Shabbat Morning Service

August 6 at 10:00 AM MDT

Dynamic Musical Shacharit and Interactive Torah Study

Onsite in the safe and welcoming

Upper Sanctuary

at Temple Beth Shalom

205 E. Barcelona Rd.

Service led by

Rabbi Jack Shlachter and Hazzan Cindy Freedman

Parshat Devarim

Shabbat Chazon

To Join on Zoom


To borrow a Shabbat Siddur for Zoom attendance

contact info@hamakomtheplace.org

Masks are required whenever indoors.

Proof of vaccination and booster status.

Service leader or speaker may unmask while actively leading services

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Saturday Afternoon

Talmud Study at 12:15 PM

Dipping our Toes

in the Sea of Talmud 

(Shabbat Service Ends At 11:45 AM)

For approximately an hour each Saturday after services at HaMakom, Rabbi Jack will lead us in working our way methodically through a tractate of the Babylonian Talmud called Megillah. As the name implies, the tractate deals with the Book of Esther and the holiday of Purim, but as with other books in the Talmud, the discussion among the rabbis is far-reaching, and if we cover all 31 folios, we'll eventually learn about reading from the Torah, what constitutes a minyan, the geography of Palestine, how to attain old age, and much more. There are no prerequisites for participating in this Talmud study group. 

Click Here to access English versions of Babylonian Talmud Tractate Megillah 

We'll NOT be distributing printouts of anything in the class. Feel free to bring a snack or brown-bag lunch. Contact Rabbi Jack physicsrabbi@gmail.com.

Onsite in the Upper Sanctuary at TBS   

To join on Zoom info@hamakomtheplace.org

Tisha B'Av Service

Outdoors in the Courtyard 

Sunday Morning, August 7, 10-11 am

(masks optional outdoors)

Tisha B'Av, the ninth day of the month of Av,

is the major day of communal mourning in the Jewish calendar.

We'll read Lamentations (Eicha) and share kinnot, elegies.

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in" ~ Leonard Cohen

Morning Blessings

Framed by our weekday morning liturgy, music, community conversations.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mornings

at 9 AM on Zoom


Margie Edwards

Daryl Giddings

Joshua Heber

Marge Lazar

Sarah Piltch

Patricia Rosen

Sivan Rosen

Ava Salman

Raymond Singer

Tom Strain

Donations to HaMakom for Simchas

Thank you to the following for their donations:

Rabbi Jack Shlachter and Beverly Post in honor of Daryl Giddings 80th birthday, Marge Lazar's 80th birthday, and the upcoming marriage of Janet Sanders and Stuart Cohen

Doris Francis-Erhard in honor of Daryl Giddings' 80th birthday



We Remember Them

Robert Carlton

father of Pat Carlton

Jeanne Posman Edelstein

mother of Ellie Edelstein

Albert Sobol

grandfather of Linda Giddings

Donate to honor the memory of departed loved ones

and support HaMakom.

Thank you to the following for their donations.

Doris Francis-Erhard, in memory of David Salman

Hazzan Cindy Freedman in memory of Robert Freedman


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Joey Weisenberg

in New Mexico, Artist in Residence

Concert Gathering with Joey Weisenberg

Sunday, August 28 at 3pm

at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque

Joey Weisenberg's concert gatherings are sonic journeys of powerful emotion and spritual uplift, featuring soul-igniting melodies, masterful improvisations, ethereal harmonies, acoustic meditations, and electric invocations. Limited to 100 in-person seats. $25 per adult, $10 per child, $10 remote access via Zoom. Tickets and Registration

Building Singing Communities Workshop

with Joey Weisenberg in Santa Fe

Monday Evening, August 29, 6-8 PM

Outdoors on the Lawn at Temple Beth Shalom.

 Tickets are $18 for adults, free for young adults.

This workshop is designed for both informal and formal Jewish communities, Jewish professional and lay leaders, lovers of Jewish song and prayer, musicians and composers, and anyone who wants to transform the soundscape of their community. Participants will have the chance to sing deeply, learn musical Torah and ask questions.

Tickets and Registration

Sponsoring Organizations: HaMakom, Temple Beth Shalom, Shabbat with Friends NM; Congregation B’nai Israel, ABQ; Chavurat Hamidbar ABQ; Jewish Community Center, ABQ; Nahalat Shalom, ABQ


Become a Legacy Donor

Assuring Jewish Tomorrows

in New Mexico

LIFE & LEGACY is an endowment program designed to help create permanent legacy gifts, demonstrating belief in the continuity of Jewish life in New Mexico for generations to come.

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P.O.Box 6777

Santa Fe, NM 87502