News Along the Severn

October 2023

SRA staff dives into the Severn River to check on a restored oyster reef

Research dive to check on the oyster restoration reefs

There is a lot going on this fall with SRA so be sure to read this newsletter for the most up-to-date happenings! From John Wright Speaker Series to a restoration update, to our recent research oyster dive to a water quality update.

Restoration Manager's Corner

I’m excited to bring you an update on the recent activities and initiatives undertaken by our dedicated team in the realm of environmental restoration and community engagement. 

Connect: Engaging with the community is at the heart of our restoration work. We've conducted meetings and phone calls with community members, homeowners' associations, and stakeholders to build partnerships and gather support for our projects. I cannot stress enough how much community input is invaluable in shaping the future of our initiatives. If your community is interested in reducing pollution from stormwater or in a living shoreline along community-owned property, please connect with us!

Protect: With huge heartfelt thanks to the Wardour Improvement Association for their support and collaboration, BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc., as well as the Chesapeake Bay Trust for funding, SRA is nearing the end of the design phase for a project involving stormwater management and a living shoreline in the Wardour neighborhood of the City of Annapolis. We are now working on a proposal to fund the construction of this project once it is fully designed and permitted. Meticulous planning has gone into coordinating site visits, logistics, and project timelines, ensuring we make the most of our resources and that the end result is aligned with community needs.

Restore: Looking to the future, our team is crafting proposals to design and permit six new environmental restoration projects including multiple stormwater conveyance systems, bioretention ponds, and living shorelines. Also, we are hoping to be able to try out a new way of restoring oysters, in addition to continuing our successful and popular MGO program and larger scale plantings of spat on shell - Build-A-Reef: Severn River, a joint initiative with the Oyster Recovery Partnership. These efforts are focused on securing funding to drive impactful restoration projects forward. They are the blueprint for restoring and revitalizing our crucial Severn River ecosystems.

Warm Regards,

Ben Fertig

Restoration Manager

[email protected]

A site visit for a potential restoration site

John Wright Speaker Series

When: Monday November 13th at 7pm

Where: Cafe Mezzanotte, Severna Park

Speaker: Nancy Lawson

Topic: A World of Discovery: Gardening for Wildlife Senses

Mark your calendars for the next John Wright Speaker Series. Enjoy dinner at Cafe Mezz at 6pm in the lounge, then join us in the back room for the presentation at 7pm.

Register HERE

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Water Quality Update

Volunteers Ariel and Ann helping with water quality monitoring

An Odd Mix in the Severn - Great Oxygen, Poor Clarity - and extremely high salinity on 10.12.23. Read more about the conditions on the water with the button below.

If you want to volunteer, monitoring happens through the end of October! Email Tom Guay, our Program Officer!

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Maryland Charity Campaign

Now - Dec 11, 2023

If you are a state employee select Severn River Association as your charity of choice!

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SRA In Action

Master Diver Cody suits up for the first research dive of 2023

SRA Operations and Communications Manager Sarah dives for oysters too!

Volunteer John Anderson learns the research dive protocol

Emi and Ben count the oyster samples to determine a survivability rate

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