November 2018
Civil Rights in the South Field Trip Planned for this Summer
There is still time for students to sign up for the Civil Rights in the South trip this summer. For more information, contact Aaron at
We Welcome Amy Bajkiewicz!
Hello all! I am a new Resource Teacher at Shabazz. I am entering my 20th year of teaching at MMSD. I am a recent transfer from East High School, where I spent the majority of my years in the district. I have two children, a 20 year old who is enjoying the world of work, and a 17 year old senior who is college bound.  I am enjoying the smaller learning environment that Shabazz provides. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.
"In Search of America" Film Screening at Shabazz "Let's Vote Open House"
T hursday, November 1
6:00 - 7:30 pm

Hosted by Shabazz Civics Watch Class. This event will feature the screening of the movie, "In Search of America", with special guest the film's director Marc Kornblatt.  Click here to watch the film's trailer.

Come and talk about voting and values with Mr. Kornblatt. 
Also featuring student films from the Civics Watch class.

Donations accepted and appreciated.
Is Your Student Interested in Project Green Teen (PGT)?
Is your student interested in hands on learning or experiencing the great outdoors? Please encourage them to attend one of the informational sessions on December 19 and January 8 during lunch. For more information please check out the PGT website or email Robert at

PGT (Project Green Teen) is an environmental service learning class that addresses authentic environmental needs in multiple communities. Instruction is integrated across all high school subject areas and delivered thematically with emphasis on real world connections reaching into students future school, community and career opportunities. Students learn in-depth land and water sciences and how the two are interconnected. Sustainability is the main theme across all subjects.
Situations Class
Aaron has been leading a student taught and student designed class to help students prepare for a "situation" that they may find themselves in as a teenager around sexual assault, unhealthy relationships, drugs, or the emergency room have had several memorable guest speakers this quarter. The talks have been informative and eye opening for students in the class.

Eric Kestin - District Title IX coordinator
Benjamin Goring - Juvenile Public Defender
Mallory Sauer - Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
Cassidy Schroeder - Rape Crisis Center
David Dexheimer and Alexandria Nieves-Reyes - Northside Community Officers
Davy Calkins - Station 10 Emergency Medical Technician
Denise Has a Request
Denise is always looking for fun and interesting ways to build community in her classroom. She is looking for used or new Classic Legos for creative projects. These highly-popular activity sets are a foundational option in the Mind, Body, and Soul class on Creativity Fridays.

It would also be GREAT to have one or two editions of these TableTopics games for that very purpose. Department budgets are tight this year. Can you help? All available through and other online sources. Thank you!

TableTopics - Book Club Edition
TableTopics - What Would You Do Edition
TableTopics - Infomania Edition

Also, thank you to everyone who donated books and lamps this year for our library. What a generous and supportive community we have! Visit our Book Wish List . Used books accepted.
November 1
Movie Screening - "In Search of America"
6:00-7:30 pm in LMC

November 2
Last Day of Quarter 1

November 5
NO SCHOOL - Evaluation Day

November 6

November 6
First Day of Quarter 2 - Community Day

November 14
LMC 6:30 pm
Guest Speaker Katie Sprunger from Edgewood College

November 20
4:00 - 8:00 pm
10% of your purchase will go to The Thirst Project. Read more here .

November 21-25
Thanksgiving Break
Behavior Education Plan - Policy on Consent
During our Behavior Education Plan meeting with students, we have been discussing the policy and ideas around consent. We came up with expectations that have been shared with staff and students, and posted around the school. Those expectations are as follows:

Always ask someone if it’s okay to touch. “Is it okay if I give you a hug…”
Always respect a “no”, or a “stop”.
A “yes” yesterday, doesn’t mean a “yes” today.
A non-response is an automatic no.

It would be helpful if parents/guardians could also have the conversation around consent and other people’s need for respect around body autonomy, comfort level, and establishing healthy boundaries.

We also discussed what to do if someone continues unwanted behaviors, actions, or attention. We encourage them to set the boundary with the person themselves as a first step. If they are uncomfortable talking to that person or need help with how to approach, they can consult with a trusted adult. If the person continues the behavior, we encourage them to fill out a bullying report form. Those forms are located in the office, or can be completed online.
Yearbook Photos - Attention Graduating Seniors
Each year the Shabazz Yearbook highlights graduating seniors. This special section of the yearbook typically contains a photo of each graduate, along with a brief “blurb.” Inclusion in the yearbook is voluntary. If your 2019 graduate has had professional photos taken for the occasion, we ask that you submit the photo directly to Shabazz, rather than relying on the photographer to send it.   More important info here . The cost of the yearbook is $20 and may be brought to the Main Office at any time.
When is School Closed Due to Weather
Winter weather will soon be upon us, so take a minute to read When Is School Closed for Weather? which will explain everything you need to know about MMSD weather policies. The safety of our students is our top priority and MMSD always follows a set of guidelines to make the decision about whether school will be open or closed.

We appreciate your understanding of the difficulties in making this decision, and your support in helping your student get to school safely on winter days.
The FAFSA ( Free Application for Federal Student Aid) window is open! Apply early in order to get access to all the available monies for grants! Need help? Come to the parent meeting this month where Katie Sprunger from Edgewood will share her knowledge on all things FAFSA. There are also events at Madison and surrounding schools where reps will walk you through the process on the spot. The next event is at Memorial on November 7 starting at 6 pm. You can find out more information at CollegeGoalWi.

Interested in the trades? There is high demand for construction and the building trades, and there are lots of opportunities for being trained on the job and having your education paid for! Want to learn more? Go to Shabazz School Counseling and ACP website.
There are links for high school students, and programs for post graduates!

Visit the Shabazz Connections Facebook page. Feel free to reach out to Katy via email at or by phone at 608-204-2450.
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