Image: A photo of Saul and Susan Bloostein on their wedding day in September 1961.
Tip #1: Go with the Flow
“The best advice I can give to newlywed couples is to be prepared to give in to most things; otherwise, you’ll be fighting,” advises Saul Bloostein, who will celebrate his 60th wedding anniversary with wife Susan in September. “You have to be flexible. You can’t always have it your way,” he adds. “It’s not that we don’t fight, but the next day, all is forgiven. In other words, you accept each other as you are. You just go with the flow. When she wants me to apologize, I do. (Well, nine times out of ten at least!)”

“We’re both tough cookies,” Susan chuckles. “It’s a challenging road, but we love each other more than when we first married. You go through 60 years of variance … happiness, sadness, you see it all. The bottom line is, you give a lot, and you take a lot; and you try to be as flexible as you possibly can.”

Tip #2: Hug, Kiss, and Snuggle
“Did you know we met on a blind date?” asks Martin Cohen enthusiastically. “I went to pick [Elaine] up, and there she stood at the top of the stairs. I looked up at her, and well, let’s just say — I’ve been looking up to her ever since.” The Cohens celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary in May.

“It’s about loving one another, but it’s also about being committed to each other,” Elaine adds. “He tells me once a day that he loves me.” 

"We hug, kiss, and snuggle. And we treat each other as equals,” adds Martin. The two share many interests, including a love for their children, music, and Jewish tradition. “We complete each other. She finishes all of my — ”

“— sentences!” smiles Elaine. 

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