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Seven Tips for the Seven Days of Jazzfest

Jazz Fest LogoWell, folks, we’ve cycled through winter, Mardi Gras, and spring, which makes it time for a favorite New Orleans seasons: Jazzfest. For your 7 days of sultry music, heat, and happenings, here's 7 top tips to see you through.

7. It’s spring, it’s New Orleans, it’s afternoon. Rain will happen. Carry plastic baggies for phones and wallets, and bring a poncho to save yourself the $87 million ponchos cost at the Fest. On which note: when it rains, the weak of heart leave, letting you wade up front to hear Irma croon “It’s rainin’...

6. If the gods created a playground where meter maids could frolick until the second coming, it'd look like Bayou St. John during Jazzfest. Don’t do it - fire hydrants, driveways, intersection corners, wrong way in the street - just don’t do it. The meter maids: they will be there. Frolicking.

5. Bigger is not always better. Any of y’all who’ve passed time at the Gospel tent or Fais Do Do stage know what we talkin’ about.

4. Freeze a 1 liter water bottle and carry it unopened into the Fairgrounds so you can have cold water after five hours in the sun, then use Grandstand water fountains to refill it.

3. If you don’t already carry a koozie with you everywhere (why?), now’s the time to start. Look for a “How Ya’ Gonna Clap” koozie loved by old school Jazzfest goers.

2. Go to the Grandstand. Why? 1) Air-conditioning. 2) Indoor Plumbing. 3) Water fountains to fill Nalgenes, because you love the Earth/your liver. 4) Food Heritage Stage Food Demos = free tastings. 5) Alison Miner Heritage Stage interviews.

1. Don’t have a ticket? Don’t worry. All those artists in town? They ain’t going to bed at 8pm. Hit Frenchmen to catch visiting musicians catching New Orleans music.

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