December 2014   
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Seven Ways to Beat Holiday Blues


by Barbara Gulbranson


There's no getting away from it during the holiday season. We are bombarded with messages to be joyful, happy and celebratory. But this is not so for many people dealing with depression, loneliness and grief. Grief is not only prompted by death but includes losses such as a job, a pet, a relationship or community. How do you transcend feelings of despair when everywhere you look you see ads with smiling faces and families rejoicing in warm traditions? Here are seven tips for surviving the holidays if you are dealing with grief, loneliness or sorrow:
  • Use your spiritual tools - To achieve eternal joy in the midst of any circumstances, we must not depend on human abilities but depend on spiritual connection. We can do nothing of ourselves; it is the Father within that does the work. The truth is that you are not alone because God lives within you. Deepen your connection with God and give your challenges over to God and the angels. When we feel lonely, it is because we are feeling separate from the Source of all Good. Take a deep breath and know you are eternally connected to the Divine and therefore never alone.
  • Request positive prayer from a practitioner or minister - Prayer is the healing balm of the soul, and when you pray something happens. A law is set in motion to bring about the result you desire. Positive prayer always gets results. If you are too despondent to pray for yourself, reach out and request prayer from a practitioner or minister or email me at and relax knowing that once prayer is said with love and feeling, the demonstration is guaranteed.
  • Feel your feelings - When we feel discomfort, it is natural to want to run away or soothe ourselves with sensory pleasure or medication to dull the senses. But feeling our feelings helps us move through the experience, gather up the gifts and awaken to our divinity. Don't run from your feelings but allow them to just be. In the simplicity of the moment, the opening for healing will occur.
  • Don't push yourself - Honor your physical body. If you are not feeling up to festivities, don't push yourself because you think you "have to." An experience from my own life was when I was getting a divorce at Christmastime and there was merriment all around me while I was barely functional. I could not handle the celebrations. Instead I chose to attend a week-long meditation retreat. What a great decision as it expedited healing and renewed joy. Respect the fact that you don't "have to" do anything just because it's expected of you; rather, answer the call for healing in a way that nurtures your mind, body and spirit.
  • Make a joy tool kit - In the Live Your Joy workshops I teach, I recommend creating a joy tool kit. The importance of this kit is that when you are feeling down, it elevates your vibration. Get a box or container of any kind and fill it with positive items such as treasured photographs, spiritual CDs, angel cards or whatever has meaning for you. Some items in mine include photographs, angel cards, a Buddhist chanting player, chocolate, letters from loved ones and clients and inspirational stones. Create your own joy tool kit and it is sure to bring you a smile as you treasure sacred memories.
  • Reduce stress - This is the time to nurture your soul. Spend more time meditating, praying and getting out in nature. If it's cold outside, bring nature inside with flowering plants and beautiful winter bloomers. Go on a hike if the weather permits, feed the birds and relish the spectacular beauty all around you especially during this time of year. Remember to tell the plants that you appreciate their sharing their beauty with you. Also play beautiful music and dance with abandon as Spirit moves through you. (For more tips on raising your vibration see the e-book, Angel Talk: Five Easy Steps for Connecting with Your Angels available at
  • Talk about your feelings in a safe space - Schedule a spiritual coaching session or talk with a like-minded person who will really listen and who will validate your feelings. Sometimes the simple act of expressing yourself helps to expedite healing and growth.

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself this holiday season and always.

Affirm the following:

There is a Power and Presence that is all good and all love and it is within me right now. I open my heart to this ever-flowing reservoir of love and anticipate greater peace, love and joy in my experience today. Love fills my heart and heals my soul and I am forever one with God -- my eternal companion.


If you would like prayer support or spiritual counseling, contact me at for special holiday packages. In the coming year, I wish you all healing, love, prosperity and deepening of your connection with God. Peace to all!

An Angelic Invitation For You
This holiday season, you are invited to give yourself the gift of everlasting peace, joy and love by deepening your connection with the angels. By simply opening your loving heart to angels, your life will blossom into into its full beauty and power; and you will receive divine messages, guidance and healing on all levels.


On Saturday, December 20, at 1 pm EST, you have the opportunity to expand your heart and connect more deeply with your angels. That is when Rev. Barbara Gulbranson will be a guest on the Carole Matthews Radio Show, and you are invited to sit back and listen or join in the discussion.


Here, you will learn more about:
  • the five easy steps in the ANGEL Talk Program (as described in the book Angel Talk: Five Easy Steps for Connecting with Your Angels) 
  • how to hear, see, feel and know your angels
  • how to receive angelic messages, healing and Divine Guidance to make positive changes in your life.

Plus, you will have the opportunity to phone in and ask Rev. Barbara questions.


If you can't make the "live" show, you can tune in to the archives at any time from your computer.


To listen, visit Carole's website at and click on the 560 CFOS icon.  


Carole Matthews is an Intuitive Medium and is available for in person consultations and Skype/telephone sessions! You can contact her through her web site or call 519-270-5988 or 416-362-5619.  

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Do you have an issue in your life that you would like to heal once and for all? Do you seek guidance on fulfilling your Divine Purpose? Are you dealing with grief, worry, fear or economic uncertainty? Are you ready to live the life you've only dreamed of before? If so, it's time to schedule a spiritual counseling session with Rev. Barbara.

Rev. Barbara uses a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to counseling. Plus, she uses her gift of clairaudience to deliver Divine messages of guidance to you. Each session includes an optional angel reading and a personalized spiritual mind treatment/positive prayer that continues throughout the week. You will come away with spiritual tools to integrate into your daily life.

Spiritual counseling deepens your connection with Spirit and opens up the avenues of joy, love, success and peace.

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