September 25th 2020
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Candle Lighting
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Freeholder Voting PSA
Freeholder Voting PSA

I have no idea if this is real or Photo-Shopped, but it is a great tribute to Justice Ginsburg either way!


How Are You? I really want to know.
Please reach out to me as I cannot possibly reach out to each of you. I welcome the opportunity for a quick check-in, for casual conversation or for something more serious.
Please call me or email me so we can arrange it. kas

Mi SheBayrach 
We make special prayers for those who are ill at every Shabbat Morning service and during our Monday & Thursday Minyanim. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been adding a special Mi SheBayrach for those who have contracted the coronavirus. 
You can add a name (traditionally: Hebrew/Yiddish name and mother's Hebrew/Yiddish name, but we'll take English names and the names of those who are not Members of our Tribe) by calling or emailing me.
Or better yet: why not join us for the 9:00 am weekday morning minyan, and read the Psalm (in English) just before we include the name of your family member, friend or acquaintance in the Mi SheBayrach?

Torah Reading 
Our sidra begins with the song/poem that Moses introduced at the end of the last parasha. Through a variety of metaphors, God's faithfulness to the Israelites in the past and into the future is extolled. This contrasts with Israel's often-ungrateful behavior, which can only lead to destruction. Yet, God's mercy for his people will prevail; God can be trusted to rescue them ultimately.
At the conclusion of the song - for the final time - Moses stresses to the people the importance of observing God's Torah. He then ascends Mount Nebo, from where he will behold the Promised Land and spend his final moments.

ALL our Synagogue Prayer Services and Programs are conducted over ZOOM

You can participate in one of two ways 
          • Dialing in - or - 
          • Using internet access and a smartphone, tablet or computer
Do You Need to Obtain a Siddur? Please call or email me for details. kas
Do you need a CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE to pages in the old Sim Shalom (Blue cover) for Shabbat and Holidays (when we are using Lev Shalem)?...
to the Weekday Services in Lev Shalem (when we are using the burgundy weekday Sim Shalom)?
Call me or email me for the GUIDE

Our Shabbat Services
Friday evening at 7:00 pm  CLICK HERE TO ATTEND               
Dial in by phone:  929-205-6099   Meeting ID: 869 8266 6380 

Shabbat Morning at 10:30am  CLICK HERE TO ATTEND                                          
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Havdalah at  7:30pm      CLICK HERE TO ATTEND
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This Week's Yahrzeit Observances
We hope that our weekly listing of yahrzeit observances will serve 2 purposes:
1)     To remind those who have the yahrzeit for a second time, much closer to the date of the actual observance
2)     To alert friends and acquaintances that someone they know is observing a yahrzeit. We hope that you will show them your support by joining them at our (virtual) minyanim, and helping to assure that Kaddish can be recited with a minyan 
Edith Adler will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Grete Kahn on Friday evening, September 25th
Eve Kohut will be observing yahrzeit for her sister, Nancy Ben-Israel on Friday evening, September 25th
Joni Rosen will be observing yahrzeit for her mother,Dolores Rosen on Saturday evening, September 26th
Faye Salmon will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Jacob Rosenstock on Saturday evening, September 26th
Carolyn Tauber will be observing yahrzeit for her great-grandfather, Kalman Lippel on Sunday evening, September 27th
Jeffrey Adler will be observing yahrzeit for his wife, Beatrice Adler on Monday evening, September 28th
Sharon Starr will be observing yahrzeit for her husband, Fred Starr on Monday evening, September 28th
Gloria Deutsch will be observing yahrzeit for her husband, Sam Deutsch on Tuesday evening, September 29th
Shifra Ruda will be observing yahrzeit for her husband, Joseph Ruda on Wednesday evening, September 30th
Alan Stern will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Rene Stern on Wednesday evening, September 30th
Sandra Jonas will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Saul Jonas on Wednesday evening, September 30th

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Roberta Mathes
Mark Altschul
Marvin Platt
Rhea Hess
 Jerome Margolin
Reggie Feuerstein

