June 28th, 2019
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Evening Service
8:13  pm
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  Forecast: 91/chance of rain

Shabbat Kiddush
 Join us for Kiddush on Shabbat. This is the perfect opportunity for us to experience community and get to know each other better.

Birthdays and Anniversaries 
Karen Reisner
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Joseph Hyman
Michael Guigliano
Martha Shemin
Simcha & Michael Hausman
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Saturday 6/29
Morning Service 9:30 am
Minha, S'uda Shlishit (3rd Shabbat Meal), timely topic, Maariv and Havdalah 7:45 pm
Thursday 7/4
Office Closed
Friday 7/5
Bible Class 11:30 am
I am away...
My thanks to Cantor Zim, Alan Herschenfeld, Franco Aguilar, Jeff Adler, Regina Friedman & Evelyn Baer, Mike Seymour for delivering the D'var Torah, Ira Smilovitz for chanting the haftarah, Sally Seymour for delivering the Torah and Haftarah introductions in my absence.

Torah Reading 851                Haftarah 857
At God's command Moses sends twelve spies - one from each tribe - to scout the land of Canaan and to report back on the land's inhabitants, fortifications and agricultural attributes. They return after forty days with evidence of the land's bounty and fertility, and accounts of the might of its population and well-defended cities.
Ten of the spies were pessimistic about the prospects of a successful Israelite conquest, but Caleb's and Joshua's assessment was optimistic and they urged swift military action. The people sided with the majority, and in a panic expressed their desire to return to Egypt under new leadership.
God's fury with the Israelites is aroused for their lack of faith in themselves and in divine assistance with the conquest. Moses intercedes on the people's behalf averting total annihilation, but God instructs Moses to alter course: the Israelites will wander for forty years - one year for each day of the spies' mission - until the present generation dies out. Only Caleb and Joshua are to be spared this fate; they alone among their contemporaries are to witness the conquest of the land. The ten spies, whose pessimism fueled this latest rebellion, are killed by a plague.
The people now repent and attempt to begin the conquest without divine sanction and despite Moses' warning. Their effort leads to disaster and they are routed by the Amalekites and Canaanites.
As a sign of God's ultimate fulfillment of the promise to give the land of Canaan to the Israelites, the very next passage begins with the phrase "When you come into the Land." This passage contains a variety of laws, most notably challah - the setting apart of a portion of dough for the priest.
The sidra concludes with the imposition of the death penalty by stoning for anyone violating the Sabbath, and the laws of tzitzit.

Tonight: Evening service at 7:00 p.m.
Tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.
Minha, Seudah Shlishit, Ma'ariv & Havdalah at 7:45 p.m.
During Seudah Shlishit we will read...      No, Israel Isn't a Country of Privileged and Powerful White Europeans     

This Week's Yahrzeit Observances
We hope that our weekly listing of yahrzeit observances will serve 2 purposes:
1)     To remind those who have the yahrzeit for a second time, much closer to the date of the actual observance
2)     To alert friends and acquaintances that someone they know is observing a yahrzeit. We hope that you will show them your support by joining them at our minyanim, and helping to assure that Kaddish can be recited with a minyan 
Joseph Hyman will be observing yahrzeit for his mother in law,  Regina Kalb on Friday evening, June 28th
Esther Eisdorfer will be observing yahrzeit for her father,  Alexander Katz on Friday evening, June 28th
Peter Bloch will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Ira Bloch on Saturday evening, June 29th
Wayne Koby will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Sam Koby on Saturday evening, June 29th
Ann Bloch will be observing yahrzeit for her mother,   Bella Bogursky on Saturday evening, June 29th
Ethel Chesen will be observing yahrzeit for her mother-in-law, Gertrude Chesen on Saturday evening, June 29th
Jonathan Fox will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Jacob Fox on Saturday evening, June 29th
Trudi Mohl will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Eve Brown on Sunday evening, June 30th
Milton Breit will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Louis Breit on Monday evening, July 1st
Jack Reisner will be observing yahrzeit for his brother, Elchanan Reisner on Tuesday evening, July 2nd
Richard Rosenberg will be observing yahrzeit for his brother, Edward Rosenberg on Tuesday evening, July 2nd
Barry Sussman will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Rose Sussman on Tuesday evening, July 2nd
Peter & Ann Bloch will be observing yahrzeit for their son, Mr. Robert Bloch on Wednesday evening, July 3rd
Gerald Topiel will be observing yahrzeit for his grandfather, Abraham Topiel on Thursday evening, July 4th

