February 23rd 2019
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5:21 pm
  Forecast: 43/sunny

Shabbat Kiddush
Join us for Kiddush on Shabbat. This is the perfect opportunity for us to experience community and get to know each other better.

Birthdays and Anniversaries 
Elsie Zeilberger
Suzanne Fasman
Murray Feit
Rhonda Huegel
Rose Jakoby
Arnold Insler
Gloria Singer
Nancy Schiff
Diane Sudakoff
Craig Barnett
Ira Smilovitz
Adam Wexler
Erika Krauss
Selma & Rabbi Irving Spielman
Shirley & Marvin Kochansky
Fannie & Shahin Zamanian Rad

Saturday 2/23
Morning Service 9:30 am
Minha , S'uda Shlishit (3rd Shabbat Meal), timely topic, Maariv and Havdalah 5:00 pm
Thursday 2/28
Rabbi's Class "Talmud and Tangents" 10:30 am
Visiting Scholar Janet DiNardo White - Lecture topic "Reform Movements" 12:30 pm
Friday 3/1
Bible Class 11:30 am
Dear Friends,
Please consider joining me at AIPAC's Policy Conference on March 24-26, 2019 in Washington, DC. 
Policy Conference  is arguably the most important conference in the Jewish world. It is the Super Bowl, World Series, Playoffs, and Championship of pro-Israel advocacy all rolled into one! Over 18,000 Americans and Canadians from all religious and political persuasions come together in our nation's capital to lobby for a safe and secure Israel. The Conference includes exhibitions of groundbreaking Israeli innovations that are saving American lives; keynote speeches by top leaders from both the United States and Israel; emotional and inspiring moments on stage; and smaller and more intimate educational breakout sessions. The Conference culminates in the opportunity for us to lobby our members of Congress on the pro-Israel agenda on Tuesday. For all the information you will need, or to view videos and other events from last year's Conference, please go to this site:
I hope you will join me for this meaningful, uplifting-and exhausting!-experience. 
Please call me or email me with any questions you may have or for further information.
Torah Reading   538                Haftarah 548

Final Instructions for the Desert Sanctuary - Additional funds for the construction of the Sanctuary were to be collected in connection with a census of the male Israelite population above the age of twenty: a silver half-shekel was to be contributed by all. Instructions for the fashioning of a washbasin for the priests' use, and for the compounding of oil and incense (to be used in association with the sacrifices) completed the detailed list of the Sanctuary's structure and contents. Betzalel and Oholiav are to supervise the entire construction project.
The Golden Calf - While Moses remains on Mount Sinai the people below clamor for a tangible representation of God, and Aaron accedes to their demand, fashioning a Golden Calf. God informs Moses of the sinful proceedings taking place at the foot of the mountain and threatens to wipe out the entire nation. Moses pleads successfully that the people be spared, and then descends to restore order. However, as Moses approaches the camp, he is so enraged by the sight and sounds of the revelry that he smashes the tablets of the law that he has brought from God. Moses melts the Golden Calf, grinds its remains into a powder which he pours into a stream, and forces all the people to drink from it. Three thousand ringleaders are slain. The people express their remorse.
The Second Set of Tablets - God bids Moses to ascend Mount Sinai once again, where he is given a second set of the "Ten Commandments." Moses received a personal revelation from God in which God imparts to Moses the attributes of mercy, kindness and truth by which He guides the Israelites. Moses returns to the camp after forty days, his face shining with a divine glow. From now on Moses will wear a veil to conceal his features, removing it only when he enters the Sanctuary and comes into God's presence.

Tonight: Musical Shabbat service at 7:15p.m. (following our indoor bbq)
Tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.
Tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 p.m.
During Seudah Shlishit we will continue reading Michelle Alexander's NYT op-ed Time to Break the Silence on Palestine, which will be followed by three refutations: Alan Dershowitz, Peter Buchsbaum and Thane Rosenbaum.
WHY NOT JOIN US for Minha???
...And as soon as Havdalah is over, why not hop into your car and head for the Pomona Cultural Center to see/hear our own shofar blower M itchell Shedlarz play a horn that is equipped with valves?

