May 2019
Help Wanted

If you know a Shabazz grad let them know that we want to know what they're doing!
See Where Are Our Shabazz Graduates on our website.

Students, talk to Aaron's leadership class regarding tryouts for our end of year talent show. If you wish to sing with musicians, talk to Peter. We encourage diverse talent such as dance, spoken word (with or without live musicians), juggling . . be creative.
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6-10, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week is a national week-long celebration that recognizes teachers and the contributions they make to education and society. Our Shabazz community appreciates the hard work our teachers do and the long hours many of them put in.

If you would like to show your appreciation to your student's teachers, remember that sometimes the small things mean the most, especially when they are personalized. A personal note, or card, or any other positive gesture will be most appreciated.

There is also a link to send a Shout Out , which will be shared with the teacher and the District.
Individual Celebration of Learning
(formerly known as Student Led Conferences)
Thursday, May 23, 2019

On this day, students present their 2018/19 growth and change to their parents/guardians and advisers. Classes are not held. Students only need to attend their scheduled meeting. Your meeting time will be emailed to you during the second week in May . The meeting will last approximately 40 minutes. Parents/guardians are invited to attend. 

No classes will be held on this day. Please note that Coming of Age students will present on Sunday, May 26 as part of their trip.

We appreciate your support in assisting our students in reflecting on their growth and learning at Shabazz.
Shabazz Graduate Gallery Show
May 31, 2019 - 6-8 pm
at Goodwill Northside, 2901 N. Sherman Avenue

Featuring artwork of Shabazz graduates.
Dramatic Readings Performed at Goodman Community Center
Students from Malcolm Shabazz City High School's "Screenplay for Short Film" class presented dramatic readings of their original screenplays to the public on April 6. Those who participated were Sandybel Cosme-Aguayo, Cyrus Dasho, Heaven Jewell, Izwan Khirularziman, Vanessa Levenson, Iona McGregor, Dylan Roger s, M Von Allmen , and Griffin VanValkenberg.

It was great to see people come out to help celebrate the hard creative work these students have been doing (considering the very hot room)! Many thanks to student teacher Brad Horn for all of his dedication and hard work to make this happen. It was definitely a labor of love.
We Celebrate Shabazz Students
Congratulations to Shabazz students who were chosen for the 2019 Madison Rotary Youth Awards! Gaia Braman-Wanek, Eden Riphenburg, Karyme Ruiz, Levi Parsley, Edward Randle, Jr., and Laila Freeman will receive Rotary certificates and cash awards recognizing their scholastic achievements and contributions to the Madison community at a reception on May 8 at the Park Hotel.

Congratulations to Vanessa Levenson. Her play "Death Inc." was selected by The Young Playwright's Program to perform as a staged reading at the Overture Center on May 1. Corrine Stephens' play "Love for a Girl Like You" received honorable mention. Join us in congratulating Vanessa and Corrine on their accomplishments.
Day of Service 2019
Our Day of Service last month was one of those days at Shabazz when everything came together. Students participated in various service activities, some at Shabazz and some in the community.

One group helped make a massive impact on the ecosystem at Lakeview Hill Park by removing invasive garlic mustard and moving cut brush to prepare for the spring controlled burns. Another group interacted with Madison seniors at the Madison Senior Center which may turn into a future partnership.

Elsewhere around the school students worked on fabric painting with Sherman Middle School students, painted clay pots to beautify the school, and one crew helped spiff up the building.

We also had a parent assisting students in preparing lunch which was made even more enjoyable with a rocking fiddle show. Good stuff!
May 6-10
Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8
6:30 pm in Shabazz LMC

May 17

May 23
Individual Celebration of Learning
No regular classes - See article above

May 27
NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

May 30-31
Puppet Show Performance for Students
3rd Period

May 31
Graduate Gallery Show
6-8 pm
June 4
3:15-4:00 pm

June 5
Celebration of Learning
12:25 - 3:15 pm
School-wide open house celebrating the academic accomplishments of students and classes. Parents/guardians are invited to attend.

June 7
Last Day of School - End of Year Get-Together

June 11
6:00-9:00 pm in Gym
Is your student refusing to attend school?
Is it difficult to get your student to come to school or stay in school? These could be signs of school refusal. According to the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), school refusal occurs more often after vacations, weekends, or at the beginning and end of the school year. School refusal is often the result of some kind of anxiety, and avoiding school can heighten stress levels and indicate a deeper struggle with mental health. Fortunately, parents and school staff can work together to notice the signs of school refusal and implement intervention strategies to help get students back to school and in class.

6 signs of school refusal (from Rogers Behavioral Health):

  1. Habitually absent from school
  2. Goes to school but has difficulty staying due to crying, clinging, or tantrums
  3. Becomes distressed during the school day and begs to go home
  4. Frequently visits the nurse’s office
  5. Often complains of stomach aches, headaches, or other physical symptoms at home to avoid going to school
  6. Avoids contact with classmates or teachers

What parents can do (from Psychology Today):

  • Let Katy know if you will be taking advantage of summer school. Information can be found on the home page, and the course catalog is here. Students should have received a letter in the mail telling them if they have been invited to summer school. The letter did list all classes that were not passed since being at Shabazz, rather than just this year. Even if you are caught back up with credits, you can still choose to recoup any that you lost!

  • Graduating Seniors! Make sure you keep up attendance and classroom work! This is the final stretch! Please see Katy if you have any questions or want to check on eligibility. Also, if you plan to participate in your home high school ceremony, contact your home high school ASAP.

  • Spring Letter for Families: College, Career, and Community Readiness - English
  • Carta de primavera: Preparación para la universidad, la carrera y la comunidad - Español

Applications Being Accepted for 2019-20 School Year
Do you have a family member or friend who may be interested in attending Shabazz next year? We are now taking applications for the 2019-20 school year. All MMSD students who are currently in grades 8-11 are welcome to apply. Students outside the MMSD boundaries can pursue Open Enrollment or pay MMSD tuition.

The process begins by completing a short Application Form online. For more information about applying to Shabazz visit our Admissions Process page or contact Lynn at or 608-204-2453.
Graduation 2019
Please Pick Up Medication from Health Office
As we come to end of the year, please make sure to pick up any medication that was brought to the Health Office. There are some prescription medications as well as over-the-counter medications at the Health Office located at Sherman Middle School. Any prescription medications left at the end of the year will be disposed of regardless of expiration date and any over the counter medications that are left at the end of the year will be disposed of if they will expire prior to the end of August of 2019.
Shabazz City High School
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