Dear Shabazz Community,

We're off to a strong start this year. I'm so proud of our students and staff, and how quickly we've settled into healthy and productive routines. Walking through the building on any given day I see amazing things happening in every classroom. As I wrote at the start of the school year, we need to make sure that as a school community we recognize and focus on the importance of building strong, trusting relationships as the foundation for all we do. What I see here at school indicates that we're making great progress. We need to continue to work together to build a collaborative community that supports all students equitably.

Our teachers will have finalized their First Quarter Progress Reports by Tuesday, Oct 1, and you should be able to see these updates through the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. Please contact Administrative Assistant Hannah Shafer at 608-204-2446 if you have any questions about logging into the Parent Portal. This is such an important communication tool for monitoring your student's academic progress and attendance.

Again, please encourage your student to reach out for help if ever they feel behind. This is a critical step in helping all students succeed. They should first let their teachers know, who can provide more targeted support both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers are always very available to assist students and have opened up their classrooms during lunchtime for additional support. Please view their day and times here . In addition, they could also meet with their Counselor, Social Worker or Case Manager, who can arrange even more intensive supports.

As a reminder, students will not have school on Thursday, October 10 due to Parent/Teacher Conferences that will be held from 10:30 am- 7:00 pm. Please contact Hannah Shafer to schedule your conferences.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Mary Jankovich
Interim Principal of Shabazz City High School