October 18th 2019
Shabbat Times: 
Candle Lighting
Evening service
Morning Service at CBIOTP
5:53  pm
7:00 pm 
9:30 am
5:30 pm
  Forecast: 60/mostly sunny

Shabbat Kiddush
Join us for Kiddush on Shabbat. This is the perfect opportunity for us to experience community and get to know each other better.

Birthdays and Anniversaries 
Marc Levi
Judith Auerbacher
Helene Polinsky
Chloe Altschul
Nancy Green
Stephen Whitman
Rose Lederman & Henry Glazer
Saturday 10/19
Morning Service 9:30 am at CBIOTP
Minha , S'uda Shlishit (3rd Shabbat Meal), timely topic, Maariv and Havdalah 5:30 pm
Sunday 10/20
Erev Shemini Atzeret
Hoshannah Rabbah Service 9:00 am
Evening Service at Gesher Shalom 8:00 pm including Yizkor
Monday 10/21
Shemini Atzeret
Morning Service at CBIOTP 9:30 am
Mincha after Kiddush at CBIOTP 12:30 pm
Simhat Torah Evening service at CBIOTP 6:30 pm 
Tuesday 10/22
Simhat Torah
Morning Service at Gesher Shalom 9:00 am
Mincha after Kiddush at Gesher Shalom 12:30 pm
Evening service at Gesher Shalom 7:45 pm 
Thursday 10/24
Lecture Series with Arnold D. Rubin MD "A History of American Political Parties" 12:30 pm
Friday 10/25
Bible Study 11:30 am
Evening Service 7:00 pm

  From last night's Sisterhood Sukkot Supper

What Can I Do With An Etrog?                                                     

The Sukkah at Wembley Stadium...Only in America!  ;-)
"Then all the nations shall go up year after year to worship the Sovereign, Adonai Tz'va'ot, and to keep the Feast of Booths." (Zechariah 14:16) :
5,000 Christians Support Israel at Jerusalem Sukkot March 

Sukkot 2019/5780
Shabbat Chol HaMoed
GS Friday, October 18              7:00pm
CBI Saturday, October 19        9:30am
GS     Mincha, S'udah Shlishit, Ma'ariv & Havdalah     5:30pm
Hoshannah Rabbah
(last day of Sukkot-7 processions with the Lulav)
GS Sunday, October 20    9:00am
Shmini Atzeret
GS Sunday, October 20-Evening Yizkor     8:00pm
CBI Monday, October 21 Sanctuary Service     9:30am (Yizkor at approximately 11:15)
Mincha after Kiddush  12:30/1:00pm
Simhat Torah

CBI Monday, October 21     6:30pm
GS  Tuesday, October 22    9:00am
GS   Mincha after Kiddush    12:30/1:00pm
GS   Weekday Ma'ariv    7:45pm
LOCATION   CBI=Congregation Beth Israel of the Palisades  G S=Gesher Shalom
**Please note different morning start times, depending on location

Join us on Tuesday morning as we honor our
Simhat Torah honorees
Dr. Jacob Lindenthal,
Chatan Torah
Kathy Grazian,
Kallat B'reishit

Next Shabbat:
9:30 a.m. at Gesher Shalom a Special Commemoration

It happened one year ago and it changed everything. On October 27, 2018, the world witnessed unspeakable horror at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue and a moment of peace and piety was shattered. The murder of 11 innocent Jews at prayer represented the worst of humanity. The following weekend, we saw the best.

Millions of people of all faiths rallied around AJC's #ShowUpForShabbat initiative, packing synagogues in what became the largest-ever expression of solidarity with the American Jewish community. On the one-year anniversary, AJC is again calling on all people of good conscience to #ShowUpForShabbat.

A Year Since The Pittsburgh Massacre, What Have We Learned? A Q&A With Abe Foxman                                

Upcoming Shabbat Morning Service Locations
Oct. 26-at GS...1st Anniversary of Tree of Life Massacre (see above)
Nov. 2-at CBIOTP
Nov. 9 -at GS...Kristallnacht Commemoration
Nov. 16-at GS...Bar Mitzvah of Max Greenberg
Nov. 23-at CBIOTP
Nov.30 -at CBIOTP
Torah Reading 538, 935     Haftarah 1260

