Welcome families, students, and Shabazz community members to the start of the 2018-19 school year at Shabazz City High School.  Every semester new students and families join our community. We understand that these families have chosen Shabazz because they hope Shabazz can meet their student’s need for a safe, engaging, and authentic learning experience. Our staff shares the same goal. We want to provide the safest, most engaging, and authentic learning experience possible .

Shabazz is an  intentional  community of learners. We are intentional about developing learning activities that ask students to think, to develop in-depth understanding, and to apply that learning to important realistic problems. We are intentional about creating a safe learning environment for all of our students. We understand that a safe environment is a prerequisite for the sustained, purposeful work that is required for students to take positive risks to learn. We are intentional about creating a culture where students build their capacity to be strong community members that support others in taking those positive risks. At Shabazz, we value self-expression, individuality, different viewpoints, and the unique voices and abilities of all of our students. We are committed to the hard work required to make our vision of Shabazz a reality.

We will welcome new students to Shabazz on Tuesday, September 4 and our entire student body on Wednesday, September 5. We look forward to another great and rewarding year at Shabazz.

Aric Soderbloom, Principal