This Week's Yahrzeit Observances
We hope that our weekly listing of yahrzeit observances will serve 2 purposes:
1)     To remind those who have the yahrzeit for a second time, much closer to the date of the actual observance
2)     To alert friends and acquaintances that someone they know is observing a yahrzeit. We hope that you will show them your support by joining them at our minyanim, and helping to assure that Kaddish can be recited with a minyan 
Faye Salmon will be observing yahrzeit for her father in law, Eugene Salmon on Friday evening, February 22nd
Hilde Straus will be observing yahrzeit for her mother in law, Jenny Straus on Friday evening, February 22nd
Gloria Singer will be observing yahrzeit for her brother, William Pickholz on Saturday evening, February 23rd
Laurie Singer will be observing yahrzeit for her uncle, William Pickholz on Saturday evening, February 23rd
Evelyn Baer will be observing yahrzeit for her father, Willy Baer on Wednesday evening, February 27th
Doryne Davis will be observing yahrzeit for her mother, Maxine Gerstein on Wednesday evening, February 27th
Martha Shemin will be observing yahrzeit for her grandmother,  Bella Glass on Thursday evening, February 28th 

Israel Chooses to Go to the Moon 
The first privately built, non-governmental, lunar lander, made in Israel, is on its way to the moon. It successfully deployed after launching at 8:45 p.m. last night off Cape Canaveral on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and is expected to land on the moon's surface in April.
You can watch the launch, and at 33 minutes, despite the bright sun, you can see the lunar vehicle jettison:
Nusantara Satu Mission
Nusantara Satu Mission

More videos on the lunar mission:

SpaceIL - Launch video #israeltothemoon
SpaceIL - Launch video #israeltothemoon
21see: SpaceIL's trip to the moon
21see: SpaceIL's trip to the moon

Landing the First Israeli Spacecraft on the Moon
Landing the First Israeli Spacecraft on the Moon


SpaceIL featured in Ulpan Shishi: Friday Night News
SpaceIL featured in Ulpan Shishi: Friday Night News

Important Reads
US acculturated Muslim kids are giving their elders a run for their money, just like the children of all immigrant groups. They are not hell-bent on spreading Sharia Law, as some may fear:
The Creeping Liberalism in American Islam                                       
Egyptian Author: My Decision to Meet the Israeli "Enemy"                                                                            
If Corbyn isn't a liar, he has a very poor recollection of his own activities:
Corbyn's Jewish Problem                                                                                   
Tom Bower examines the roots of Corbyn's anti-Semitism  

The Disappeared Children of Israel   
Saving Jews from Conflict Zones in Ukraine               
Jewish Coalition Offers $1 Million in Grants to Address Women's Issues in Jewish Institutions    
It's Developmental Disabilities Awareness / Inclusion Month:
From Dating to Language, 8 Jews with Disabilities Explain How Communities Fall Short on Inclusion   They push for a range of changes, from including ramps in Jewish spaces to fighting stereotypes.                            

From Ethiopia to the Technion Institute 
17-year-old Fentanesh Gasasa has been defying the odds her entire life. After losing her mother at age 6, she helped raise her younger sister in Ethiopia. Most recently she was accepted into Technion - Israel Institute of Technology' Future Leaders program, less than a year after immigrating to Israel from Ethiopia.    
This is not a good thing:
47 Slates Register for Israel's April Knesset Elections
Hardened by terror and frustrated by failed peace efforts, Israelis don't want to hear about the evils of occupation or ways of ending it       
Benny Gantz, Bibi's Chief Rival in Israeli Election, Voices Agreement with Him on Iran 
Israel Prepares for Locust Swarms                                                                      

