Shavua tov! (Good week!) 

I pray that you had a wonderful Shabbat.  As a special incentive for you to start working on next Shabbat early, I'm enclosing one of our weekly online lessons taken from a section of Workbook One entitled "Heaven's Gold in a Clay Mold."  It investigates the "Covered Way of the Throne," or otherwise translated, "The Covered Way of Shabbat."  When we're working hard at restoring the Temple, it is important to identify the point of departure. Without knowing where and how things go wrong, there is no way of return to the Covered Way.

Heaven's Gold in a Clay Mold
Heaven's Gold in a Clay Mold

Want to spend Passover 2018 in The Promised Land of Israel?  It's never too early to start planning.  We've put together a tour to connect you with more than just a seder in the Land.  The teaching sessions will connect the prophecies of Passover in the Torah and the Book of Revelation.  If a feast in the Land is on your bucket list, then let's get it out of the bucket and on the calendar!

We anticipate a smaller tour for Passover, but we've put some new destinations on the itinerary and allowed more time to relax and absorb the Aravah, the Galilee, Jerusalem...  For those of you who stayed with us at Blossoming Rose last year, you'll enjoy seeing the archaeological and agricultural work continued, such as over 1,000 trees planted and plans to plant more this year:  balsam, frankincense and myrrh, acacia, and tamarisk.    

Our guide will have a special booklet to help you know which tribal territory in which we are traveling and what made that tribe and its territory unique.

Best of all, an entire FREE DAY in Jerusalem to roam about and enjoy Chag HaMatzah in the designated City of Gold.  Click on the link to see the itinerary and reserve your seat.