4-1-2020 | Issue 7
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As social distancing directives continue to stretch out over time, we have made the difficult decision to postpone and reschedule our East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee Big Rigs for Little Kids events. The new date is; Thursday, July 23 rd for Middle Tennessee and Thursday July 30 th for East Tennessee. We thank you for understanding the need to reschedule and we hope that you and your families, your employees and their family members are staying safe and healthy. We look forward to you joining us at these events and we will continue to update the entire membership as we move closer to the new newly scheduled dates. Please stay safe and healthy, and thank you and all your people for continuing to keep us supplied during this time! We appreciate each and every one of you and your efforts! Thank you very much!
The Tennessee Trucking Association is taking a cautious approach to our meetings and events

As we see several big events cancelled or postponed in the state and across the nation, we feel that it is in our members best interest to reschedule some of our events: 
  • The Call on Washington will be rescheduled for a later date this year.  
  • Knoxville Roadside March 27, 2020 has been cancelled. We will reschedule at a later date to be determined.
  • We are cancelling the Call on Nashville and the Legislative Reception that is scheduled for April 1, 2020
  • Technician Skills Competition has been rescheduled for June 18, 2020.
  • Truck Driving Championships has been rescheduled for June 26 & 27, 2020. 
  • Middle TN Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Outing rescheduled for July 23, 2020
  • East TN Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Outing rescheduled for July 30, 2020
  • All SMC/MC Council meetings for April have been cancelled.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and decide if we need to reschedule more events in the coming days such as:
  • Roadsides 
  • Safety/Maintenance Council Meetings 
  • NATMI Classes
As Coronavirus causes a run on hand-sanitizer, canned...

Following the guidance of government and health officials, many working Americans will be staying home in the coming weeks. But truckers are not afforded that same luxury or comfort. In order to keep store shelves stocked, hospitals supplied,...

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Chairman's Corner
Connie Vaughn
McKee Foods Transportation, LLC.
#ThankATrucker. I’m sure all of you have seen a recent news story, video, tweet, or post, that acknowledges the importance and impact of the trucking industry. It is my hope that through the various social media platforms the younger generations will have a new appreciation for the big rigs they see everyday.

It is heartwarming to see the President, Vice President, and other national leader giving praise and thanks to our industry and the front line truckers who are delivering critical supplies to America.

According to the Twitter analytics the #ThankATrucker hashtag has been Tweeted 7,300 times during the last seven days, and 43,000 people commented, shared, or re-tweeted the hashtag. 

The next several months will be challenging - probably in ways that only few can imagine. I hope Americans will continue to appreciate and acknowledge the valuable service professional drivers provide every day. I’ll do my part to help them remember! Proud to be your chairman. #ThankATrucker ."
By: R. Eddie Wayland

After many states, cities, and counties issued “safer-at-home” orders directing all businesses not deemed “essential” to close for 14 days, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) updated its preliminary guidance on the implementation of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”), accessible here . An important takeaway from the updated guidance is that employers whose businesses are subject to a government shutdown are not required to pay the emergency sick leave or expanded family and medical leave, pursuant to the FFCRA, to their employees.

Shutdown Businesses Not Required to Provide Paid Leave

Vertical Alliance Group

As the Coronavirus National Emergency unfolds, the need to reevaluat... e traditional business practices becomes a part of the process. Pat Landreth, VP of HR/Safety at Ozark Motor Lines, will be discussing how he increased the efficiency of...

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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions offers 30-day Complimentary Trial

During this time of COVID -19 coronavirus crisis, the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) fleets are at the forefront of helping us get through the Coronavirus national emergency.

To ensure that your team members are informed and free from misinformation, Vertical Alliance Group, an Endorsed Partner of the TTA, is offering your company complimentary access   to our Infinit-I Workforce Solutions communications and learning management system for 30 days to help companies communicate effectively during this critical time
During this time of COVID -19 coronavirus crisis, the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) fleets are at the forefront of helping us get through the Coronavirus national emergency.
ApneaMed knows many of you have to take a sleep test as part of your CDL renewal, and during this time of uncertainty we would like to thank the commercial drivers of Tennessee by offering a home sleep test for just $99, discounted from our normal price of $279. Go to and use the coupon code TNTRUCK at checkout to get your discount.

Analysis of Data Finds Unprecedented Performance Year-Over-Year

Newly released data from ATRI shows that trucks are continuing to move - in many cases faster than usual - to respond to the demands placed on the industry by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"ATRI's real-time GPS data comes from more than a million trucks, allowing us to analyze freight flows, and so far in March, what we are seeing is an unprecedented level of truck movement," said ATRI President and COO Rebecca Brewster. "Not only are trucks continuing to move, but they are doing so at speeds well in excess of normal traffic patterns."
For example, according to ATRI's data, at the intersection of I-85 and I-285 in Atlanta, known locally as Spaghetti Junction, afternoon rush hour truck speeds are typically less than 15 MPH due to congestion. Trucks are now averaging 53 MPH.

"Spaghetti Junction is typical of what we've seen across the country, especially in areas hit hard by the virus and subject to quarantines and lockdowns," Brewster said. "As other traffic dissipates, trucks continue to move, delivering much-needed relief supplies to markets, hospitals, gas stations and other essential businesses."
Homeland Security delays implementation fo Real ID...

The Department of Homeland Security that it is delaying the implementation of new Real ID requirements by a full year until Oct. 1, 2021. Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said the delay is due to the upheaval brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Dale Allen, Adams and Reese, LLP
Clayton Byrd, Adams and Reese, LLP
On Thursday, March 19 th , the Tennessee General Assembly passed a dramatically revised budget and recessed until June 1, 2020, following a series of unprecedented events in Tennessee’s histor y . In all, the month of March has been one Tennesseans would soon like to forget. The areas struck by the deadly tornadoes of March 4th are still early in the recovery process, and face a hard road to rebuild. And now, with the state on economic lockdown due to the coronavirus, many workers across the state face uncertain economic futures. 

In March, working on a compressed and expedited schedule, lawmakers passed a $39 billion budget and a few bills deemed “mission critical” before recessing to allow members and staff to return home due to the coronavirus. Legislative leadership maintains that all other bills will get a fair hearing after the recess, but for now all legislation is effectively placed on hold, including the bulk of the legislation that members filed this session. While legislative leaders have indicated a return date of June 1, if the month of March is any indicator, it would be safe to say there are no guarantees.