Meet B'reshit! 
Yesterday Israel launched Beresheet aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket  from Cape Canaveral. Beresheet is a SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries spacecraft which will undertake a week-long voyage to the moon.
If everything goes well, Israel will be the fourth country to soft-land on the moon and Beresheet will be the first private effort to do so.
From stateless, to landing on the moon in 70 years. The spacecraft's name is apt.
Israeli Doctors Restore Vision with Revolutionary Membrane Transplant
Palo Alto Networks Buys Israeli Cybersecurity Company Demisto for $560 Million  
Israeli Cyber Security Investments                

BDS / Anti-Semitism / anti-Zionism
Are we too pre-occupied with Anti-Semitism? Are we letting the news define our priorities and who/what we are?
Ha'Aretz: Jews Are Making Anti-Semitism and Victimhood Our Entire Identity                                                                                From Trump to Corbyn, jihadists to nationalists, Europe to America, too many commentators see Jewish life as under siege from anti-Semitism. But that's not true...                                                       
The yellow vest protesters followed Alain Finkielkraut as he walked away from the protest and down the street, yelling antisemitic insults at him.                                         
Will adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition      
This is from October, but still relevant:
University of Cologne Students Condemn BDS as Anti-Semitic  
They join students from the University of Vienna in Austria, Goethe University in Frankfurt, Leipzig University, and Johannes Gutenberg University in Main 
What hypocrites!  (next 2 articles)

This Dutch Activist Promotes an Israel Boycott on an Israeli-made Mobility Scooter 
Robert-Willem van Norren decorated his vehicle, which was imported from a kibbutz, with Palestinian flags. 
Caught Using Websites Created by Wix, an Israeli Company!                                              
Rashida Tlaib epic BDS fail (with friends)
Rashida Tlaib epic BDS fail (with friends)

This is their hypocrisy/bias: their activists were sent only to Israel and not to any other conflicted spot in the world.
  The World Council of Churches spent years gathering information on IDF operations, with activists masquerading as tourists.                  
Poll Shows No Weakening of American Jewish Support for Israel                                                       
Nobody Knows What Zionism Means Anymore. Two Historians Help Explain Why.                                          

Iran / Syria / Hezbollah

Israeli Satellite Firm: Syria's S-300 Air Defense System "Probably Operational"         
Longest (1 km), most complete tunnel. Estimated it took 12 years to build. Posted by Andrea Thompson, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs:                                        
Video: Inside Hizbullah Terrorist Tunnel Dug under Israeli Border       


The Palestinians
"A(n Empty) Land for a People for People Without a Land"...When the First began how many natives were there? Is Mark Twain's observation of a people-less land accurate or an exaggeration? It is pretty clear that there was, at one point, an influx from Egypt (think Yasser Arafat's origins), and that may Arabs flocked to Palestine drawn by the lure of Zionist enterprise and employment. Read on, please....

THE BIG MAP OF THE EMPTY LAND                     

A Golden Bear for Israel
Israel's first top prize in nearly 70 years of the Berlin Film Festival!                                                
Seeing Stars
Getting ready for the Academy Awards with shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, actor Kurt Fuller, and film critic Jordan Hoffman                                                                                         

Sarah Silverman Opens Up on 'Finding Your Roots' About Feeling Like the Only Jew in Her Town Growing Up       
Saw it during a flight in early January; spoke about it the next Shabbat. Bottom line: I think it's worth seeing; it re-kindles Black-Jewish alliance.

Spike Lee: The Jewish Character in 'BlacKkKlansman' Added a Lot of 'Complexity' to the Film    
The iconic director gets candid about the Jewishness of his Oscar-nominated movie.     
I never heard of this series, so I watched the most recent episode On Demand about Bubbe's shiva...not bad! And in the opening credits I discovered that the series was created by Terri Minsky, who grew up in my shul in Pittsburgh!

Disney's 'Andi Mack' is Seriously Groundbreaking - and Incredibly Jewish!    

We Need Volunteers From Our Congregation

To volunteer, please email Hilda Froelke-  

At Ramah's three specialty camps, campers pursue their passions within the transformative Jewish communities that have distinguished the Ramah experience for over 70 years.

