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Friday, March 25, 2022 / 22 Adar II, 5782
I am so excited and honored to be the president of Beth Emet. Over the course of the past 12 years, my involvement at Beth Emet has been unique because I have first-hand experience in knowing what Klei Kodesh and Lay Leadership co-creation feels like. I know what success looks like at Beth Emet, and I know the challenges that face the synagogue. In order to face the future, I will challenge the Klei Kodesh and lay leadership to re-imagine the synagogue. We will focus on three initiatives, all related to experiential growth. The first initiative will include a major review of the synagogue's educational programs, a discussion of the values that underpin our educational philosophy, and imagine what we want education at Beth Emet to look like in the future. The second initiative will similarly involve the complete review of our spiritual practices as we explore ways in which we can deepen our spiritual lives. The final initiative will question how we can reshape ourselves into a fresh and familiar synagogue prepared for the future. As an architect, I believe that being curious is both exciting and necessary as we explore ways in which we will focus on upcoming opportunities and challenges facing Beth Emet. One of the character traits that I have studied in my Tikkun Middot va’ad is Sakranut, or Curiosity. As we enter this post pandemic world, this curiosity will serve us well as we explore the future together. 
One of the many things that I most appreciate about Beth Emet is the connectedness that we have with one another. Being engaged leads to true collaboration, which I believe will be critical as we look at the questions and initiatives that I have outlined above. In the Book of Leviticus we learn that the divine presence essentially comes to dwell within a person when one leads the people and engages with each and every one, seeking to create connection with the blessed Creator, each and every one according to their level. Then, through the merit of the entire community reaching together towards teshuvah (turning), the Holy One causes the divine presence to dwell within each of us. 
The Nominating Committee has blessed us with a wonderful group of Trustees. This includes a very special and talented team of officers including Nisan Chavkin, Suki Fisher, Sara Hartman Seeskin, Mike Isaacson, and Jeff Mann (Foundation President) who along with our past president Karen Isaacson will work hand in hand with the Klei Kodesh as collectively we reach together to continue to make Beth Emet great.  
Shabbat Shalom,
Lee Weintraub
Beth Emet Challah Midrash 5781- Get Your Own Coffee Table Book!
We have put together a book about Beth Emet's Challah Midrash from 5781. If you would like your own copy, please donate at least $43 to Beth Emet: the gematria (the practice of assigning a numerical value to letters and words) for challah ח ל ה. There is a sample copy in the lobby. 

Email Bekki to order your copy! 
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