  Beth Johnson & Eyal Gabay
Francine & Gerald Koszer

If you encounter a problem getting on the live stream, or if you are watching the stream and the signal drops - please try logging off the website and then logging back on (i.e."refresh" the site). In many cases this will fix the issue.
Three Things to Do During the 10 Days of Repentance      
The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are an important component in the process of repentance.
9 Things You Didn't Know About Yom Kippur  Understanding Viddui for Yom Kippur
Viddui is a confessional prayer whose recitation is one of the core requirements of Yom Kippur. The term itself means confession, but it actually encompasses much more. 
Avinu Malkeinu: Speaking Directly to God                         
Mayim Bialik on What Yom Kippur and the Book of Jonah Mean to Her
YOM KIPPUR                                                                                                                    
Must-Know Yom Kippur Words and Phrases.                                                         
Key vocabulary for the Jewish Day of Atonement. 
The Yom Kippur Collective Prayer, Ashamnu, Takes On a Whole New Meaning This Year                                                  
How to Host a Socially Distanced Break-the-Fast this Yom Kippur   

Sunday - Friday Mornings at 9:00 am CLICK HERE TO ATTEND
Dial in by phone: 929 205 6099     Meeting ID: 110 379 215
Sunday - Thursday Evenings at 7:00 pm CLICK HERE TO ATTEND
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Yesterday's Morning Minyan                                                                                
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Our Wizard of All, David McGrath is on the upper right

Special Request: if you purchased or downloaded Siddur Lev Shalem (Shabbat and Holidays) and/or Siddur Sim Shalom (Weekdays), please let Rabbi Stern know. (Please call him or email him).

Our Weekly Programming  
Guided Prayer Service
Please join Rabbi Stern for a series of explanatory talks that will reveal the structure, choreography, and varied functions of the prayers we say. 
On Hiatus
No, not really. Linda Richman will not be joining us...but join us for schmooze anyway!

Rabbi's Weekly Class 
Below please see information about the class, we will let you know when it resumes
Dial in by phone: 929-205-6099      Meeting ID: 886 1779 2509

Important/Interesting Reads
N.Y.C. Warns About Rising Virus Cases in Hasidic Neighborhoods
Auschwitz Museum Director Asks to Trade His Freedom for Nigerian Boy Jailed for Blasphemy 
Would recruit others to each serve one month of the 10-year sentence and pledges to finance the education of the 13-year old                       

Do you think he means Iran?
Bahrain King Says Accord with Israel Not Directed Against Any Country            

Not "Important", but "Interesting":
Netanyahus Said to Bring Suitcases of Dirty Laundry from Israel to be Washed at Blair House                     

Israel's Population Reaches 9.2 Million                   
2nd Temple Era Mikveh Unearthed in the Galilee                                              
Closest settlement is Israel's first Masorti Kibbutz, Hannaton, which will be gifted the mikveh        
TytoHome by Tyto Care
TytoHome by Tyto Care

Exploring Tel Arad: An Ancient Canaanite and Israelite City
Exploring Tel Arad: An Ancient Canaanite and Israelite City
Exploring Tel Arad: An Ancient Canaanite and Israelite City
Israeli Firefighter(s) in California 

Israel Tightens Holiday Lockdown, Restricting Prayers and Protests

Iran / Syria / Hezbollah
Israeli-Captured Iranian Nuclear Archive Revealed Map of Unknown Nuclear Sites                                                         

The Palestinians
The UAE's normalization of relations with Israel marks the end of a dangerous delusion    

PA: Beware "Alliance with the Jews"   

European Governments Fund Gaza NGO Pushing International Criminal Court to Investigate Israel                                                           

September 24, 2020 |6 Tishrei 5781
The Learning Never Stops

We hope you found sweetness celebrating Rosh Hashanah wherever and however you could in these strange days. We are offering the sweetness of Jewish learning as part of the call for reflection and seeking connection that frames the month of Tishrei.
Join us for three stellar classes with three stellar teachers for free. Sign up for our Bonus Tishrei Festival with Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, Bracher Feder and Vered Hollander-Goldfarb this week and next.
We also welcome you to take part in our popular CY Ulpan. Sharpen your Hebrew skills with friends old and new, facilitated by our excellent faculty.

We're pleased to be launching a series of classes at Hillels on college and university campuses across North America. If you're one of our Boston University friends, join Rosh Yeshiva Josh Kulp for "Food, Drink and Jewish Identity" on Wednesdays. Bex Stern Rosenblatt launches study of Song of Songs at Rutgers on October 13. Sign-up through your local Hillel and look for your campus in future newsletters (or write to us for more information if you want to organize classes for your community.)

We are also thrilled to announce that the Conservative Yeshiva will be sending a cohort to the Maimonides Moot Court Competition 2021. Beginning with an inspirational shabbaton and culminating in a fast-paced competition, MMCC2021 brings an international cohort of students together for intensive study of Jewish ethics. The 2021 case will address a crucial question of human rights and criminal justice: what are the rights of an individual who has been convicted of a crime and has served their punishment?