Important/Interesting Reads
I thought this was a very fitting piece to bring to your attention as we approach July 4 as a reminder of the bedrock values upon which our country was founded. It is written by the editor/owner/publisher of the New York Times, but printed in the Wall Street Journal. That itself speaks volumes!
Accusing the New York Times of 'Treason,' Trump Crosses a Line                                                                                     The Founders considered it the gravest of crimes. Tossing the charge around is irresponsible and wrong.
First it was "the failing New York Times." Then "fake news." Then "enemy of the people." President Trump's escalating attacks on the New York Times have paralleled his broader barrage on American media. He's gone from misrepresenting our business, to assaulting our integrity, to demonizing our journalists with a phrase that's been used by generations of demagogues.
Now the president has escalated his attacks even further, accusing the Times of a crime so grave it is punishable by death.
On Saturday, Mr. Trump said the Times had committed "a virtual act of treason." The charge, levied on Twitter, was in response to an article about American cyber incursions into the Russian electrical grid that his own aides had assured our reporters raised no national-security concerns.
Few paid much attention. Many news organizations, including the Times, determined the accusation wasn't even worth reporting, a sign of how inured we've grown to such rhetorical recklessness. But this new attack crosses a dangerous line in the president's campaign against a free and independent press.
Treason is the only crime explicitly defined in the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew the word's history as a weapon wielded by tyrants to justify the persecution and execution of enemies. They made its definition immutable-Article III reads: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort"-to ensure that it couldn't be abused by politicians for self-serving attacks on rivals or critics. The crime is almost never prosecuted, but Mr. Trump has used the word dozens of times.
There is no more serious charge a commander in chief can make against an independent news organization. Which presents a troubling question: What would it look like for Mr. Trump to escalate his attacks on the press further? Having already reached for the most incendiary language available, what is left but putting his threats into action?
There's evidence that's already happening. The administration has waged an aggressive legal campaign against journalists. Leak investigations, which were already on the rise under President Obama, have surged. Government regulatory powers have been misused to retaliate against news organizations, such as the attempt to blockAT&T from acquiring CNN's parent company, Time Warner. Most recently, the precedent-shattering use of the Espionage Act against Julian Assange for publishing classified information has raised fears that the Justice Department seeks not merely to punish illegal hacking but effectively to criminalize standard reporting practices.
Meanwhile, the president's rhetorical attacks continue to foster a climate in which trust in journalists is eroding and violence against them is growing. More than a quarter of Americans-and a plurality of Republicans-now agree that "the news media is the enemy of the American people" and "the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior." A world-wide surge of attacks has made this the most dangerous year for journalists on record. This is particularly true in parts of the world where pursuing the truth already carries great risks, as news reporters and editors experience rising levels of censorship, harassment, imprisonment and murder.
I met with the president in the Oval Office earlier this year and told him directly that authoritarian leaders around the world, with growing impunity, are employing his words to undermine free expression. The president expressed concern and insisted he wanted to be viewed as a defender of the free press. But in the same conversation, he took credit for the term "fake news," a phrase that has now been wielded by dozens of leaders across five continents to justify everything from the passage of anti-free-speech laws in Egypt to the takeover of independent news organizations in Hungary to a crackdown on investigations into genocide in Myanmar.
America's Founders believed that a free press was essential to democracy, and the American experience has proved them right. Journalism guards freedoms, binds together communities, ferrets out corruption and injustice, and ensures the flow of information that powers everything from elections to the economy. Freedom of the press has been fiercely defended by nearly all American presidents regardless of politics or party affiliation, and regardless of their own complaints about coverage.
There are moments when the press and the government are legitimately at odds, never more so than when the press's conviction about the public's right to know collides with the government's assessment of the importance of maintaining secrecy. Journalists take seriously the concern that their reporting may jeopardize national security, and at the Times we have withheld details or delayed publication when government officials convinced us there was a danger of loss of life or damage to intelligence operations.
The story that prompted the president's attack was no exception. As the Times prepared the story for publication, our reporter contacted officials at the White House National Security Council, the National Security Agency and the U.S. Cyber Command and gave them the opportunity to raise any national-security concerns about the story. They told us they did not have any. Shortly after publication, the president accused the Times of treason.
Over 167 years, through 33 presidential administrations, the Times has sought to serve America and its citizens by seeking the truth and helping people understand the world. There is nothing we take more seriously than doing this work fairly and accurately, even when we are under attack. Mr. Trump's campaign against journalists should concern every patriotic American. A free, fair and independent press is essential to our country's strength and vitality and to every freedom that makes it great.
"This blood conflict has lasted too long. It's clear to us - the Saudi Arabians, all of the Persian Gulf countries, Egypt, and Jordan - that the era of warfare with Israel has ended, and that the advantages of normal relations are very great."                                                                                        
There are so many inaccuracies in this article, starting with the fact that the Ketubah is not a prenuptial. Maybe he will analyze this piece sometime in August when the Torah portion contains some of the laws of marriage and divorce...
The Jewish Prenuptial Gets an Artsy Update                                                                                    