In the aftermath of the debacle of the sin of the Gold Calf, Moses expresses his frustrations in leading the Israelites. He asks God for guidance in his leadership of the people as well as a sign from God of God's continued confidence in him.
God commands Moses to hew out a second set of tablets to replace the original set which Moses has smashed in anger, and to ascend Mount Sinai. There God grants Moses' dual request. By granting Moses a personal revelation God reaffirms his trust in Moses, and in the content of this very special revelation God provides Moses with His chief attributes. These attributes are the means through which Moses will become a more effective leader - able to emulate God in his interactions, and to intercede with God on behalf of the Israelites in the event of their subsequent sinfulness.
Immediately following this revelation God promises to rid the land of its inhabitants for the sake of the Israelites so long as they foreswear idolatry and intermarriage, observe the three pilgrimage
Festivals - including Sukkot , bring the first fruits offering and observe Kashrut.  
Tonight: Evening service at 7:00 p.m.
Tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. at CBIOTP
Minha, Seudah Shlishit, Ma'ariv & Havdalah at 5:30 p.m.
During Seudah Shlishit we will read...
I Was Protested At Bard College for Being A Jew by Batya Ungar-Sargon
(it will probably take us 2 least)
This Week's Yahrzeit Observances
We hope that our weekly listing of yahrzeit observances will serve 2 purposes:
1)     To remind those who have the yahrzeit for a second time, much closer to the date of the actual observance
2)     To alert friends and acquaintances that someone they know is observing a yahrzeit. We hope that you will show them your support by joining them at our minyanim, and helping to assure that Kaddish can be recited with a minyan 
Barbara Haber will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Eugene Braude on Saturday evening, October 19th
Sheila Scherl will be observing yahrzeit for her father-in-law,  Samuel Scherl on Sunday evening, October 20th
Gerald Topiel will be observing yahrzeit for his aunt, Betty Topiel on Sunday evening, October 20th
Marc Karpman will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Bernice Karpman on Tuesday evening, October 22nd
Randy Karpman will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Bernice Karpman on Tuesday evening, October 22nd
Charlene Stern will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Sylvia Kobrin on Tuesday evening, October 22nd
Jerome Goldfischer will be observing yahrzeit for his uncle, Morris Goldfarb on Thursday evening, October 24th
Arnold Insler will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Edward Insler on Thursday evening, October 24th

Important/Interesting Reads    
Elijah Cummings, Congressman Who Built Bridges Between African-American and Jewish Communities, Dies at 68 
 He founded a youth leadership program in Israel and said that Jews were African-Americans' "greatest coalition partner."     

Sign Up for Unpacking the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
You've probably noticed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is very, very complicated. At Alma, we're all about breaking things down so that you not only understand the basics of the conflict, but can confidently take part in the discourse surrounding it.
We've turned our guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a limited email series that will walk you through the basics while taking a deeper dive into some of the thornier issues at play. Once you sign up, you'll get nine emails, distributed every few days, about everything from BDS to pinkwashing to the proposed solutions. Just click here, and then look out for the first email in your inbox soon.         

How Amazon Has Transformed the Hasidic Economy  
The Soviet Jews Embroiled In Trump's Ukraine Obsession 
Bernard-Henri Lévy on the Kurds: A  Monstrous Betrayal                                                                                                 
This illustrates what I told the Congregation over the HiHo's: Lindsey Graham isn't just saying/doing this becasue he has so many Jewish voters in his state (South Carolina); Israel is a bi-partisan issue, and we need to keep it that way:
Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls Troop Withdrawal from Northern Syria a 'Nightmare for Israel'

The Dark Side of "America First" Should Worry Israel      
Opinion: What Bari Weiss misunderstands about America and the Jews   
Her book puts too much stock in American exceptionalism, despite offering a persuasive case that America is not all that great at protecting its Jews, argues a Jewish writer            
 U.S., Israel Blast Election of Venezuela, Libya to UN Human Rights Council                                                
Dwight Eisenhower, Holocaust Rescuer
 Fifty years after his death, a growing new appreciation for the President's special empathy for the Jewish people    

Benny Gantz Declines Netanyahu Invite into "Broad Unity Government"                            
Israeli Gymnast Wins Silver at World Championships  
I missed this article last month:
Cable Cars Over Jerusalem? Some See "Disneyfication" of Holy City 
On An Ancient Road to the Temple, Archaeological Innovation, Mystery and Dispute                                               As they excavate 2,000-year-old Stepped Street under thriving Arab neighborhood, careful to avoid collapsing the homes above, are archaeologists bending, or recreating, the rules?                                    
 Teva, Israel's Biggest Country, In Opioid Legal Trouble                                                                   

BDS / Anti-Semitism / anti-Zionism

10,000 March in Berlin Against Anti-Semitism    
The Anti-Semitic Nature of BDS Exposed                                                                               
Numbness is the New Norm: Jewish Journalists on Covering Anti-Semitic Attacks                                                      
A roundtable discussion in light of the synagogue attack in Halle, Germany                                               

