Please join us this Sunday at 10:30am for Tashlich, as we gather to cast away our sins and gather in person at Shelter Cove Park, Toms River. 
(See Photo Below for Address)
Come with your breadcrumbs to cast your crumbs into the water and to hear the Shofar sounded in person!
 It will be a nice opportunity for us to wave to each other and  share in the ritual as we prepare for Yom Kippur.   
For everyone's safety, all will need to wear masks with nose and mouth covered at all times and remain at least 8ft away from each other. 

This is where everyone should park, you see the beach to the right and walk down to water. There are tables right by the building you see in the distance.

A different Havdalah at the end of Yom Kippur: 
As we conclude Yom Kippur with the Neilah Service, Havdalah and Final Shofar Blast, we will be able see (not hear) each other for Havdalah and the Final Shofar Blast.  When we start to sing Eliyahu Hanavi, we encourage you to light a Havdalah Candle or just take two candles and hold together,  grab some spices and grape juice or wine and sing along at home with Cantor Greenberg. 
You will be asked NOT to unmute, 
but to turn on your camera at that time. 
Candle Lighting 
Time 6:30 pm

Friday Night 
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Parashat Ha'Azinu

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The Week of 
Sept 27- Oct 03
Congregation B'nai Israel will observe the Yahrzeit's of:

Louis Abramson
Frances Kriegstein
Clara Posner
Marilyn Sandman
Heinz Guenzburger
Sam King
Bernard Salzberg
Leo Dansky
Lillian Fenyves
Dorothy Leibowitz
A. Bernard Rapaport

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