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Your update for March 30 and beyond
Dates to Remember
March 30 - Shabbat Services with Ellen Band - 9am
April 3 - Talmud Study - 7:00pm
April 5 - Friday Night Services - 6:30pm
April 6 - Shabbat Services - 9:00am
Kids Shabbat Services - 11:00am
April 7 - Wine Tasting - 1pm - 3pm
April 10 - Torah Study 11:00am
April 13 - Shabbat Services 9:00am
NJOP Passover Workshop 1:00pm after
kiddush lunch
April 19 - Community Seder 6:30pm
(sign up required by April 12)
Ellen Band
Shabbat Services with
Cantor Ellen Band
Cantor Band will be leading services and reading Torah this Shabbat, March 30 beginning at 9:00am.

Stop by for Friday Night Service
April 5th, 6:30 pm

This service short and sweet and not followed by a dinner. Come to share a melody or learn a few new ones.

Next Friday without dinner: May 3
Temple Beth Israel
Community Passover Seder
on the First Night of Passover,
Friday April 19, 6:30 pm
To reserve your space, click on the sign up link before Friday , April 12, 2019 or send in your total payment to Temple Beth Israel, 25 Harvard Street, Waltham, MA 02453. You also may reserve your space online at www.tbiwaltham.org (please contact us with additional information on this form or any special requests). Reservations made after April 12, 2019, must be confirmed with the Temple office, and will be honored based on availability. We regret that we cannot accept reservations or payments at the door.
We are so excited to be part of Passover Across America this year.

As part of this program we will be offering a Passover Workshop on Saturday April 13th at 1:00pm following our Kiddush Lunch. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Wine Tasting
Sunday April 7

Join us
When Ricky Gordon of Gordon’s Liquor leads us through a tasting of a dozen kosher wines.
Choose your favorites and stock up for your Passover Seder—and beyond.
Get answers to all your kosher wine questions.
And enjoy some accompanying fruit, cheese, and crackers for a lovely and delicious afternoon.
Gordon’s will generously donate 25% of all sales at the tasting to Temple Beth Israel.
Adult Education with the Rabbi
With the help of Wilfred Shuchat’s book, The Garden of Eden & the Struggle to Be Human According to the Midrash Rabbah , we will explore and investigate the Biblical text, practice our own rabbinic close reading skills, and explore rabbinic homilies on chapter 2 of the Book of Genesis ( Bereishit ). All are welcome, Jew and non-Jew, veterans of midrash and beginners alike.
Beginning in Fall 2008, Professor Jon A. Levisohn of Brandeis University collected 25 responses to the question, “What are the Talmudic sugyot (topics or discussions) that every Jew ought to know, the most famous or significant Talmudic discussions?” The sugyot were chosen “for their theological and ideological significance, their contemporary practical significance, or their centrality in discussions among commentators. Or in some cases, perhaps their idiosyncrasy.” In this long-term learning project, I hope to learn every one of the 67 sugyot in the list. Let’s take the journey together. We’ll learn slowly and deliberately, taking one discussion at a time. There’s no rush. All texts will be provided in the original language (Hebrew and/or Aramaic) and in English translation. All are welcome. No prior familiarity with Talmud required.
Torah Study: Midrash on The Garden of Eden
Wednesday mornings 11:00am-12:30 pm

April 10, May 8, June 12

At Temple Beth Israel

Talmud Study: The Most Significant Talmudic Discussions

Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:30 pm

April 3, May 15, June 5

At Temple Beth Israel