Israeli Apartheid Week on a South African Campus   
A dispatch from the front lines of the vocal, violent, identitarian, anti-Zionist, anti-oppression, anti-Semitic, cultural touchstone battles over Jews, Israel, and the future of ethno-nationalist states                              

Anger as Israeli Official Attends and Addresses Morocco Conference      
I Took a Deep Dive into the Anti-Semitic Forums of 4Chan  What one artist found                               
What is Twitch, the Site Where the Germany Synagogue Shooter Livestreamed his Attack?                                     The video showed a man railing against Jews, feminism and immigrants before gunning down two people    
UK High School Textbook on Israel Full of Errors, Lies, Distortion                                                            

"Graffiti Grandma" Fined For Covering Up Swastikas                                                                      

MP Louise Ellman Quits Labour Party over Anti-Semitism Concerns  
This is from The you have to read it critically and not accept all their assertions as fact. Still, it's The's influential and we have to know what is being written and thought, even if we may not like it:

Iran / Syria / Hezbollah
Pompeo Meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Discusses Iran and Syria                                          
Iran to Limit Inspectors' Access to Its Nuclear Facilities                                                                  
Iran's Expanded Missile Arsenal Presents Challenge for U.S., Saudi Arabia                                                 
Iran Knows Israel Will Respond to Missile Attacks                                                                     
U.S. Carried Out Secret Cyber Strike on Iran in Wake of Saudi Oil Attack                                               
IMF: Iran Economy to Shrink 9.5 Percent amid Tighter U.S. Sanctions                                              
Former German Coach in Iran: "I Never Met a Person in Favor of the Regime"                                    
Poll: 3/4 of Iranians Against Ending Nuclear Enrichment                                                                    

The Palestinians

Israel to Reopen Economic Agreements with Palestinians                                                                   
With Little to Show, Gazans Question Mass Border Protests                                                        
Three Ex-ISIS Fighters from Gaza Escape Kurdish Detention Camp                                                       

Pop Culture
Zach Galifianakis and Jewish Grandmas Talk Circumcision                                                          
Welcome to the Era Of Jewish Catwoman, Zoe Kravitz                                                               
Many of you will find this of no redeeming value and be offended; others may appreciate it. As with many things in the Shab Sha!, I'm just passing it along...with a trigger warning:
The animated Netflix show about puberty got even more Jewish this time.                                               
"JoJo Rabbit," A Holocaust Comedy, Is Good For The Jew                                                                 

Dear friends of J-ADD,

Reminder, our annual Walkathon will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2019 at  Van Saun Park, Pavilion C (same location as the past three years) .  Please be generous and go to the walk website and  donate now so that your donation can be used to enhance the lives of the adults with developmental disabilities within our community.  

The  walk is scheduled for  10am on October 27.  Please  register and come enjoy the festivities.  There will be a carnival, music and food for everyone!

Look forward to seeing you there. 
Thanks so much from the J-ADD Walkathon Committee

Yemen Blues Plays Hallel
October 29 | 8 pm
Symphony Space
Hailed by NPR and Time Out for performing some of the most exciting world fusion music happening today, Yemen Blues blends Yemenite Jewish and ancient Arabic music with Afro-funk into a sound all its own. In this special event, lyrics derived from the Hebrew text from Tehillim (Psalms) meld with high-energy performances for a truly transcendent experience. 

Maya Beiser/ Wendy Whelan - THE DAY
October 22 - 27
A collaboration among legends, THE DAY is a new music/dance work by cellist Maya Beiser, beloved dancer Wendy Whelan, iconoclastic choreographer Lucinda Childs, and Pulitzer Prize winning composer David Lang.

Alon Goldstein
Art of Imagination
October 22 | 7:30 pm
Baruch Performing Arts Center
"The Art of Imagination" A solo recital featuring works by Scarlatti, Beethoven, Janacek, Debussy and Ginastera

ECCO (East Coast Chamber Orchestra) & Shai Wosner, piano
October 27 | 3:00 pm
Kaufman Concert Hall - 92Y
The "superb pianist" (The Washington Post) Shai Wosner joins ECCO in a performance of Mozart's harmonically adventurous Piano Concerto No. 14 in E-Flat Major before premiering a new work of Christopher Cerrone, based on the writings of Elena Ferrante.

