April 19th, 2019
Shabbat Times: 
Candle Lighting
Morning Service
7:21 pm
  Forecast: 64/rainy

Shabbat Kiddush
Join us for Kiddush on Shabbat. This is the perfect opportunity for us to experience community and get to know each other better.

Birthdays and Anniversaries 
Hugh Gilenson
Judy Geller
William Lowe
Frances Aguilar
Casey Danoff
Vera Kishinevsky

Sunday 4/21
Passover Day 2
Morning Service at CBIOTP (1585 Center Ave) 9:30 am
Maariv 8:45 pm
Wednesday 4/24
Chol Hamoed
Read-in chapters 7 & 8 10:30 am
Visiting Scholar Eric Goldman: Looking at the Holocaust
through the lens of cinema 1:00 pm
Thursday 4/25
Erev Passover Second Days
Morning Service 9:00 am
Read-In chapters 7 & 8 6:30 pm
Evening Service 7:45 pm
Friday 4/26
Passover Day 7
Morning Service 9:00am  
Mincha at 1:00pm, following Kiddush
Maariv 7:30pm

Two Special Passover Services
On the first morning of Passover, Saturday, April 20th , we will welcome members of Congregation Beth Israel of the Palisades to our Shul Services begin at 9:00am in our Sanctuary, and will be followed by a Kiddush.   The next morning, Sunday, April 21st , we will be joining Congregation Beth Israel of the Palisades for services in their building : 1585 Center Avenue at 9:30am.
We know it's Passover... We know you will be worn out on the morning after the first Seder... We know you will be even more worn out on the morning after the second Seder... Still, it is vitally important to our Synagogue and to the entire Jewish Community of Fort Lee that you attend one, if not both of these services: we would like to have a strong representation from our membership as we welcome CBIOTP to our building, and when we attend services in their Shul.
  Rabbi Kenneth Stern                   Mark Altschul , President

Torah Reading   385, 932              Haftarah 1300
The Children of Israel are commanded to designate a lamb for the Pascal meal. Its blood is to be painted on the doorposts and lintels of their homes as a sign of protection from the final plague which will befall the Egyptians. This ritual is to be re-enacted each year in commemoration of the Exodus.
At midnight God smote the firstborn among the Egyptians, causing Pharaoh to summon Moses and Aaron. Finally the Israelites are given permission to leave Egypt with all their possessions. They also acquire many riches from their neighbors. They depart in such haste that their bread does not have time to bake properly; it hardens in flat cakes - matzot.
The Israelites have spent four hundred thirty years in Egypt; the night of their departure the ritual of the slaughtered lamb is to be observed as a memorial by subsequent generations - Jew and non-Jew alike, provided that the men are circumcised.
From the Second Scroll we read of the sacrifice offered in the Temple on Passover.

For Your Listening Pleasure
Six13 - A Lion King Passover
Six13 - A Lion King Passover

Louis Armstrong-Go Down Moses (Lyrics+Download)
Louis Armstrong-Go Down Moses (Lyrics+Download)

Shabbat Shalom v'Chag Same'ach!
Enjoy this brief Shab Sha!-and your S'darim!
The Seminary's Resources for Passover
The Haggadah; The Seder Table; The Exodus Story; On Freedom; Song of Songs; Crossing the Sea...

Medieval Illuminated Haggadot and a Different Kind of Bitter Herb Preceded Horseradish!   
Haggadah Manuscripts from the Rare Book Room of JTS
Haggadah Manuscripts from the Rare Book Room of JTS

Is Seltzer Jewish? And 99 Other Argument-Starters for Your Seder                                              

If at all possible, the Seder should begin after dark on each night.
We begin Counting the Omer at the Seder on the Second Night.

First days:
Saturday, April 20th
9:00am We welcome CBIOTP to our Shul!
1:00pm Mincha following Kiddush

Sunday, April 21st
9:30am Please attend joint service with CBIOTP at 1585 Center Avenue, Fort Lee
8:45pm Ma'ariv (in our Chapel)

Intermediate days / Hol haMo'ed
Mon - Thurs April, 22nd - 25th 7:00am & 7:45pm

Concluding days:
Friday, April 26th 9:00am
Mincha at 1:00pm, following Kiddush
7:30pm Ma'ariv for Shabbat and the 8th night

Saturday, April 27th
9:00am (including Yizkor)
1:00pm Mincha following Kiddush
8:45pm Ma'ariv & Havdalah (conclusion of the holiday.)

Please wait until 9:15pm for the Rabbi to transact the return of any Hametz that you may have "sold" through him.

