May 11th, 2019
Shabbat Times: 
Candle Lighting
Kabbalat Cabaret service
Bat Mitzvah of Sara Zoe Rak
7:43 pm
7:00 pm 
  Forecast: 72/partly cloudy

Shabbat Kiddush
Today's kiddush is being sponsored by Jill and Kenny Rak 
in honor of their daughter, Sara's Bat Mitzvah.

Birthdays and Anniversaries 
Jean Burnick
Paul Zim
Madelyn Danoff
Barbara Margolin
Rachel Taylor
Jeffrey Adler
Irwin Meyers

Jill & James Rosenberg
Saturday 5/11
Bat Mitzvah of Sara Rak 9:00 am
Minha, S'uda Shlishit (3rd Shabbat Meal), timely topic, Maariv and Havdalah 7:15 pm
Wednesday 5/15
On the Road with the Rabbi to the New York Historical Society RSVP required 11:00 am
Thursday 5/16
Rabbi's Class 10:30 am
Visiting Scholar Mordechai Kedar "Insights into the troubled Middle East" 12:45 pm
Friday 5/17
Bible Class 11:30 am

Happy Mothers' Day!
Celebrating and Mourning with Israel this Week
Israel's Singers Serenade Her
Israeli singers join together for a song about Israel
Israeli singers join together for a song about Israel

Feel Israel  Posted by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs   
Feel Israel
Feel Israel
Israel President Reuven Rivlin and Boaz Sharabi-and a cast of hundreds-sing Ha'L'Vai (May It Happen)          
הנשיא ריבלין ובועז שרעבי בביצוע לכבוד יום העצמאות ה-71 לשיר
הנשיא ריבלין ובועז שרעבי בביצוע לכבוד יום העצמאות ה-71 לשיר "הלוואי"
A Shlomo Artzi recording from a live performance sings of remembrance and tears:      
האיש ההוא - שלמה ארצי - הקלטה מהופעה - כתוביות
האיש ההוא - שלמה ארצי - הקלטה מהופעה - כתוביות

Torah Reading 698    Haftarah 706
In scholarly circles the opening section of Kedoshim is called the Holiness Code. In it we are enjoined by God to strive for human holiness to parallel the divine holiness.
The commandments, through which holiness is expressed, may be divided into two groups: those that emphasize the human-divine relationship and those stressing interpersonal behavior. In the first category we find respect for one's parents, Shabbat, and the condemnation of idolatry and of a variety of other practices common to the Canaanite peoples, including tattooing.
With reference to our interaction with fellow human beings, we are enjoined to consider the poor and the stranger. Specific laws with regard to the poor, applicable to the farmer, are enumerated. Laws promulgated based on truth and justice are set forth: stealing, defrauding, slander, etc. are prohibited. Protection for all disadvantaged - not just the poor, but the deaf and the blind - is required. Not surprisingly, Judaism's Golden Rule, "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself," is found here, too.
The sidra concludes with the reminder that just as the heathen nations are to be punished for their ways, Israel will suffer a similar fate if these commandments are breached.
Tonight: Evening service at 7:00 p.m. followed by Kabbalat Cabaret
We welcome members of Congregation Beth Israel of the Palisades to our service and program!
Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.
Mazal Tov to our Bat Mitzvah Sara Zoe Rak and her family!
Tomorrow afternoon/evening at 7:15 p.m.
During Seudah Shlishit we will read:  Anti-Semitism Is Thriving in America by foremost authority on anti-Semitism, Professor Deborah Lipstadt 

Next Shabbat morning  we will be joining  Congregation Beth Israel of the Palisades i n their building: 1585 Center Avenue