Liberman: We'll Force a Unity Government: Yisrael Beytenu wants unity government - without the haredim or Otzma Yehudit.

Israeli Far-Right Party Breaks Alliance with Jewish Home, Endangering Right-Wing Bloc  
Abbas' envoys urge Israeli Arab politicians to either set up new party or support Meretz 
We all knew that Bolton was there, but who knew about Russian National Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev????

U.S., Russian and Israeli National Security Advisers Meet in Jerusalem 

BDS / Anti-Semitism / anti-Zionism
Anti-Semitism in Germany (and England)                                                                                                                            Did German anti-Semitism ever really go away? Jewish teenager menaced by racists flees the country 80 years after his grandfather did the same   

'The Word Jew Was Not a Common Insult When I Went to School...It Is Now.'                                              
This Mother of 4 is the EU's 'Indefatigable Heroine' in the Fight Against Anti-Semitism                               Katharina von Schnurbein sometimes seems like an apparatchik, but has revolutionized the struggle she heads with relentlessness and charm.                                                                            

The Palestinians
The Palestinians

Israel Shuts Off Fuel Supplies to Gaza after Spate of Arson Attacks 
Two op-eds...both of them flawed and containing inaccuracies... the second in response to the first...
Trump Doesn't Want Peace. He Wants Palestinian Surrender.                                                
What's Wrong With Palestinian Surrender?                                                                        
Why Egypt and Israel Blockade Gaza/Hamas                                                                        
U.S. Economic Plan Stirs Thought among West Bank Palestinians                                                        
PA Stops Paying Its Electric Bill                                                                                                                    

Iran / Syria / Hezbollah                                            
Iran / Syria / Hezbollah
Tehran Sets Up Terror Cells in Africa                             

New Agreement Places Israel at the Forefront of Cyber Action                                                

Pop Culture

It's Ashkenazi vs. Sephardi Jews in This Take on 'Romeo and Juliet'
This musical version of the Shakespeare classic is rife with Jewish jokes and features songs in five languages.    
This Orthodox Woman Filmmaker Wants To Tell Her Community's Stories                                           

Israelis Prove Immune To Charm Of Kim Kardashian 

The Secret Jewish History Of 'The Wizard Of Oz'     


June 30 | 6pm
SummerStage Central Park
A-WA, an Israeli band with an Arabic name featuring three sisters of Yemeni Jewish, Ukranian, and Moroccan Jewish heritage. With a mix of traditional Yemenite, hip-hop, and electronic music, the sisters' hit "Habib Galbi", a traditional melody sung in the Yemenite dialect of Judeo-Arabic, was the first song in Arabic to go #1 in Israel. Joined by BUIKA / BLICK BASSY / DJ TARA!
This is a free event- don't miss this!

Mika Rottenberg : Easypieces
June 26- September 15
New Museum
This exhibition marks the first New York solo museum presentation of work by New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg.  Employing absurdist satire to address the critical issues of our time, Rottenberg creates videos and installations that offer subversive allegories for contemporary life. Her works interweave documentary elements and fiction, and often feature protagonists who work in factory-like settings to manufacture goods ranging from cultured pearls (NoNoseKnows, 2015) to the millions of brightly colored plastic wholesale items sold in Chinese superstores (Cosmic Generator, 2017).

American Dance Festival
July 4-7
Page Auditorium
Everything old is new again! Pilobolus joins ADF in its homecoming to Page Auditorium, presenting four timeless pieces that highlight the surreal, playful, and athletic approach to dance and theater that Pilobolus is known for.   In Rushes, Co-Artistic Director Robby Barnett and world-renowned dance-theater makers Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak discover hybrid terrain in a remarkable exploration of the range and intensity of deep collaboration. 

