November 2020
November Message from Mary Jankovich

Dear Shabazz Community,

Welcome to November! The first couple of months have been busy and productive within Shabazz. It's great to see all the energy from many of our students and staff as we are turning the corner into our second quarter Our virtual classrooms are filled with students trying to be enthusiastic and participatory in this virtual learning world, and with that, every day we take another step towards our vision of success for every student.
I want to remind you that we have many opportunities for students to access additional support, if needed. Each teacher has office hours directly after each synchronous time period to assist students with their learning. Students also have a Virtual Learning Coach that they can meet with weekly, and have been assigned to a targeted support staff person as well, if needed. Please take advantage of this support system. 
As a reminder, second quarter starts Monday, November 2. Please remind your students that if they are taking a new class this quarter they will have to accept the Google classroom invite. Also, Shabazz will have no asynchronous learning on Wednesday, November 4 as teachers need this time to complete course evaluations for all students from first quarter.
Thank you all for a great start, and as always please let us know if you need anything.
Mary Jankovich
Handy Quick Links and Monthly Calendar
Calendar Highlights
Quarter 2 Materials Pick-up
A small number of classes have materials to pick up. Please review the chart below to see if you need to come and get your goods!

Wednesday, November 4 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Criminal Justice Students Hear About Incarceration Process from Common Council Member
Yogesh Chawla, Dane County Common Council, joined Aaron's Passion for Criminal Justice class on Thursday 10/15 to talk about the process for incarceration in Dane County. He discussed important topics like court date notifications, expungement, and revocations.

He also encouraged students to write their Common Council representatives to ask, "In this time, what are you doing to make the problems with incarceration better."

Although, doing a zoom guest speaker isn't the ideal, the format enabled Yogesh to join us from his home and talk about all he is doing to improve incarceration in Wisconsin. Thank you Alder Chawla!
Halloween Costume Contest!
Thank you to all of the students for participating in our 2020 Halloween Costume Contest. It was a difficult decision, but we think you will all agree that Shabazz service dog, Crawford, deserves this coveted prize.

Crawford is and always will be a good friend to students and staff; he is always there for us when we need a hug or someone to listen.

Congratulations Crawford (and Denise, who most likely assisted with his costume)!
Students Share Thoughts About Shabazz Teachers During Virtual Learning
Here is a brief example of what students say Shabazz staff has done to help during virtual learning. It's good to know our efforts have made a difference for our students!

"Just spoken back and forth together about anything confusing or help I needed."

"Keeping me posted and offering to do a zoom call when they haven’t seen me."

"I like when teachers give us lists of what we still need to do."

"Really love how you have an attendance question just in case one is unable to make it to class. It's a lot easier to mark myself present quickly than compose a whole email."

"Putting assignments up early helps me to get them done sooner if I have time."

"A teacher has stayed on a Zoom call with me for an hour to finish an assignment."

"Make me feel important and believe in me."

"Not overflowing me with work I don't understand, and not making it feel like a burden on the teacher to ask for help."
New Wednesday Attendance Procedure

Cambios en la asistencia los miércoles de la escuela intermedia y preparatoria

* Wednesday attendance has changed for all high school students beginning October 28. Previously, attendance was taken for all six periods on Wednesdays. Now, it will only be taken once. It will be taken by Virtual Learning Coaches for their Virtual Learning Teams. You can see this class in the "Homeroom" hour on your schedule, where it's called "Advisory." 

To be marked present, students must respond to a Google Form posted in Google Classroom or otherwise communicate with their Virtual Learning Coach (via email, Zoom, phone call) at some point during the day.

* You can read more details in this communication from our Social Worker, Susan Kaye.

Shabazz Taking Applications for Semester 2

If you know of someone who might be interested in attending Shabazz next semester please share this link with them, or forward this newsletter to them with a note about how wonderful Shabazz is! The window to apply will remain open until December 17. Thank you!

FAFSA Reminder

Financial aid from the federal government can help you pay for education expenses at an eligible college or career school. Grants, loans and work-study are types of federal student aid.

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for this aid. More information here > > > 
Shabazz Families Request for Assistance

Solicitud de asistencia de las familias de Shabazz

Please complete our Request for Assistance form to let Shabazz's student service's staff know of anything they can assist with. Some examples of assistance are: food, school supplies, financial assistance, WIFI, medical, or mental health.

We will use the contact information provided through your responses to get in touch with you as soon as possible and offer support. Your request will be kept confidential.
Discounted/Free Internet Options for Families

Charter Discounted Internet Rate for Households that Qualify
Spectrum offers a discounted internet service for households that qualify. It is roughly $20 a month ($14.99 and $5.00 for wireless which is needed for the Chromebooks to connect).

Free/Discounted Internet in Madison
Virtual Student Center

Don't forget to check our Virtual Student Center regularly. There you can see our week's schedule, hear Monday announcements in both English and Spanish, give a Shout-Out, check out some art, or see who's having a birthday, among other things.
Student Support Staff Contact Information

Our Student Support Staff includes four full-time staff members who are available to our students and families Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Click here for more information

Julie Evert, PST/Special Education Dept. Head

Aaron Geiger, School Psychologist

Susan Kaye, School Social Worker

Elizabeth Long, School Counselor

Conversations with Student Services staff members are confidential; however, there are some exceptions if the situation involves risk of harm to the student or someone else.
Shabazz City High School
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