Bite-Size Blog #59 -- November 29, 2016

The "Big Picture" of Life on Earth

Life began on our planet about four billion years ago. Humans emerged as a species 200,000 years ago. 

Relatively speaking. If we crammed all four billion years of life on our planet into just one year, how long has the human species been here? Just 26 minutes of the last hour of that year. 

It took us almost 200,000 years to reach the one billion population mark, but it has only taken us 200 years to add another six billion people. And that's what this new video is all about. If possible, watch it on a big screen in order to be able to read all of the key phases of our growing civilization.

Human Population Through Time
From the American Museum of Natural History

Back to my hypothetical "year." We have been here 26 minutes of that one "year" of history, yet we have inflicted more damage on the fragile harmony of nature in the last two seconds than by all previous generations of humans--COMBINED.

J. Morris Hicks
Something must change. Population is still increasing over 200,000 people per day, over-consumption of finite resources is running rampant and we continue to burn fossil fuels as if there is no tomorrow. And there may not be a tomorrow if we don't change things quickly. 

I have concluded that the only way we can buy enough time to fix all those issues in the preceding paragraph is by dramatically changing what we eat within the next ten years. I talk a lot about that process in an earlier 2016 BSB entitled:

Today is my father's birthday. A big fan of my work during his final years, he would've turned 102 today. 

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