Shir Hadash


Fri night @ Cheyl Nashim 4

Candles 6:28 PM
Mincha 6:53 PM
Kabalat Shabbat 7:05 PM 

Shabbat Day @ Chopin 3

Pre-Shacharit Shiur 8:00 AM

Main Minyan 8:45 AM
Late Minyan 9:30 AM
Kid's Program 10:15 AM
HaGadol Drasha 10:45 AM

Mincha 6:10 PM
Shiur in Hebrew 6:30 PM
Shabbat Ends 7:40 PM

Monday Morning @ Chopin 3

Shacharit 8:15 AM
Siyum 9:00 AM
Daf Yomi 9:05 AM
Last Time to Eat Chametz 10:01
Biyur (Burn) Chametz 11:21 AM

Pesach: Nights @ Cheyl Nashim 4 / Days @ Chopin 3

Monday Night
Candles 6:30 PM
Mincha 6:55 PM

Tuesday Morning
Shacharit 9:00 AM (note time)
Mincha 6:35 PM
Chag Ends 7:43 PM

Chol HaMoed Shacharit at 8 AM
Shabbat HaGadol Schedule

This Shabbat morning will be slightly different than usual.  The main minyan will begin, as usual, at 8:45 AM (and the late minyan at 9:30 AM).  We will finish dovening, however, a little early, around 10:40 AM, at which time we will ascend to the upstairs Sanctuary for a special Shabbat HaGadol drasha by Rabbi Dr. Ahron Adler (in English).  His topic: " The Impact of the Exile upon the Seder Night."

Rabbi Adler will also be delivering an additional drasha in Hebrew at 6:30 PM.  His topic then will be: "The Source and Significance of Yachatz."
Mazal Tov
To Alan and Rachel Shuchalter on the marriage of their daughter Kayla to Ram Shalom.  May the young couple merit to build a bayit ne'eman b'yisrael.