This Week's Yahrzeit Observances
We hope that our weekly listing of yahrzeit observances will serve 2 purposes:
1)     To remind those who have the yahrzeit for a second time, much closer to the date of the actual observance
2)     To alert friends and acquaintances that someone they know is observing a yahrzeit. We hope that you will show them your support by joining them at our minyanim, and helping to assure that Kaddish can be recited with a minyan 
Carolyn Tauber will be observing yahrzeit for her grandmother, Yettie Lippel on Friday evening, May 10th
Faye Salmon will be observing yahrzeit for her mother-in-law, Bertha Salmon on Friday evening, May 10th
Alma Katz will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Rhoda Brown on Saturday evening, May 11th
Martin Carus will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Rose Carus on Saturday evening, May 11th
Renee Gruenspecht will be observing yahrzeit for her father-in-law, Hermann Gruenspecht on Saturday evening, May 11th
Jerome Margolin will be observing yahrzeit for his aunt, Helen Margolin on Sunday evening, May 12th
Judith Platt will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Lee Feldman on Monday evening, May 13th
Allan Ginsburg will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Natalie Ginsburg on Monday evening, May 13th
Joan Alter will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Philip Karp on Monday evening, May 13th
Marilyn Saposh will be observing yahrzeit for her son, Rabbi Paul Saposh on Tuesday evening, May 14th
Leonard Sulkes will be observing yahrzeit for his wife, Frieda Sulkes on Tuesday evening, May 14th
Neil Pepper will be observing yahrzeit for his mother, Mary Pepper on Tuesday evening, May 14th
Rita Berliner will be observing yahrzeit for her brother-in-law, Kalman Berliner on Thursday evening, May 16th
Ira Erlichman will be observing yahrzeit for his father, Sam Erlichman on Thursday evening, May 16th
Hilde Straus will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Otto Lowenstein on Thursday evening, May 16th

Interesting and/or Important Reads
Plans are in the works to go "On the Road" in July:
A Visit to the Unfathomable Past of Auschwitz                                                                                                                   The Museum of Jewish Heritage's exhibition about the death camp depicts, in ways large and small, the horrors of the Holocaust.                                                                                  
What Did Robert Craft Do With His $1 Million Genesis Prize?  
FOX Sports to Broadcast "Final Whistle on Hate" Match Between New England Revolution and Chelsea FC on May 15 at 8:00 p.m
Match aimed at combatting global antisemitism and discrimination      
An Insider's Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth
A former AP correspondent explains how and why reporters get Israel so wrong, and why it matters   
If you don't know of Hillel Neuer, please acquaint yourself. He is eloquent, unstoppable, and one of the best advocates we have on the world scene. He is probably the least popular person in Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council. God Bless him!
He recently tweeted:
Anti-Gay countries banned from London subway ads include:
Saudi Arabia
Countries on UN Human Rights Council include:
Saudi Arabia
Q atar

And here is another Neuer Tweet:  First, I will list 5 of the worst violators of religious freedom in 2019:
Saudi Arabia
Second, I will list 5 members of the UN Human Rights Council:
Saudi Arabia

New Square in the News
USA Today published a list of the poorest cities/towns in each state. In New York State that town is New Square, home to the Skverer Hasidim. To its credit the paper did not identify the inhabitants as exclusively Jewish/Hasidic. The most shocking thing to me was the home prices, which are off the charts and totally out of line with poverty of its residents. New Square is easily the most expensive place for an impoverished family to (have to) buy a home. It borders on tragedy.
New York:  New Square
* Median household income: $23,924 (state: $62,765)
* Poverty rate: 64.4% (state: 15.1%)
* Median home value: $338,200 (state: $293,000)
* Population: 7,995
Home to some of the wealthiest and some of the poorest towns in the United States, New York has the worst income inequality of any state. In New Square, a small town in southern New York, most households earn $24,000 a year or less. Meanwhile, less than 60 miles away, in the Long Island neighborhood of East Hills, the typical household earns $199,000 a year. New Square also has a poverty rate of 64.4% - the highest in both the state and the country.

And in other Hasidic news:
The focus on the Hareidim borders/bordered on anti-Semitism...
 Measles Outbreak: Opposition to Vaccine Extends Well Beyond Ultra-Orthodox Jews in N.Y.                              Health authorities have been focusing on schools affiliated with ultra-Orthodox Judaism. But immunization data shows that reluctance to vaccinate is much more widespread.                                             


Please watch this 1½ minute interview with a recent immigrant from Holland to Southern Israel. It's one more example of Israeli resolve. And the interview ends powerfully:
A report from Sderot:
Life Under Fire 
Anyone south of Tel Aviv spent the weekend in bomb shelters as intense rocket barrages from Gaza killed four Israelis in the deadliest day for Israel since 2014. By Monday a ceasefire was reached and it was all over. For now.     

Palestinian Businessman Launches New Party 
"Nearly 100% of the Palestinians are already doing business with Israel in all fields."