This Week's Yahrzeit Observances
We hope that our weekly listing of yahrzeit observances will serve 2 purposes:
1)     To remind those who have the yahrzeit for a second time, much closer to the date of the actual observance
2)     To alert friends and acquaintances that someone they know is observing a yahrzeit. We hope that you will show them your support by joining them at our minyanim, and helping to assure that Kaddish can be recited with a minyan 
Lore Benario will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Herbert Livingston on Friday evening, April 20th
Elsie Zeilberger will be observing yahrzeit for her husband, Fred Zeilberger on Saturday evening, April 21st
Hilda Reisner will be observing yahrzeit for her sister, Hanna Sandler on Monday evening, April 23rd
Kathy Grazian will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Evelyn Blank on Monday evening.  April 23rd
Jerome Goldfischer will be observing yahrzeit for his grandfather, Leon Goldfischer on Monday evening.  April 23rd
Ilene Cohen will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Raphael David Schlossman on Wednesday evening, April 25th
James Rosenberg will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Harold Rosenberg on Thursday evening, April 24th



On the Road with the Rabbi  to the NY Historical Society
for a private tour of
In God We Trust: Early American Bible Printings  from the David M. Rubenstein Americana Collection
Wednesday, May 15 at 11:00a.m.
$15.00 per person - Details to follow...


BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy at Ramah in the Rockies
Do you know a young adult struggling to find their path in life? Ramah is working to address mental health and wellness within the Jewish community.  BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is our answer. Following a successful pilot season last year, BaMidbar is open for year-round enrollment.
CONTINGENCIES, Group Exhibition
Compére Collective
Artist, Shay Arick
Opening Apr. 12 |6:00 - 8:00 pm
Through April, 21 | 2019
Compére Collective
Shay Arick (b. 1979) is a cross-disciplinary Israeli artist based in New York. His practice combines photography, sculpture, installation, performance, and video in order to explore issues of violence, social taboos, political conflicts and human behaviors. In this process, Shay deconstructs iconic cultural imagery as a form of critique and analysis. Arick subverts performance of masculinity and fetishization of machismo with a film placed inside a cowboy hat placed into a wall. This token of American male figure serves as a nook for an intimate viewing of the movie image. Curated by Osman Can Yerebakan for Residency Unlimited

Soviet Childhood
Artist, Zoya Cherkassky
Opening May 2 |6:00 - 8:00 pm
Through June, 15 | 2019
Zoya Cherkassky was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1976. In 1991, she immigrated to Israel. She earned her BFA from HaMidrasha School of Art at Biet Berl College. Her work has been shown internationally at institutions including; Rosenfeld Gallery Tel Aviv, Henrich Böll Foundation Gallery Tel Aviv, Circle1 Gallery Berlin, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, Guelman Gallery Moscow, and The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. In 2018, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem held a mid-career survey of her work. Cherkassky's work is included in the permanent collections of The Jewish Museum New York, Jewish Museum Berlin, Jewish Museum Vienna, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum of Art Tel Aviv, and The Doron Sebbag Art Collection Tel Aviv. Cherkassky currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Gilad Hekselman 4tet
The Village Vanguard
Guitar, Gilad Hekselman
April 30th - May 5th, 2019
The Village Vanguard NYC
Gilad Hekselman will play at the iconic Village Vanguard with Mark Turner on Saxophone, Obed Calvaire on Drums, and Rick Rosato on Bass.

Gibney Dance
Choreographers, Chanel SaSilva, Bobbi Jene Smith, Micaela Taylor
May 2nd*, 3rd** | 8:00 - 9:30 pm
May 4 | 4:00 pm, 8:00 - 9:30 pm
The Theater at Gibney @ 280 Broadway
The 2019 EMERGE program features New York City-based choreographers Chanel DaSilva and Bobbi Jene Smith, (Bobbi Gene danced with the Batsheva Dance Company for 10 years and teaches GAGA) alongside the inaugural GDC/Springboard EMERGE Choreographic Award Winner, Los Angeles-based Micaela Taylor.
Each artist will teach classes, offer creative process sessions and dialogues about the future of the dance field, and create a new work on GDC to premiere on a shared evening. EMERGE highlights the continual expansion of GDC's mission: from its beginning 27 years ago as a vehicle for the choreographic vision of its Founder Gina Gibney, to then welcoming re-stagings and new commissions from a wide range of guest choreographers, and now providing visibility, resources, and space to the next generation of creators in the contemporary dance community.
*A post-show reception opening night
** Living Gallery, presenting a free, live performance in Gibney's Gallery with Aynsley Vandenbroucke on May 3rd at 7:00 pm prior to the performance.

Pelvic Floor
Movement Research at the Judson Church
Artist, Ye'ela Wilschanski
April 22 | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Judson Memorial Church NYC
"Pelvic Floor" is a performative sculpture that moves in relation to body - garment - architecture. (Ela) Wilschanski is an interdisciplinary artist. She is currently an MFA student at Hunter College and received her BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem. Her work revolves around the materiality of the body and materials the body comes in contact with. Free Event. No reservations required.