Yemen Blues
July 3 | doors open: 6 pm
show starts: 7 pm
Joe's Pub
After touring the world with over of 300 live shows in the last 4 years Yemen Blues presents their new show "INSANIYA" (Humanity) based on legendary producer, Bill Laswell's sound from their latest album. The full live show includes a collaboration with the talented Ori Ben-Shabat from the group of artists "Maria Kong" who created an original video art on 5 screens for each of the songs. The artist uses video footage including live dance infused by original images inspired by the new sound of Yemen Blues.

Ephrat Asherie Dance
July 13 | 8pm
Summer at Lumberyard kicks off with Israeli-born Ephrat Asherie Dance's work-in-progress showing of UnderScored (working title), a dance theater piece created and performed by members of the company with special guest artists from New York City's underground scene. Inspired by the intergenerational memories of club dancers, UnderScored explores the ever-changing physical landscape of New York City's underground dance community.

ZAZ10TS presents:
Nature of Wonder
Artist Shony Rivnay
June 13- September 2
10 Times Square
Titled "Nature of Wonder" by Shony Rivnay provides a glimpse into obscurity, freedom, and a natural curiosity that we all experience in our creative lives. It is an opportunity to think, but also to let go of thinking. It is a pathway into joyous viewing and a simple understanding of how things work.
June 13, 6-8PM

July 2-7
HERE Arts Center
After responding to an online ad, Kyle sublets Sarah's spare bedroom. The more time they spend together, the more they fall in love. The only problem: they never actually meet.
What neither realizes is that there is an anonymous third person who lives with them and pretends to be both Sarah and Kyle, alternately absorbing and reflecting each one's traits.
Personhood asks, what does it mean to really know someone? Is it their story? Their sense of humor? Their body? Can these things be separated? Duplicated?
What does it really mean to be a person?

Dirty Laundry Theatre Presents:
BORDERS by Nimrod Danishman
June 25/26 | 9:00pm
June 29 | 6:30pm
Hudson Guild Theater
What divides or connect two people who meet online? The virtual fantasy, the distance, the foreignness? Boaz and George meet on Grindr. There's immediate attraction and they want to meet but realize they cant. One lives in Israel, one in Lebanon. Is it just the physical border that keeps them apart? Could their virtual relationship live in the real world?

Lior Milliger Quartet
June 29 | 8pm
At The Cell Theater
(338 W 23rd St, New York, New York 10011)
Lior Milliger Free Improvisation Trio
July 8 | 9pm
Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn 11221
Lior Milliger, a New York based Saxophonist, improviser and composer, has been performing at the NYC jazz scene for the past 3 years,
With different bands playing his compositions and in free improvisation sets with New York's leading jazz musicians.
Within these 3 years Lior has recorded few sessions and a studio CD, gaining reputation as a creative artist within the improvised music scene in New York.

Eyal Vilner Big Band
July 10 | doors open: 6 pm
Damrosch Park
Led by saxophonist, composer, and conductor Eyal Vilner, this 16-piece, multi-generational ensemble has been called "an exciting new sound in the finest tradition of contemporary big band music" (All About Jazz). As a group these international players have collaborated with jazz legends such as Jimmy Heath, Jimmy Owens, and Frank Wess, as well as the new generation of greats. Join them under the stars for this evening of big band swing standards as they celebrate the release of their new album.

Cello Solo: From Bach to Flamenco
Elad Kabilio
July 16| 7:30 pm
NoHo Sound
Rediscover Bach's masterful cello music and immerse into Philip Glass' meditative music in an evening of music for cello solo performed by Elad Kabilio.
Featuring fascinating insights and anecdotes about the music, you'd be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful music for cello and transport yourself to Spain with a grand finale featuring fiery Flamenco music.

Lili Almog Studio
Watersheds Moments- selection from the Jerusalem Bienale
thru August 14   The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery

Fiddler On The Roof (A Fidler Afn Dakh)
Translator Shraga Friedman
February 21, 2019 thru Jan 2020
Stage 42 @ The Little Shubert Theatre
Don't miss the beloved story of a community and its struggle to balance traditions and desires in a changing world. The little town of Anatevka will bustle with the sounds of mame-loshn in the Yiddish language adaptation of Fiddler.
With direction by Oscar and Tony Award®-winner Joel Grey and the Yiddish translation by Shraga Friedman, this production has been hailed as "a richer, deeper interpretation" by The Wall Street Journal, "a mitzvah" by Time Out New York, and AM New York gives it four stars, calling Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish "perfect."
Performed in Yiddish with English and Russian subtitles.