Shabbat BeHaAlotcha - בהעלתך
BeHaALoTCha = When You Light
What To Light Is The Question = The Vessel?

Consciousness Builder:

Kabbalah Lesson

Out of the four elements, fire is the only one that can transform all others into energy. For that reason, fire is used to remove impurities from our souls on a spiritual level.

We can not take our soul through physical fire for purification, but we can use several methods to achieve that goal.

To understand the impact of fire on our soul we look at terms like ‘Burning Desire’, ‘burning love’, ‘Burning hate’, and other similar terms. The effect of ‘burning’ means that a person is completely occupied with a specific emotion that doesn’t allow external influence. The fire would spread throughout the vessel and transform anything that is not part of a pure vessel.

Some things create a deep impression on the soul/vessel and require longer and higher state of burning.

The Shema prayer is one method that we can use to burn negativity from our hearts and souls. When we read the Shema Israel prayer with understanding , we meditate to submit our soul to death by fire. This helps us achieve levels of purity depending on our ability to love God and disconnect from our selfish desires. The first words of the Shema prayer are “ואהבת את ה’ אלוהיך”, “and you love YHVH, your God” to teach us that the connection to YHVH is with Love.

This method is especially effective before going to sleep. We ask forgiveness for our ‘sins’ and forgive others for whatever they do ill toward us.

Another method that can be combined with the previous one. (Women should avoid this meditation when they are during the monthly cycle).
We make a meditation next to a candle that we light for a Tzadik. First, we make sure that our body is clean. Before we start we wash hands with water.

To find a Tzadik of the day, check our Tzadikim Link Here . On the 15th of Each Hebrew month or on Erev Rosh Chodesh, we can light a candle to any of the Tzadikim.

We light a candle for the Tzadik we honor and read his bio to connect to his work. Then we read some Zohar text and state “This Zohar reading is for the honor of ”. Sit comfortably and bring your body to a relaxed state with easy breathing. Look at the flame and start bringing out anything that is related to ‘impure’ action or feeling. Take one ‘item’ at a time, let it go out of your body and form a tiny cloud around it. Move the cloud above the candle’s flame and meditate that by the merits and light of the Tzadik, this ‘negativity’ is evaporated into nothing, as light removes darkness from existence. Meditate that as this negativity is evaporated, it will never come back to infect you.
Continue with your ‘accounting’ and form tiny ‘clouds’ out of different things that you want to get rid of, including difficult feeling like depression, hate, jealousy, etc. If you have ‘foreign thoughts’ that interfere with your meditations, picture in your mind the letters קרע שטן and or יוד-הי-ויו-הי. You may print it and keep in front of you. These names are good to use when we want to clear our thoughts from negativity, during prayers and any meditation. When you are done with these meditations, DO NOT ask for ‘personal’ wishes as selfish desires, even if they have positive aspects they may contaminate your vessel.
Just ask Hashem (YHVH) to fill your heart with Light of Love and understanding of the Torah and Zohar. This request has the aspect of water that we want to bring into our vessel and keep it clean and pure.This is a powerful meditation and if you follow it properly and repeat it when needed, you will feel a gradual or even quick relief because of the cleansing process you took on yourself.

Obviously, you need to keep a routine of studies and give Tzedakah to help transform negative to positive.

Story Section:
The Jealous Neighbor

Yanki Tauber

Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov once said to his disciples:

There once lived two neighbors, a Torah scholar and an impoverished laborer. The scholar would wake before dawn, rush to the study hall and study for several hours. He would then pray at length and with great devotion, hurry home for a quick bite of breakfast, and return to the study hall for more hours of study. After the noon meal he would go to the market and engage in some minimal dealing—just enough to earn him his basic needs—then back to the study hall. After evening prayers and the evening meal, he would again sit over the sacred books till late into the night.

His neighbor would also wake early, but his situation did not allow for much Torah study: no matter how hard he struggled to earn a living, he barely succeeded in putting bread on the table. He would pray quickly with the first minyan at daybreak, and then his labor would consume his entire day and the greater part of his night. On Shabbat, when he finally had the opportunity to take a book in his hands, he would soon drop off from exhaustion.

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S habbat BehaAlotcha
Shabbat BehaAlotcha begins with the lighting of the Menorah in the Temple by Aaron HaCohen the High Priest.

The energy of the Parasha is revealed in this action. The energy is revealing The Light of HaShem.

There is a midrash that indicates Moshe did not know how to follow the instructions of HaShem in building the Menorah out of 1 piece of gold. HaShem showed him a picture diagram and he still could not understand. Look at a picture of the Temple Menorah and you will understand the problem. Then Moshe showed him a video of how the Menorah revealed itself step by step. The Menorah reveals itself from 1 piece of gold with the unity of the Children of Israel. Without that Unity the Menorah can not be revealed.

This is an amazing spiritual law and lesson. Some things require unity to become complete. The Nation of the Children of Israel is one of them.

Another law / lesson is described by the Tribe of Levi being counted from the age of 1 month and not 20 years like the other Tribes. Why?

Just because someone is born a Levi they are not ready to serve HaShem in the Temple. It requires training. It requires working to improve oneself. It requires growth - spiritual growth. In my opinion, This is a lesson that applies to all of the Children of Israel.
There is a Prophecy that after Mashiach there will be 7 people flying over Jerusalem while all others will need to continue to study Torah and bring Sacrifices to the Temple.

My understanding is each of these 7 flyers represents a unification of those Children of Israel who have reached the level of consciousness of one of the Sefirot. All others will need to complete their spiritual growth with continued Torah Study.

The 5 Books of Moses relate to the Partzufim = faces. In this analogy Bamidbar is Zeir Anpin which represents the completion of the Light revelation. In another metaphor there are 7 Books of Moshe. In this frame of reference The Book of Bamidbar has 3 of the Books within it. These three represent Netzach Hod and Yesod. What reveals these 3 books is the upside down noon's in Chapter 10 verse 35 - 36.
The most effective healing tool we have is written just before the Maftir section of this Torah reading. It is 11 letters that Moshe used to heal His sister of her Loshon Harah = evil speach. It is El Na Refah Na La = El please heal please her. Remember the number 11 are the number of components of the Ketoret = Incense. This is the tool to bring us closer to HaShem. The incense is burned upon the menorah.

The hearing of this reading provides us with the training to be able to move closer to HaShem. Are you interested?
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