Ella Rothschild
October 28-November 16
BAC Space Resident Artist
Choreographer Ella Rothschild begins a new creative process stemming from the question of how personal story can reveal broader phenomena about society. The work lingers on common images that define the physical and emotional environment in which we conduct ourselves, and leaves room for distinct characters who move the narrative forward through tensions, conflicts, and untenable situations..

Geneva Camerata
David Greilsammer. Music Director
November 6 | 7:30 pm
Straying from the demeanor of a usual orchestra concert, Juan Kruz Díaz de Garaio Esnaola has devised choreography for dancer Martí Corbera and for the entire ensemble, who perform in motion while playing the music from memory. 

Ephrat Asherie 
November 5 | 7:30 pm
November 7 | 8 pm
Choreographer and "bona fide b-girl" (The Boston Globe) Ephrat Asherie brings a high-energy, hybrid work that layers breaking, hip-hop, house, and vogue. In their second collaboration together, the choreographer teams up with her brother, jazz pianist Ehud Asherie, whom The New Yorker has called "a master of swing and stride." 

Book Launch: Zeruya Shalev presents PAIN
November 5 | 7:30 pm
Greenlight Bookstore
In conversation with Lauren Groff
Reception to follow
In her remarkable novel Pain, bestselling Israeli author Zeruya Shalev explores the power of heartbreak, and the consequences that can come from continuously mourning the life we almost had.
Ten years after Iris was almost killed in a suicide bombing, the pain of her injuries return. She's shocked when her doctor turns out to be the love of her teenage years, Eitan. Caught in her past and the overwhelming feelings of seeing Eitan again, she starts a secret, passionate affair. For the first time in decades, and despite the guilt of betraying her family, Iris is alight with passion and love. She soon finds herself with a difficult choice: try to reclaim the life and love she should have had, or work to fix her broken family. Pain is a powerful, astute novel that exposes how old passions can return, testing our capacity to make choices about what is most essential in life. Joining Shalev in conversation is Lauren Groff, author of Florida, Fates and Furies, and other works of fiction. A reception follows to celebrate the book's launch.

And the Bride Closed the Door- With Jessica Cohen and Bethany Ball
November 11 | 7:30 pm
The Strand
On the 2nd floor, the Strand will be hosting an event for acclaimed Israeli novelist Ronit Matalon's final novel, And The Bride Closed The Door. In conversation will be Jessica Cohen, the books translator, novelist Bethany Ball, and literature professor Gil Hochberg.
Ronit Matalon (1959-2017) was the author of nine novels and a liberal social activist. The daughter of Egyptian immigrants to Israel, she worked as a journalist for Haaretz and reported from the West Bank and Gaza. Her last book, And the Bride Closed the Door, was awarded Israel's prestigious Brenner Prize the day before her death at age 58.

GALLIMasters with Bosmat Nossan
October 18 | 10:00 am
Gallim Dance
Bosmat Nossan is an Israeli independent choreographer performing her work internationally. Artistic director and founder of the Gaga teacher training program, former dancer of the renowned Bat Sheva Dance company and the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak dance company. A staff member of 'La Collectiz'- a graduate program for contemporary dancers.

Amit Gour
My Life: The Musical Version
November 10 | 7:30 pm
United Solo
A funny and emotional musical about the darker sides of the theater world, the burden of hiding secrets, the inner battle to face the aftermath of sexual assault, and the healing power of music.

Asi Matathius -
Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players
October 21 | 2 pm & 7:30 pm
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
Protégé of Pinchas Zukerman, already recognized as one of the most talented musicians of his generation. He made his debut at the age of fourteen with the Israel Philharmonic under the baton of Zubin Mehta, displaying a musical maturity and inspiration far beyond his years.

Eyal Vilner Big band
October 20 | 5:30pm
Birdland Jazz Club
The Eyal Vilner Big Band returns to Birdland in celebration of their new release Swing Out! This is the fourth album of the critically acclaimed ensemble, that follows the trajectory of its previous three albums (Introducing the Eyal Vilner Big Band, Almost Sunrise and Hanukkah) of advancing the tradition of big band jazz into the 21st Century

Idan Reichel - The Piano Songs
November 14 | 7:30 pm
NY Society For Ethical Culture
Producer, keyboardist, lyricist, composer and Performer Idan Raichel is a global music icon who has brought his inspiring example and soul-stirring music to some of the planet's biggest stages.

Haddas Eshel in Women in Dance
October 17-19
Drexel University - Philadelphia
Women in Dance presents two Selected choreographers' Concerts featuring work from contemporary to tap, pointe, and jazz that was selected from more than 400 submissions, representing 21 different countries.