BDS / anti-Semitism / anti-Zionism
Famed Nazi Hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld: It Feels Like the 1930s                                                    
How Eli Valley's Art Began A Stanford Anti-Semitism Row 
Op-Ed: A disgrace in the Valley - Co-sponsoring anti-Semitism at Stanford   
Muslim Antisemitism Increases the Threat to European Jews
FRENCH JEWS SAY OFFICIALS RELUCTANT TO CALL OUT MUSLIMS ANTISEMITISM                                                    The final straw was the unusual decision this month by the judge presiding over the murder case to order a third psychiatric evaluation of the man who confessed to killing Halimi.                                              

Being Gay Used To Be Terrifying. Being Jewish was Easy. Now It's The Opposite.   
NYU Department Votes to Boycott School's Campus in Israel 
Let Them Speak
Attempts by Jewish groups to stop a panel of anti-Israel speakers at UMass are misguided and bound to backfire                                                                                                                               
Get Out   
American universities have become whirlpools of downward mobility that target the people and the ideas that they once cherished and protected. It's time for Jews to stop paying for them.                     

The Palestinians
This was before last weekend....
Post-Passover Question: Why Was this Forum Different from All Others?  Because this week at a Sydney synagogue, a Palestinian shared the dais with a representative of Israel during which they "tried to maintain the focus of developing a common and respectful vision for both peoples."     
This was last weekend:
ISLAMIC JIHAD ALLEGEDLY ADMITS BABY, MOM KILLED BY THEIR OWN ROCKETS                                                   The report was published in a Telegram account related to Hamas      
The interior minister was held by Israel for 20 years before being released as a part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal.  
IDF Thwarts Hamas Cyber Attack  3/4 of Palestinians Killed in Recent Fighting Were Terrorist Operatives 

Pop Culture
The Palestinian Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel Deception
BDS and Eurovision and Links to Terrorists
Since Israel's victory in the 2018 Eurovision song competition, PACBI has conceived, conducted, and coordinated a global boycott campaign to derail the 2019 Eurovision contest scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel in May 2019. PACBI's campaign seeks to pressure Eurovision finalists and broadcasting companies into withdrawing their participation, and to compel Eurovision into canceling the event in Israel altogether.

Twitter Has A Lot To Say About The Jewish Stars At The Met Gala  



Year-Round Offerings: Families, Teens, & Adults
April 2019 / Nisan 5779

There are many ways to enjoy Ramah experiences year-round, whether it's with your own Ramah camp or with the Ramah mishpacha at programs throughout North America, Israel, and the world. Use these links or scroll down to learn more:

No prior Ramah affiliation is needed to participate in these programs, so please invite friends and family to join you, or forward this email to anyone who might be interested in these terrific program offerings!

New for 2019!
The Ramah Sports Academy Family Experience
From August 5-7, 2019,  Ramah Sports Academy, located on the beautiful campus of Fairfield University in Connecticut, will hold its first  RSA Family Experience, a sports program for families. This is a great opportunity for families to enjoy camp together. Open to families from any Ramah community and their friends! For more information,  click here, or contact  Dave Levy, camp director.
Travel with Ramah Israel Institute (RII) and Reshet Ramah
Poland Journey for Adults  | July 22-28, 2019

Summer Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Adventure in Israel  | Aug. 13-22, 2019  (New trip!)

Ramah Morocco Experience  | Sept. 8-19, 2019

Ramah Nyack Chanukah Family Trip to IsraelDec. 23, 2019 - Jan. 1, 2020  (all camps welcome)

Winter Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Adventure in Israel  | Dec. 23, 2019 - Jan. 1, 2020
Adult Camps & Retreats
Singles Weekend at Ramah Berkshires  (for singles in their 40s, 50s, and up) | May 24-27, 2019

Shabbat Plus at Ramah Poconos |  July 19-21, 2019

Ramah Darom Jewish Women's Getaway  | Nov. 10-13, 2019
Family Camps & Retreats
Ramah New England Family Camp  | May 24-27, 2019

Ramah Darom Summer Family Camp  | June 26-30 , 2019 and July 17-21, 2019

LimmudFest at Ramah Darom  (partnership with Limmud Atlanta and Southeast)  | Aug. 30  -   Sept. 2, 2019

Sukkot at Ramah Poconos  | Oct. 18-20, 2019

Ramah Darom Winter Break Family Camp  |  Dec. 27, 2019  -  Jan. 1, 2020
Families with Children with Disabilities

Ramah Darom Camp Yofi   | Aug. 7-11, 2019

Ramah Poconos Tikvah Family Camp  | Aug. 14-18, 2019

Ramah California Camp Ohr Lanu   | Aug. 15-19, 2019
Programs for Teens & Young Adults
Do you know a young adult struggling to find their path in life? Ramah is working to address mental health and wellness within the Jewish community.  BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is our answer. Following a successful pilot season in Spring 2018, BaMidbar is open for year-round enrollment.