October 2018
Monthly Parent Meeting
Wednesday, October 10
6:30 - 7:30 pm
 All parents, guardians, and significant adults in our students' lives are invited to come to our monthly Parent Meetings. These meetings are a great way to visit with principal Aric Soderbloom, network with other Shabazz families, support one another and get involved with our unique school. Meetings are the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Shabazz library. Meetings are informal, but informational.
Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday, October 11
10 am - 7:30 pm
We have changed our conference format to increase student voice! We expect students to attend with their parents or guardians on this day. Classes are not held. Call 204-2440 to schedule your arrival time. You can leave a message 24/7. Please leave your best contact number so we can return your call to confirm. Plan to spend approximately 15 minutes with each teacher. Slots are filling up so call to schedule your conference ASAP!

Crawford's Birthday Party
Friday, October 12
2:25 pm
Our service dog, Crawford, has a birthday this month! Crawford is a very important part of our Shabazz community, giving his unconditional love to everyone he meets. Want a Crawford sweatshirt or tee? Check out our line of Crawford apparel. All profits go to Shabazz!

Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL
Friday, October 26

End of Quarter Gallery Art Show
Tuesday, October 31
3:15 pm  
The Gallery Art Show is an exhibit that culminates the work that our own Shabazz students have done this first quarter. This is a mixed media show. All are welcome to attend. Our artists appreciate it when staff, parents, and other students take the time to attend the show!
Retired Teacher Still Giving
A big thank you to retired Shabazz social studies teacher, Gene Delcourt who often performs in front of our local co-op and donates all of his tips to help repair the fiddles used in our fiddle class. Once a Shabazzoid, always a Shabazzoid!

If you would like to add to the fiddle funds, please send any amount to our Main Office noting that it is for our fiddle class.
Help Us Create a Cozy Library
In order to gain much needed classroom space, the LMC area was remodeled to create a better classroom space. However our LMC lost some space and has a different environment. We have a need for items that will make it a cozier space, so if you have any lamps (desk lamps or floor lamps) clean area rugs, or anything that shouts LIBRARY, please email Lynn at lmpauly@madison.k12.wi.us to set up a time for you to bring them in.

Also THANK YOU to those who donated books from our WISH LIST ! If you have any of these books - used or new - we will gladly accept them. Please don't bring in your lifetime collection though! We have plenty of the favorites of the past, it's the newer, more current titles we need.
Make Sure Student Absences are Excused
There are  three  ways to excuse an absence:

  1. Call Hannah at 608-204-2440. Leave a message after hours.
  2. Email Hannah at hshafer@madison.k12.wi.us.
  3. Excuse the absence online. If you need your IC username or password, send Hannah an email.

Here are two very important notes about excusing absences for your student.

  • Absences can be excused retroactively. If you forgot to excuse a past absence, call 204-2440 anytime to have it excused.
  • Did you get a robo "skip call" that you don't think is accurate? This often happens when a student arrives late to class and the teacher forgets to change the attendance to tardy. Call 204-2440 anytime to have this fixed.
Yearbook Photos - Attention Graduating Seniors
Each year the Shabazz Yearbook highlights graduating seniors. This special section of the yearbook typically contains a photo of each graduate, along with a brief “blurb.” Inclusion in the yearbook is voluntary. If your 2019 graduate has had professional photos taken for the occasion, we ask that you submit the photo directly to Shabazz, rather than relying on the photographer to send it.   More important info here . The cost of the yearbook is $20 and may be brought to the Main Office at any time.
Immigration Resources - Know Your Rights
There are several online resources available pertaining to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you are in need of LEGAL DEFENSE, call 608-242-6260.

Shabazz counselor Katy-Ainslie-Wallace invites you to informed about post-secondary news through her Counseling News page on the Shabbaz website.

This month Katy offers information about the ACT, college visits, FAFSA and scholarship opportunities.

She has partnered with Sarah Drake to bring you a Facebook page with information for post-secondary options, opportunities, events, scholarships, college visits, and tons of other information. Visit the Shabazz Connections Facebook page. Feel free to reach out to Katy via email at ktmainslie@madison.k12.wi.us.
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