Shabbat Shalom from Hannah Senesh Community Day School!

View this video message from Head of School Nicole Nash
with important information, including a message that
we will continue with our distance learning model for all school days until our Passover break, which begins on Wednesday, April 8.
We will be in touch before returning from our break on April 20th
with our plans of continuing our distance learning model
or returning to 342 Smith Street.
During our weekly staff meeting on Monday,
we discussed some of the engaging things students did in the past week and how interesting it is to see what new things happen via distance learning.
Here are just a few of the highlights...
"It’s really neat to see the personalities come out online. Some have their own online personas."

1st Grade
"One highlight of the week was seeing the kids' videos. The videos are very thoughtful and I enjoyed hearing their thought processes. I loved having snack together!"

2nd Grade
"It has been exciting to see how students work; some will thrive in a different setting—and that has been the case. They’re expressing themselves in ways I hadn’t seen in the classroom. Seeing their videos has been amazing."

3rd Grade
"Since we couldn’t gather together in person, we did a dance challenge. The kids had fun dressing up and dancing."

4th grade
"The highlight was Kabbalat Shabbat. The kids shared their own traditions. One student shared that her family comes from Russia where they didn’t have freedom of expression."

5th Grade
"We celebrated two birthday parties and the kids wrote songs to each other and wore fun hats. They came to the parties with a joke or riddle, and they were all so creative."

6th Grade
"In science, they received a list of experiments they could do with household items. Science was still exciting even out of the lab."

7th Grade
"Some of the students interviewed an ultra orthodox rabbi about LGBTQ+ issues online. The kids were so interested and asked difficult questions. It was great conversation and nice to interact online with someone outside our community."

8th Grade
"The students said their lives were really good. We've been discussing mindfulness and they understand it. They see the blessings they have."

"They've been looking at art online and creating their own works. They've been very creative."

Tefila with All Grades
"Seeing all the kids and parents together was such an important reminder that we all need each other."
Parent Survey
We have an amazing community of talented parents. As we all care for one another during this time, let’s get creative and connect in new and meaningful ways!  Click here to fill out our quick survey.
ZOOM Tea Time and Conversation with 
Lower School Director Shelley Fogelson
and Lower School Counselor Carolyn Lyons

Join us for a facilitated conversation with tips and strategies on
how to support your child during these new and uncertain times.

Kindergarten parents Tuesday, March 31, 4:00pm-4:45pm
First Grade parents , Wednesday, April 1, 4:00pm-4:45pm
Second Grade parents , Thursday, April 2nd, 4:00pm-4:45pm

Shelley and Carolyn invite you to send questions in advance to:

Click here to join ZOOM Tea Time and Conversation.