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Despite the brown linen dress disaster, I am not giving up. From my stash, I found
2 pieces of linen, one in black and one in a black and white print. Neither fabric is
enough to make a dress, so I decided to make one side in one fabric and one in
the other. See black and white dress photo above. Both center front and center back are on seams so cutting them separately gave me one color on each side. I have made several summer tops from Vogue 1575 (see photo below) so I decided to make a dress from the same pattern. To do this, trace out the front and back of the top. Tape some paper on the bottom of the top. I want a finished length on the dress to be
44 inches. The top pattern is 22 inches so I need to add length of 22 inches. Find
something in your closet that you like the width of around the hem. Measure and
this will be your desired hem circumference. I wanted a circumference of 62
inches. The circumference of the top is 42 inches so 20 inches is needed at the
bottom. Dividing that amount in quarters, I needed to add 5 inches to each side
seam at the bottom. Taper this amount back to the hemline of the top and you
have the dress pattern. This will be your new cutting line at the side seam for
front and back. I am happy with the way it turned out.
Wool crepe is the perfect weight fabric for San Francisco all year long. What I
cannot find is wool crepe with a print. I am hoping that one of you might have a
piece in your stash, that you might be willing to part with. Send me a photo, the
amount you have and your tele #.
I have sent out a lot of my cookbooks, COUTURE COOKING, so I am hoping to get
some feedback from those of you who have bought it. Send me a review of a
recipe you liked and what you think of the cookbook in general. Everyone says
they love the spiral binding so that it lies flat.
I recently watched a great show on Netflix called: LIFE ITSELF, with Annette
Benning and Antonio Banderas. It starts a bit slow but you will love this movie.
While detective books and thrillers are not my favorite genre, I recently found an
author Lars Kepler who wrote THE SANDMAN. It definitely held my attention. I
also finished both of Celeste Ng's books LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE as well as
EVERYTHING I never told you. I loved them both. Celeste is a wonderful writer.

I hope you have a good week. These are challenging times, not able to see friends
and family. Just be kind to those who live in your household. It is not easy for
them either.

Although I love cookbooks, during this shutdown, I realize that I do not need 20 of anything. I wrote this cookbook because, I thought what you might like right now are 50 recipes that are easy, foolproof and wow-worthy. These are not so so recipes, the results are fantastic or I would not still be making them. This recipe book might also make perfect birthday or Christmas gifts.
Price: $19.95 per book or special of 3 for $50
If you have always wanted to know how Ron Collins tailors his suits, you will want to watch this entire Fine Men's Tailoring Series.

Disc 1-3
Jackets: Choice of interfacing, darts, seams & pressing, felt collar & facing attachments, tailored breast pocket, sleeves & shoulder pads, finishing the jacket
Disc 4-5
Men's Trousers Part 1-4: Intro, pattern pieces, underlining, pocket construction, create fly front, darts, welt pockets, finishing details, waistband, belt loops

*Almost 7 hours of fine tailoring instruction on 5 DVDs
**Offer ends 7/20/20 8PM PT
$54.95  (Reg. $74.95)
Spotlight Lessons
Watch 2 classic online tutorials that continue to be useful today!
Episode 171: Fly Front Zipper for Jeans and Belt Loops
Watch a man who has made at least 300 pair of jeans Ron Collins, KING OF JEANS, show you how to make non bulky belt loops and put in a fast and easy fly front.
Fly Front Template: 
Episode 181: Simple Bias Draping (Part 1) - Draping The Fabric
Watch Paul Gallo drape bias fabric on Sandra to create a simple elegant dress and let him lead you through the bias draping process as you learn what to do.
Semi-fitted, pullover tops with sleeve variations. Very loose-fitting pull-on layered skirts with exposed elastic waist.  
FABRICS A, B: Moderate Stretch Knits (35% Cross Grain). C, D: Drapey Cottons.
 Loose fitting dress has dropped shoulders, collar ending in ties, neckline and sleeve variations.
FABRICS : A, B: Silk Organza, Drapey Silks or Rayon 

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