Dear Indian Lake Borough Sewerage Customers (Lakewood Sewage Treatment Plant)


You may have noticed that June’s billing did not happen, and July’s is a bit late.  It was processed earlier this week and should arrive today or tomorrow.


I would like you each consider paying your bills during the next few billing cycles using the Borough’s new e-Pay process and provide valuable feedback as to its ease, convenience and “fitness for duty”.  With ~50 customers and monthly billing, it will provide an opportunity to ‘test’ the system before we use it for the Annual billings next January. [This is purely voluntary; just send a check as you would normally if you choose not to use e-Pay]



For Residential Customers:  Once you get your bill, you may go to the following link to make your payment.  You may pay by PayPal or by any of the shown Credit/Debit cards.  You will go to a secure payment processor and the Borough will not ever have your card info on file.


You can always also get to these links by navigating to the tabs on the Borough web site.


For Commercial Customers: (Lodge, Hotel and Northwinds Golf)   We will send separate customized invoices or other instructions for you to use.  While you will be able to use simple links in the future, I want to test/exercise the invoicing module once or twice.  Please sign up as well.


If you are a Lakewood STP customer and were forwarded this e-mail:  Please sign up for e-Pay at the following link, and pay using e-Pay as above.  When signing up, please make sure you choose Sewer Usage (Lakewood STP) at a minimum:

We TRULY appreciate your help.


If you know your neighbors and they are not on this list, ask them to sign up using the first link above as well... Or send me their e-mail address and I can contact them.


Bob Hanson, Member

on behalf of Borough Council

What does it cost?
e- Billing costs nothing.  e- Paying costs the Borough a little under 3%, but in the long run will save money since the e-Pay provider does the detailed accounting, receipts, etc. and sends us the $ and detailed reports.  We are looking at ways of streamlining our processes dramatically, revolving around e-Billing and e-Pay.  That should greatly enhance efficiency and customer convenience, particularly for boat licenses...