Board of Directors

Kim Cahill
Mary Galeone, RSM
James Kopp
Arthur C. Lange
Jeanne Marconi, M.D.
Mary Theresa McCombe
Ellen McGlynn
Paul McLaughlin
Greg Spero
Debbra Stolarik
Diane Vezza
Laurie Wilson
"These are young adults who have faced obstacles their whole lives. If we can remove any obstacle and help them on the road to success, that's what we are going to do."

- A Hearts to Homes Donor
Registry items arrive at Hearts to Homes!


Hearts to Homes Donations Have Changed Seven Lives in the Last Month!

Because of your generosity, seven young adults have either had their apartments furnished or are in the process of having their apartments furnished. Two of those adults are young mothers, whose children’s lives will now be more comfortable because of your help. Your assistance impacts multiple generations! 

Just last week, one of our young adults received her furnishings. Seeing all of the items, brought tears to her eyes. I’ll let her tell you how she felt…

“I was so excited to finally be in my new apartment, but I didn’t realize how empty it would feel without anything in it.  Now, it finally feels like I live here, and I can’t thank you all enough for this feeling. We finally have a home!”

The Need is Great! Our Expansion is Continuing!

Hearts to Homes is in the exploration stage of an expansion to a third child welfare agency. We are projecting that three partner agencies will have a total of approximately 65 young adults aging out in 2018!  This is just a fraction of the need in our area, where almost 1,000 young adults age out into independent living (New York City, Westchester County, Rockland County) every year. 

It is our hope that Hearts to Homes will, one day, be able to help every child who ages out, but for now, we will be concentrating on these 65 to ensure that their launch into independence is supported in a way that helps to make their first apartment a real home!

Do You Sleep Better When You Help Someone?

How do you feel when you help someone by making a donation? When you know exactly how your donation is being used? When you know that every precious dollar you donate has a direct impact?

How do you feel when you lay your head down at night - as you pull the covers back, fluff up your pillow and snuggle into bed, set the alarm clock and reach over to turn off the light? Do you feel comfortable and happy?

You can sleep easier knowing that every dollar of your donation to Hearts to Homes goes directly to purchase a piece of furniture or a household (kitchen, bathroom or bedroom) essential for a former foster child, and every young adult will fall asleep with that same comfortable and happy feeling - with their pillow, cozy comforter, alarm clock and a bedside lamp. 

We Need You to Make a Donation Today!

Please consider making a donation today, so that when a young person comes to us for assistance, we can immediately place their order. Even days feel like forever in an empty apartment!

$1,000 buys all living room furnishings. $500 furnishes a bedroom. $250 buys a dinette set. $100 buys a comforter set and a pillow. Hearts to Homes is a 100% volunteer run organization, allowing every crucial dollar to fill a need!

Please continue to watch our Facebook page for updates and for future campaigns. Visit our website to make a donation, as we are always preparing for our next campaign. These young adults, who are aging out of foster care, are very appreciative as they make their transition to independence! Your support makes our work possible. 
Thank you in advance for your support of Hearts to Homes and the young adults who benefit from our program!

Mary Theresa McCombe
Executive Director
Hearts to Homes Furnishings, Inc.
51 Lindbergh Place
Yonkers, NY 10707