The CY cohort will meet weekly, six times in the fall and six times in the spring, with Rosh Yeshiva Dr. Joshua Kulp, in order to learn and prepare for the competition and to learn for its own sake. If conditions allow, the competition will happen in person in late April in Los Angeles. Participation and travel costs are covered by the Maimonides Foundation. Sign up here! The application deadline is October 1st. Please feel free to forward this email to those who may be interested!

With only Shabbat standing between us and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, we hope that each of you is blessed with an open heart and the generosity to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, to find the fortitude and patience all of our communities will need to live together and thrive in the year ahead.

We intend to keep offering learning across topics and communities to sweeten and enrich lives wherever and however we can. We welcome your support as we continue to learn and grow together.

Shabbat Shalom and G'mar Chatima Tova,
Dr. Stephen Arnoff
CEO | Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center

Moreshet Yisrael's virtual morning minyan meets Sunday through Friday beginning at 7:45 AM (Israel time).
Rabbi Shlomo Zacharow will be leading Selichot each morning through Erev Yom Kippur.

join us by following this link here.

Israeli Culture in North America

Shape on Us
This work by choreographer Sharon Fridman and under the artistic direction of Noa Wertheim, is not just choreography, but a result of an ongoing engagement by Vertigo Dance Company and the disabled community. Photo by Yoel Levy.

Woodstock International Film Festival | Sep 25 - Oct 4
Find Noa Osheroff's hilarious Sofa So Good and Dekel Berenson's poignant Anna between a long list of shorts and features available at the upcoming online edition of Woodstock International Film Festival.

Tehran | Out Sep 25
Apple TV+ first non-english speaking original is the story of Tamar, a Mossad hacker-agent who infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran's nuclear reactor. But when her mission fails and she's trapped in a new life, Tamar must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in jeopardy.

Tel Aviv Dance Online | Through Sep 26
Suzanne Dellal Centre's annual summer festival features nine works by Israeli choreographers, eight of which are world premieres. The artists have been working hard since January 2020, into and through the days of the Corona pandemic. And now each work has been adapted and produced for the new media especially for the festival.

TISFF on Air | Through Sep 26
The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival will showcase more than 100 brand new short films, both from Israel and around the world, on its new online platform. Featuring shorts by Shadi Srur, Yona Rozenkier, Elinor Nechemya and many others.

NSCMF's Onstage/Offstage Concerts and Conversations Series
The North Shore Chamber Music Festival presents "onstage/offstage": a new concert and conversation series presented live-in-person at PianoForte Chicago and by livestream through the NSCMF website. The exploratory series includes Jewish and Israeli music and the world premiere of an NSCMF commission by celebrated composer Avner Dorman.

God of the Piano
Anat has never been able to reach her father's musical standards, and now her family's hope of producing a musical prodigy rests on her unborn son. When the baby is born deaf, she resorts to extreme measures. "Rarely does a debut feature showcase a talent so fully formed" Glenn Kenny, The New York Times.

IPO Digital Chamber Music Series | Sundays, 2pm
The inaugural program will feature Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A major, with clarinetist Ron Selka, violinists Saida Bar-Lev and Sivann Maayani, violist Amir van der Hal and cellist Emanuele Silvestri.

Army of Lovers in the Holy Land
Asaf Galay's new documentary about the Jewish roots of the Swedish queer disco-pop band Army of Lovers and its charismatic singer Jean-Pierre Barda's journey to make aliyah - examining the notions of home, identity and family along the way. Galay and Barda will participate in a virtual Q&A on Sunday, September 20 at 3pm EST.

Baruch PAC Presents Israeli-American Pianist Yael Weiss | Oct 1-18
Baruch PAC presents Israeli-American pianist Yael Weiss, performing music by Beethoven and premieres of works from her "32 Bright Clouds" project. Concert streams online October 1-18; Join Ms. Weiss online on October 6 for live discussion (limited admission). Photo: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco.

Salon de Virtuosi Summer Virtual Alumni Series
Salon de Virtuosi presents a special Alumni Spotlight Concert, featuring world renowned cellist Amit Peled in an online concert with his pupil Ismael Guerrero. In collaboration with The Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York.

Hatikvah: A Sacred Readings of a Secular Text | Sep 13, 2pm EDT
Renowned musicologist Dr. Edwin Seroussi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) discusses the history of Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem, focusing on unexpected and lesser-known religious interpretations of the song. Photo source: National Library of Israel, Ms. 8o 4116.