you with various options to customize the skip-a-pay program, along with the ability to run simulations of the program, helping you see who will be impacted and allowing you to tinker with the setup to produce your desired results.

You also have the ability to perform skip-a-pays on an individual member basis. You can view the procedures for these skip-a-pays via this Knowledge Base Article.

You can find more information on the tool in our Skip-A-Pay for Online Credit Cards guide, or by calling a SettleMINT EFT team member!
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