Shabbat Bo - בא
Bo = "Come"
Why use Bo and Not Lech - Come and not Go?
Usual corrupted translation of Bo is "go or go into"
Zohar explains Moshe feared "The crocodiles" - Why?

Consciousness Builder
From Father to Son
By David Sterne,
based primarily on
Shem miShmuel.

Chassidic masters state that by looking, we actually influence the object we see.
When Jacob was informed by his sons that Joseph was alive, he remarked: "It's too much. My son Joseph still lives. I shall go and see him before I die."

Commenting on this passage, Shem miShmuel singles out the aspect of sight – that is, that Jacob wanted to see his son. He compares this to Moses, who also wanted to see something at the end of his life – the land of Israel. Moses prayed to G d that he would be able to enter into Israel and see it. The question is two-fold: What is the importance of sight? And why was it important for both Jacob and Moses to see just before they passed away?

The Kabbalists tell us that vision is an "outgoing" activity. It is not "incoming" light rays that enable us to see, but some form of spiritual energy emitted by the eyes that actualized our vision. The Chassidic masters further comment that by looking, we actually influence the object we see.

Jacob did not mean to just see Joseph – he wanted to have some form of effect upon him. The same is true of Moses – by looking at the land of Israel, even from afar, he was able to have a spiritual effect upon the entire land by imparting to it a higher spiritual energy.
Shem miShmuel explains that by looking at something, we form a bond with it. However, this only takes place when the object we are looking at is capable of bonding, or receiving the higher energy. Otherwise, what happens is disaster. When Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai emerged from a cave after twelve years of hiding from the Romans, he turned everything he looked at "into a pile of bones." This occurred because his spiritual energy was too high for the mundane world around him. Whenever the receiving object is not on a high enough level, it cannot survive the piercing gaze of the tzadik.
On the other hand, there are times when a gaze from Above is beneficial. When the Torah uses the word hashkifa mi'maon kodshecha ("Gaze from Your holy place Above"), Rashi explains that such a holy gaze is generally negative for the physical world, which can't tolerate such holiness. However, when used in the context of a poor person, whose heart is broken, the word has positive connotations. Because the poor are broken-hearted and ego-less, the gaze of G d or of the tzadik upon them has no detrimental effects, and uplifts and elevates the object.

At the end of life, when we stand on the brink of passing away from this world, we are on our highest spiritual level. We are, therefore, in the best position to give something of our spiritual self to others. That is why both Jacob and Moses wanted to perform this last act of "seeing" just before their own departure from this world. Each wanted to pass his own spiritual level on to his respective receptacle.
When Jacob learned that his son Joseph was still alive, he wished to see him personally, because by doing so he could impart his own wisdom and G dly connection to Joseph. Then, Joseph would be able to carry on in the tradition he had begun to receive when his life was tragically detailed by his sale into slavery. That is why it was so important to Jacob to see his son before he passed away.
Similarly, when Moses knew he was about to die, he requested to see the land, in order to impart to it some of his spiritual unity with the One Above – so that the land, in turn, should be able to impart this to us. Since he didn't actually enter the land of Israel, Moses was unable to impart the full essence of his spiritual level, but, by gazing upon it from afar, he was able to impart a ray of his high level of spirituality.

That ray is enough for those of us who come to Israel today to feel the elevation of the land and strive for greater closeness to the One Above.

  • Do you think we influence an object by viewing it? Or does the object influence us? Hint: A beautiful Vista!

  • At the end of Life - are we at our highest spiritual level? Hint: The end of life usually entails a final cleansing of pain or suffering!

Story Section:
The Best Hiding Place
Rabbi Yisroel Baumgarten was a wealthy Jew from Jerusalem. He did everything in his power and control to raise a family in the ways of G-d and our Holy Torah, but to his dismay, his children did not follow the Torah path. He tried encouraging them, motivating them and rewarding them, but nothing helped. They all moved to America to get away from their father and his strict religious ways. This caused Rabbi Baumgarten even greater heartache and frustration.

As the rabbi aged, his children tried to convince him to put his money into accounts that would shield him from hefty taxes, but he had his own plans and was not interested in discussing them with his children. They in turn figured they would have to wait till after he passed away, and then they would find out where he kept his money.

But that is not what happened. After Yisroel Baumgarten passed away, his children were shocked when they saw the will; he had left very little money for them. Furthermore, he had left no hint where all his money was stashed away. They hired lawyers to investigate, but the funds could not be traced and all their efforts were in vain.
Go to this link as it is about the
The energy of the Parasha Bo is Mind Over Matter. The highest form of Mind Over Matter is the removal of death. The sages teach that removing death is described as swallowing death forever.

What is this energy of Mind Over Matter? It is seeing through the illusion to perceive the true reality and thus take control of the illusion to reveal the true reality in the physical world. This will be complete when we swallow death forever.

How does one perceive the true reality? There are 2 prerequisites - BE JOYFUL AND BE CONNECTED TO CERTAINTY. These 2 energies will be discussed in other Parashiot. The only hint i will share here is:

There is a difference between being joyful and being happy.

In this parasha we are given tools to control the physical world. One major tool is revealed in Chapter 12. It is Rosh Chodesh.
Rosh Chodesh is the tool that gives us control over the illusion and allows us to utilize Mind Over Matter. Ultimately we will use this tool to learn to swallow death forever. How does Rosh Chodesh work?

By recognizing that the cycle of the moon is not controlled by gravity and centrifugal force. What controls the moons cycle is the declaring of the time of the new moon along with the utilization o the correct permutation of the Name HaShem. This control is completed by the action of Blessing the moon.

When one uses this tool properly one uses HaShem's mercy to effect Mind Over Matter of the physical world to swallow death forever.
Shabbat Shalom

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Parashat Bo
פרשת בא

Shemot 12:2
הַחֹדֶשׁ הַזֶּה לָכֶם, רֹאשׁ חֳדָשִׁים: רִאשׁוֹן הוּא לָכֶם, לְחָדְשֵׁי הַשָּׁנָה.
This month shall be unto you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you.

HaChodesh Hazeh LaChem, Rosh Chadishim: Rishon Hu LaChem, LeChadshai HaShanah.

Numbers from the Verse:
10 words: - the number 10 connects to the ten Sefirot.

Number of Letters:
38 letters. 38 connects to the Hebrew that translates as "His Heart". It also connects to the translation of "in a Tabernacle" or "in a tent".

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Rosh Chodesh Tevet was the evening of December 7 to evening of Dec 9. Our connection event was December 8th at 7 PM.

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The Moon begins the week in Sagittarius with a solar eclipse connected with the south node. This will have the energy of a new beginning associated with faith religion and philosophy.
Aspects :
Moon is connected Saturn which makes the new beginning a bit difficult by issues of responsibility.
Moon is also connected to Pluto which relates to dealing with fears by seeing the true reality.
Moon is sextile Neptune which helps to be open to new beginnings.
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