Severance and Extension of Benefitsone
Benefits are part of the remuneration process

Severance and extension of benefits is likely the last thing on your mind when you make a new hire. But when it's time to fire someone you can't just stop paying them, and benefits are part of that remuneration process.

When our administrative staff at ASSOCIUM asks lots of questions about your request to terminate someone's benefits, know that we're just doing our job. We're not second-guessing you, but we want to make sure you're covered. More than half the time, we do find an issue and bringing it to your attention can save you a lot of grief.

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Entrepreneurial Fundraisingtwo
Easy strategies for moving beyond the traditional fundraising comfort zone

The Development function is to Non-profits/Charities (NP) what the Sales and Marketing functions are to private sector firms - they focus on growing the top line. Funding streams created through innovative approaches like social enterprise models can enable NPs to reduce their dependency - by not having all of their funding eggs in one basket. Over the longer term, these alternative revenue channels can also enable NPs to build their brand strength within the communities they serve as well as scale their social impact.

For most NPs however, the shift away from traditional approaches like annual fundraisers, takes them out of their comfort zone. Ironically most will also admit that, against the common backdrop of inadequate human resources or funding, they act in entrepreneurial ways on a daily basis!

This article by Kathryn Babcock highlights some easy strategies for moving beyond the traditional fundraising comfort zone and positioning your organization for some top line growth!
three10 Ways to Protect Your Data
Whether you're at work or on the go our ASSOCIUM GAIN Partner Providers can help you navigate through it all!

In a constantly shifting technological landscape, fraud and cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated by the minute, making the protection of your information and communication technology assets more critical than ever.

Even the slightest breach can hurt your organization's people, assets and reputation. The best strategy to protect your business, is through educating both yourself and your team, and implementing preventative measures to mitigate risk before you become a target.

Here are ten simple best practices you can integrate into your day-to-day operations which will help to put your business ahead of the cyber security curve.
pillarsPillars of the Community
Concussion - More Than a Bump on the Head

The potential of long-term effects following concussion is one of the focal points of the newly-released movie "Concussion." In this movie, actor Will Smith portrays Bennet Omalu a courageous doctor who battles against efforts by the National Football League to suppress his research on brain damage sustained by professional football players. Omalu's autopsies of former NFL football players led to the discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) a degenerative brain disease that is believed to be linked to concussions.

Concussions are more than a bump on the head and need to be taken seriously.
  • Find out what to do if a concussion is suspected
  • Quick facts about concussion
  • Long term consequences
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pharmacyAsk the Pharmacist: Sun Protection
You can do a few things to lower your risk and to protect your skin from the sun

Frequent exposure to the sun causes skin changes that can be harmful. It can cause skin changes, such as skin cancer, wrinkles, and age spots. Some sun exposure is required since is the main source of Vitamin D, a vitamin that is important in maintaining good bone health.

Things to consider:
  • Medications
  • Choosing a sunscreen
  • Sunscreen for infants

tipTip of the Month! Events Calendar

ASSOCIUM now has a Calendar of Events, and we offer exclusive use to our ASSOCIUM GAIN members! You can find the calendar on our website.

We welcome and encourage you to send us your event information so that we can post it for you - complimentary for ASSOCIUM GAIN members. Let us help you get the word out to the public about the initiatives you'd like them to know about! We can add a link to your website for more information about your event and your organization. This is ideal for upcoming galas, festivals, performances - any event you want to invite the public to.

Have an upcoming AGM for your members? Feel free to use our Calendar for that too. We're here to help.
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ASSOCIUM Golf Tournament

Thursday August 18th 2016

Start to think about a foursome of your favourite colleagues and mark down Thursday August 18th down on your calendar.

Come on out for a fabulous day of golf at Whitevale Golf Club, a private course in the town of Whitevale near Pickering.
ASSOCIUM Divisionsdivisions
For over 30 years, ASSOCIUM Consultants continues to lead the industry in specialized human resource services and organizational development.

ASSOCIUM Benefits 

Our employee group benefits division, being in business since 1997, gives us the experience to provide customized alternative plans and reduce administrative costs for our clients, while quoting sustainable rates at start up - and at renewal.  

Our procurement services division launched in 1996 as an added source of assistance to the not-for-profit sector ( GAIN). Recently this service has been expanded to include private small business under the Advantage banner. Our goal is to help your organization access preferred pricing for products and services as well as resolve any purchasing issues you may encounter.
Supporting the success of Canadian organizations since 1984.