Parshat Re'eh
August 14-15th | 25 Av 5780
All High Holiday Deadlines Are This Weekend!
For more details see the "High Holidays 5781" section below
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Kabbalat Shabbat with Dov Rosenblatt and the Clergy
Join Dov, Rav Yosef, and Rabbanit Alissa for a musical Kabbalat Shabbat.
Bring your Siddur and daven along!
  • Shabbat Mevarchim
  • Parshat Re'eh
    • Dvar Torah from Rabbanit Alissa can be found here.
    • Covenant & Conversation with Rabbi Sacks: The Good Society can be found here.
      • Accompanying Family Edition can be found here
    • Shiur B'Ivrit with Joey Lipner recording can be found here; password: b0$pnmmB
  • Candle Lighting: 7:22 PM
  • Mincha After: 1:30 PM 
  • Havdalah: 8:19 PM
Shabbat Minyanim
Friday Night: 7:00 PM at the Blumofe Backyard

Saturday Morning
9:00 AM: The Zelkha Backyard (New)
9:00 AM: Kellner Backyard Minyan
9:45 AM: Blumofe Backyard Minyan

Saturday Evening: 7:00 PM at the Blumofe Backyard

Thank you again to our hosts - the Blumofe, Kellner, and Zelkha families - and to all those helping in getting the minyanim set up this week! 
No further registrations are being accepted for this week and walk-ins will not be allowed.  
  • Condolences: To Adi Hepner on the passing of her grandfather,
    Malvin Ross, Moshe Ben Melech z"l.
  • Mazal Tov: To Arielle Gereboff on the birth of her niece, Alexandra Marilyn!
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Town Hall: High Holidays at BDJ
Thursday, August 20th at 8:00 PM
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Community-Wide Virtual Meeting to review our plans for the holidays. We thank you for partnering with us and we look forward -- with God's help -- to welcoming 5781 together as a BDJ Family (in all of the ways we can!). 
Parents with Children in Public/Private School Connect!
We've created a Whatsapp group for Parents with Children in Public/Private School (non-day school) to help with sharing resources and information among families. 
Shiur B'Ivrit 
with Rena Selya Cohen
Thursday, August 27th at 8:00 PM
Join Zoom meeting here.
B'nai David-Judea Membership
Deadline For Submissions Is This Weekend
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Yizkor Memorial Book
Deadline For Submissions Is This Weekend

As the Holidays approach, our thoughts turn to our loved ones who will not be with us, except in spirit. We honor their memory by inscribing their names in our Yizkor Memorial Book, which will be delivered to each member prior to Yom Kippur. 

This year, since memorializing our loved ones has been so hard, we wanted to also offer a space to share stories and memories of your loved one(s) who have passed this year so that our whole community can honor and hold their memory.

Click here to commemorate your loved ones by having their names inscribed on our Memorial Pages. This form can be used for both sharing names and sharing stories.  
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BDJ Community Blood Drive

Sunday, August 23, 2020 Drive is full!

Thursday, September 10th 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

You can sign up here.

Tikkun Corona Lunch

"On behalf of the entire Cedars-Sinai Medical ICU Team, thank you for your generosity and act of kindness. The staff truly enjoyed the lunch packs. It refueled not just our body, but our spirit." 
Jerome Codilla, BSN, RN, CCRN, PCCN
Assistant Nurse Manager7SCCT/Medical ICU
Thank you to this week's Tikkun Corona Lunch sponsors: 
Brenda and Harold Walt 

Thank you to our most recent donors: 
Annette Majerowicz and Michael Wiener  
Thank you to our delivery volunteers: 
Cindy Steinschriber, David Kasirer, and Sheryl Katzovitz
Eloise Feldman's Chesed Project
Donation Deadline: Sunday, August 30th at 9:00 AM
To donate, click here
In honor of Eloise's Bat Mitzvah, she has chosen to postpone all public celebration until after the pandemic. Meanwhile, for her Chesed Project, she wants to raise money and awareness for the needs of immunodeficient individuals by crafting homemade jewelry for donations to the Immune Deficiency Foundation. The jewelry will be designed from specialty material and tools (although no precious metals or stones) and will range from simple to elaborate bracelets and necklaces.
The deadline for donating for jewelry will be Sunday morning, 9:00am PDT, August 30, 2020. The top ten donors at that point will get to make requests for customized jewelry, with the very top donor getting two pieces. Everyone else (up to at least the top 30, maybe more) that donated at that point gets to select from pre-made jewelry, with priority based on donation rank. And no matter who you are, if you can give anything at all, you have the gratitude of Eloise, her family, the foundation, and a whole lot of people that could really use the help in these challenging times!

Community Shofar Initiative:
Presented by The OU West Coast Team
It is extremely important for each of our community members to have access to תקיעת שופר. If you are able to blow shofar on Rosh Hashana, please complete this form.
Opening Your Virtual Gates: 
Making Online High Holiday Celebrations Accessible to All
Presented by: RespectAbility
View the Accessible Virtual High Holiday Toolkit here.
The Julie Beren Platt Teen Innovation Grants
Application Deadline Thursday, September 17, 2020
Learn more and apply here

Chana Leah bat Ruchel Sheina (Selma Framson's sister)* Esther bat Devorah Bella (Mayer Schames' mother) * Emanuel ben Hinda (Mr. Sassover) * Bella Rivka bat Rosa (Aharon Shimoni's sister) * Shulamit bat Ruchel Sheina (Selma Framson) * Michael ben Malka (Max Wozniak) * Chaya bat Bela (Mayer Bick's mother) * Tziporah bat Tova (Mrs. Sassover) * Chayim Menashe ben Fruma (Manny Klein) * Sarah Hindi bat Lily (Cary Glass' mother) * Yaakov ben Masha (Jack Plax) * Chava bat Helen (Eva Magid) * Masha Hinda bat Malke Roisa * Yurachmiel Nussem Ben Reuben (Nan Gold's brother) * Tova Chaya bat Leah Malkah * Hersh Yaakov ben Chaya Leah (David Stein's father) * Saureet bat Yehudit (Saureet Hayill) * Nechama Bracha Bat Yechiela * Moshe ben Shoshana (Martine Porter Zasada's uncle) * Aharon Ben Rosa * Yehezkel ben Kaila (Fred Toczek's father) * Mordechai David ben Margalit (Zev Hurwitz' father) * Gutman Wolf ben Fruma Gutte/George Fendel (Reyna Zack's father)*  Zahava bat Devorah (Valerie Salkin) * Gavriela bat Esther * Sarah Golda bat Fradyl (Rav Yosef's mother) * Shlomo haCohen ben Rachel * Micha'yel ben Tzipporah (friend of Mina Rush) * Zvi ben Sima * Shalom David Ben Feigel (father of Boaz Hepner's friend) * Leah Rivka bat Ada (Boaz Hepner's mother) * Aharon ben Sarah * Yair ben Bella Rivka (Sheryl Shimoni's nephew) * Aharon Avram ben Adina (Aron Wolf) * Yehudit bat Liba Tziviya (Yael Weinstock Mashbaum's mother) * Esther Freyda bat Elka (Alison Weinreb's mother) * Esther bat Liba (Jill Lefferman's mother) * Moshe ben Melech (Adi Hepner's grandfather) * G'dalyah Reuven ben Bracha (Gary Linder) * Asher Antshel ben Faiga * Yael Zipporah bat Yehudit Dina (friend of Shanee Michaelson)