Parshat Emor
May 13-14, 2022 | 13 Iyyar 5782
We have a meal train for the Feldman Family which can be accessed here
and one for Cindy Steinschriber which can be accessed here
To Roberta (Moshe) Zelkha on the loss of her brother Benjamin Herschel Venger z”l
Thank You:
To Susan Fink, Melissa Nathan, and Tzvi Wolf for organizing our Member Mashup for this Shabbat. And to our Hosts:
Gail Katz and Mayer Bick, Jeremy Borison and Michael Greenberg,
Cindy (Kaplan) and David Abrookin, Joanne and Robby Helperin,
Zev and Claire Hurwitz, Sabrina and David Damast,
Naomi Abrams and Brian Zwecker, Miriam Katz, Rena Selya Cohen, Rachel Olshin, Allyson Gronowitz, Sari Abrams and Rav Yosef, Tzvi Wolf, Tzviah and David Mayman, Abby Yasgur and Joey Lipner, Hal and Lenny Schloss
Kiddush is Sponsored by:
The Kasirer Family in honor of Rose Kasirer z”l’s First Yahrzeit

Seudah Shlishit is Sponsored by:
The Glass and Kotler families in honor of the yarzheit of Millicent Intrator z"l.
This Shabbat
If you require an accommodation in order to participate in Shabbat services with BDJ please contact We welcome and support children, teens, and adults with disabilities, mental health conditions, and their families and caregivers. Please reach out if you have any questions and/or would like to request an accommodation.
This Week
Weekday Minyanim: Mincha/Maariv will be at 7:30 PM this week.
May 15th: Tikkun Olam Lunch | 11:30am. Join us for a Springtime theme where we will make origami peace butterflies in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Sponsored by the Max & Anna Baran, Ben & Sarah Baran and Milton Baran Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. Please email David Nimmer here if you are able to volunteer.
May 15th: Intergenerational Game Night! 5:30pm. Join us for the ultimate trivia night experience for YP, Boomers, Gen X-ers and everything in between! Dinner will be provided. Sign up here
May 19th: Rechov Yeladim Lag Ba'Omer Campfire Party | 5:30-6:30pm. 4-10 year olds join us for a fun evening with pizza, s'mores and storytelling! Sign up here.
Upcoming Events
Around the Community
Women's Torah Learning | May 12th-16th Please join other shuls in the community in the efforts to increase women's Torah learning and achdus with REBBETZIN YEHUDIS GOLSHEVSKY Founder and head of Shiviti. More info here.

Of Spas and Mikvah | May 17th | 10am
Join Yoetzet Halacha Dr. Jordana Topp DMD all things hair removal, and nails. Sponsored by Cyi, Nishmat Miriam Glaubach Center, and Mizrachi. Click here for more information.

Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters LA: JBBBSLA is seeking mentors to volunteer to make an impact on a child’s growth and success. Be a part of a valued community and create meaningful, life changing relationships. Click here to learn more and apply.
Interfaith Solidarity March | May 22nd 1:00pm-5:00pm- The Institute For Religious Tolerance, Peace, and Justice invites you to join their Seventh Annual March! The theme this year is Freedom, Diversity, and Respect: Learning to Live Together. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Moshava Alevy: Moshava Alevy is gearing up for another fantastic summer! Just 40 days till Machaneh! See what we're all about on Facebook and Instagram! Have a Shabbat Shalom!

TAP: Jewish World Watch's TeenAmbassadorProgram(TAP)is now accepting registrationsfor its next cycle beginning June 20. TAP is an opportunity for teens (grades 9-12) whowant to learn leadership skills, make an impact and earn service hours. Click here to learn more.
Misheberach List
Bella Rivka bat Rosa (Aharon Shimoni's sister) * Shulamit bat Ruchel Sheina (Selma Framson) * Michael ben Malka (Max Wozniak) * Chaya bat Bela (Mayer Bick's mother) * Tziporah bat Tova (Mrs. Sassover) * Chava bat Helen (Eva Magid) * Masha Hinda bat Malke Roisa * Tova Chaya bat Leah Malkah * Hersh Yaakov ben Chaya Leah (David Stein's father) * Saureet bat Yehudit (Saureet Hayill) * Nechama Bracha Bat Yechiela * Moshe ben Shoshana (Martine Porter Zasada's uncle) * Yehezkel ben Kaila (Fred Toczek's father) * Mordechai David ben Margalit (Zev Hurwitz' father) * Sarah Golda bat Fradyl (Rav Yosef's mother) * Shlomo haCohen ben Rachel * Shalom David Ben Feigel (father of Boaz Hepner's friend) * Yair ben Bella Rivka (Sheryl Shimoni's nephew) * Esther bat Liba (Jill Lefferman's mother) * G'dalyah Reuven ben Bracha (Gary Linder) * Miriam Yosefet bat Leah Malka (Tobi Inlender's sister) * Laurie Higashi * Shoshana Raizel bat Chaya (friend of Miriam Katz) * Bracha Merel bat Rivka (Bernice Epstein) * Baruch ben Sara (Rabbanit Alissa's father) * Lev Binyamin ben Masha Libba * Rivka Chanah bat Tziporah (Ariella Moss' mother)* Zechariah Ben HaRav veHeChazan Tehillah (R. Alissa's brother) * Yitzchak Shlomo ben Mirel Devorah (Chaim Plotzker’s son) * Sarah Freida bat Raizel (Rachel Olshin's mom) * Illana bat Elke (Heather Thau's mother) * Gilad Tal (Julie Sugar's cousin) * Baila Malka bat Ada Etti (Ze'ev Korn's mother) * Farah bat Mozelle Tobe (Brenda Robin's mother) * HaRavYitzchak ben Tobeh (Audrey Kraus' father) * Avraham Chaim ben Rivka * Susan Bercovici (Daughter-In-Law of Rica Bercovici) * Sarah Yaffa bat Elka Tzivia * Aaron Ben Mai * Nechemya Ben Gittel (father of Carly Mann) * Aliza Talia Sarah bat Dina Rachel (Rachel Lesin Kasirer's friend) * Gila bat Shoshie (mother of Michaly Lahat) * Avtalyon Zerachyah Ben Miriam Bracha (Avi Goldberg) * Eran Yakov ben Sara (Sara Naor's father) * Aliza Sara bat Miriam Chaya * Reuven Menachem HaCohen ben Chaya Golda (Zane Anthony Mendelson) * Rachel Chana bat Rivka (Rochelle Frimmer, Debi Pomerantz's Aunt) * Daniella Leah bat Zeeva * David Aharon Yizchak Ben Micha’el HaCohen (David Stein) * Miriam Aliza bat Shifrah Chana * Ariella Rivka bat Tzippora * Ronen ben Yehudit * Chaya Rachel Bat Carmi Adina (Hallie Schiff) * Boaz Yaakov Ben Leah Rivkah (Boaz Hepner) * Moshe ben Mildred (Jeff Feuer's Stepfather) * Tova bat Pesche (Tiffany Miller's mother) * Boaz Hepner’s friends - Chava leah bat Shprintze Bluma, Chaya Esther bat Shprintze Bluma, Avrahom Elijah ben Sara Miriam * Chava Leah bat Shprintze Bluma * Chaya Esther bat Shprintze Bluma * Avrahom Elijah ben Sara Miriam *Aharon Ben Rosa (Aharon Shimoni) * Neil Andrew Bryson Smith (Shanee Michaelson's Friend) *Chaya bat Leah Zlata (Cindy Steinschriber)*