Land Mine
Film Screening + Discussion
Directed by Tirtza Even
Israel | 2018 | 86 minutes
Friday, February 22 | 7:00 pm
Museum of Modern Art
This experimental documentary about the filmmaker's childhood home, a three-story apartment building in Jerusalem, past and current tenants recall their lives there and what they have witnessed and endured in a turbulent Israel.
In Hebrew with English subtitles

Photo: Rune Abro
One. One & One (N. Y. Premier)
Vertigo Dance Company
Choreographer Noa Wertheim
March 5th - 6th, 2019 | 7:30 pm
Jerome Robbins Theater
Israel's highly regarded Vertigo Dance Company performs One. One & One, choreographed in celebration of the ensemble's 25th anniversary and set to a powerful score by Avi Belleli. Performed on a dirt-covered stage, the work creates an arresting sensory experience as it explores the individual's desire for wholeness and spiritual connection to the natural world.

Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players
Vadim Gluzman, violin
March 4 | 2:00 pm, 7:30 pm
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
Max Levinson piano-Vadim Gluzman violin -Kobi Malkin violin-Ayane Kozasa viola-Coleman Itzkoff cello-Xavier Foley double bass-Vadim Lando clarinet-Eric Reed horn-Gina Cuffari bassoon
KORNGOLD Piano Trio in D Major Op. 1
SCHUBERT Octet in F Major D. 803
Written in the highly expressive language of the Viennese fin de siècle after two years of study with Alexander Zemlinsky, the lyrical tunes in a thoroughly modern harmonic language also show evidence of the traditions of Brahms and Strauss. Korngold was born in Moravia, educated in Vienna, and achieved success as a composer of opera and concert music throughout Europe. Upon leaving Nazi Germany, he made a name for himself in Hollywood, and was a pioneer in the development of the classical Hollywood film score, providing music for at least 16 movie scores, two of which won Oscars.

Photo by Gadi Dagon
Center for Choreography at the University of Akron
March 6 - 10, 2019
Akron, Ohio
This multi-day Dancing Lab will highlight the strength of Israeli dance as a national pastime, and ask questions about its influence on American choreography and how one's national identity informs dance making. NCCAkron will bring Israeli and American artists together to learn from each other, compare notes and share their experiences with audiences through panel discussions, films, and classes.

One. One & One
Vertigo Dance Company
Choreographer, Noa Wertheim
Saturday, March 9th | 7:30 pm
Ohio Theatre CLEVELAND
Grounded and organic yet driven and unyielding, Vertigo's dancers attack the contemporary movement with an honesty that engages audience members to feel the vulnerability of emotions being unpacked onstage. One of Israel's most highly regarded contemporary dance companies; Vertigo takes the viewer on an exciting and challenging journey into unfamiliar territories with every performance. The company strives to bring people closer together and touch them through the language of the body and movement, which can be felt from their powerful performances.

Fiddler On The Roof (A Fidler Afn Dakh)
Translator Shraga Friedman
February 21, 2019 thru June 2019
Stage 42 @ The Little Shubert Theatre
Don't miss the beloved story of a community and its struggle to balance traditions and desires in a changing world. The little town of Anatevka will bustle with the sounds of mame-loshn in the Yiddish language adaptation of Fiddler.
With direction by Oscar and Tony Award®-winner Joel Grey and the Yiddish translation by Shraga Friedman, this production has been hailed as "a richer, deeper interpretation" by The Wall Street Journal, "a mitzvah" by Time Out New York, and AM New York gives it four stars, calling Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish "perfect."
Performed in Yiddish with English and Russian subtitles.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Choreographer, Ohad Naharin
March 6 thru March 17, 2019
The Joyce Theater
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago returns with two thrilling programs of contemporary dance. The first week features Decadance/Chicago, an evening-length performance combines excerpts from works by Ohad Naharin which were arranged specifically for Hubbard Street by the world renowned Israeli choreographer. The second week celebrates Crystal Pite, one of today's most sought after and inventive choreographers, with three of her most exciting works: A Picture of You Falling, The Other You, and Grace Engine.

