Dear Good People of St. Paul's,

This is the seventh of our monthly updates about important transitions at St. Paul’s in worship, the Search Committee work, and progress on the reconstruction. We hope you will find the information encouraging and that it will prompt many questions.

Susan N. Eaves , Interim Rector
Jane Nelson , Senior Warden
Lee Switz , Junior Warden

Worship News

Attendance has continued to be strong as we worship in Scott Hall. It will not be long (barring unexpected discoveries) before we will be planning our return to the church building. On Sunday, January 13 there will be an opportunity to gather after church and share ideas about how we might make imaginative use of the renewed space. As you consider the things that have touched or moved you these past months, begin to ask how we might carry those back into our church. Please bring your thoughts and ideas to this discussion. We want to hear what you have to say!

Search Committee News

The St. Paul’s Rector Search Committee thanks everyone in the congregation for your wise and thoughtful insights regarding the search for our next rector. From the Word Cloud, to the Holy Cow! Congregational Assessment Tool, to the recent focus groups, the St. Paul’s community has generously and candidly provided the search committee with valuable perspective on the needs of the community and experience and skills desired in the next rector. Using this input, the search committee will complete the Community Ministry Portfolio , which the Diocese Office of Transition Ministry will post to recruit candidates to St. Paul’s.  

The search committee would like to share and test the results of our “listening tour” with the congregation after church on Sunday, December 9 . All are welcome to attend and to provide any additional guidance you may have for the committee. The search committee will also use your input to refine our search criteria and develop a set of interview questions for candidates.

Renovation News
Much of the construction work this month has been behind-the-scenes with electrical rough in work continuing. Two air handler units have been installed in the Undercroft and are currently being hooked up.

Modifications to the pews to accommodate the font and create two wheel chair accessible areas have been completed. Framing has been installed in the chapel for new pilasters and ceiling. Finally, and perhaps most dramatically, scaffolding has been erected in the nave in preparation for work in the ceiling (see above photograph).

The progress of the project is being recorded on a photo blog at . You can sign up on that site to receive a notice when new information is posted and you can post comments too!

Memorial Plaques Update

The vestry met on Sunday, November 18 to assess the feasibility of the plan to remove memorial plaques form the church building. The vestry has been advised that in order to ensure no loss of tax credits, an amended part two of our original application will need to be filed with the Department of Historic Resources to obtain their approval prior to removing the plaques. A lengthy delay is anticipated as St. Paul’s is in transition awaiting the call of the new Rector and the arrival and integration of that person with the congregation of St. Paul’s.
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