Yemenite Israeli Sister Trio
February 26th, 2019 | 7:00 pm
Baby's All Right Brooklyn, NY
Band Members: Tair Haim, Liron Haim, Tagel Haim, Noam Havkin, Yiftach Shahaf , Nitzan Eisenberg, Tal Cohen
The Yemenite-Israeli sister trio Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim, also known as A-WA that took the world by storm sing in the Yemenite Arabic dialect while mixing electronic dance music and hip-hop beats with folkloric and original melodies. Growing up in the remote village of Shaharut in the Arava valley gave way for a unique childhood with the bare desert landscape acting as a blank canvas for their creativity.

Pinchas Zukerman's 70th Birthday Celebration Concert
Wednesday, March 20 | 7:30 pm
Neidorff-Karpati Hall Manhattan School of Music
A concert celebrating Pinchas Zukerman on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Manhattan School of Music's Pinchas Zukerman Performance Program and his 70th Birthday. The concert will feature performances by Professor Zukerman's current and former students and distinguished colleagues.

Working Woman
Director Michal Aviad
Israel | 2018 | 93 minutes
February 28th - March 3rd, 2019
Glicker-Milstein Theatre Barnard College
The Athena Film Festival's pick, Working Woman, follows Orna's life at work which becomes unbearable when her boss, a major Israeli developer, makes inappropriate advances. Caught between the need to support her family and the increasingly disturbing behavior of her boss, Orna fights for her job and her sense of self-worth.
Hebrew with English subtitles

Artist Conversation
Third Body: artist Roey Victoria Heifetz and scholar Yarden Stern in conversation
Sunday, Mar. 3 | 1:00 - 3:00 pm
East Village, NYC (Address upon RSVP)
A conversation between artist Roey Victoria Heifetz and Yarden Stern, independent curator and PhD candidate in Performance Studies at NYU. Heifetz will speak about her new body of work, Third Body, recently presented at the Artist House Tel Aviv upon receiving the Ann and Ari Rosenblatt Prize for Visual Art in Israel in 2018. Third Body is a series of large scale drawings of Heifetz and a video installation made in collaboration with filmmaker Zohar Melinek Ezra, that pose challenging questions about the "transgender body", and the body in general. Heifetz and Stern will discuss topics that emerge from the work, such as gender change, anxieties, old age, regret, femininity, motherhood, pain and fear - of oneself and of society.

Litvak Contemporary Art
VOLTA NY Art Fair 2019
Painter, Dana Pakman +
Photographer, Boaz Aharonovitch
March 6th thru March 10th, 2019
Pier 90 NYC
Litvak Contemporary is proud to announce its participation in Volta NY Art Fair 2019, featuring photographer Boaz Aharonovitch and painter Dana Pakman.
Both artists use different mediums to control and shape time. Capturing an imaginary, yet precise, moment in each of Pakman's paintings while Aharonovich simultaneously represents multiple moments of time in each photograph. Both artists attempt to step out of Chronos, known as linear time, and to live in Kairos, the proper or opportune time for action.

The Band's Visit
2018 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical
Music & Lyrics, David Yazbek
Ending April 7th, 2019
Barrymore Theatre
THE BAND'S VISIT is the winner of 10 Tony Awards, making it one of the most Tony-winning musicals in history. It is also a 2019 Grammy Awards® winner for Best Musical Theater Album. In this delightfully offbeat story, set in a town that's way off the beaten path, a band of musicians arrive lost, out of the blue. Under the spell of the desert sky, and with beautiful music perfuming the air, the band brings the town to life in unexpected and tantalizing ways. Even the briefest visit can stay with you forever.

Artist, Daniel Rozin
February 8th - March 17th, 2019
bitforms gallery, New York
Israeli-American artist, Daniel Rozin. Sol probes the relationship between the function of natural and mechanical structures. The exhibited works employ a combination of custom software and organic materials to mimic and interact with the viewer's body in space. Rozin uses mirroring to nurture the mechanisms of performance, calling for the audience to contemplate the reflection of their gestures.