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Friday, November 25, 2022 / 1 Kislev 5783

Each Sunday morning our Beit Sefer students begin their singing/worship session led by Cantor Cotler with gratitude.

Modah Ani Lifanecha,

I am grateful before You, they sing.

Sometimes Cantor asks them to mention what it is for which they are most thankful. As we approach Thanksgiving, I am grateful that our Jewish tradition focuses on appreciation each day of the year in our morning prayers, and that our American tradition, even with troubling aspects of the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday, pushes us to explore aspects of our lives for which we are most grateful. Each year as we sit around a table filled with an abundance of food, my family members offer aspects of their recent year for which they are feeling most grateful. The sharing is often deep, hitting highs and emerging from lows. 

By focusing on the middah (soul trait) of gratitude, HaKarat HaTov, our lens, our thoughts, and our actions can shift. In the words of Alan Morinis, “when you open yourself to experience the trait of gratitude, you discover with clarity and accuracy how much good there is in your life.” 

Rabbi London writes: “Practicing HaKarat HaTov can shift our perspective from one of lack to one of abundance. This feeling of being blessed with plenty and that our bounty is the product of the fertile soil on which we toil can turn our attitude of ‘I deserve it’ to ‘I’m fortunate. It hasn’t always been like this. Look how far I’ve come with God’s help. How can I share my blessings with others?”

I hope that you are enjoying your Thanks-giving weekend with family and friends.  

Wishing you a peaceful and calm Shabbat,


Marci Dickman

Director of Lifelong Learning

Worship Schedule

Friday, November 25

6:30 pm

Kabbalat Shabbat Service with Guest D'var Torah by Bebe Zebe and Michal Avera Samuel from Be'chol Lashon

In-Person and Virtual on Livecontrol

We are grateful for our (pre-recorded) guest D’var Torah by Michal Avera Samuel and Beza Abebe who will speak about the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd, brought to us by Be'Chol Lashon.

The service will also include a pre-marital blessing for Mark Feldman (son of Matt and Ellen Feldman) and Madeline Bailey.

While masks are no longer required, they are encouraged. At all Friday evening services, there will be a masks-required section for those that feel more comfortable at the east end of the Sanctuary. For more information see our updated COVID protocols

Livecontrol Link

To listen to the service, dial 847-869-4230 and press 7 or watch on Facebook Live

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Ruth Dresner died on Wednesday, November 23. Ruth was the mother of Nehama Dresner. Read more.

Louise Strum died on Thursday, November 17. Louise was the mother of Beth Strum (Becky Lowery), grandmother of Megan. Read More.

Esther Fox died on Saturday, November 5. Esther was the sister of the late Ada Golbus. Read more.

On this Shabbat, we observe the first yahrzeit of:

Irene Lerner, mother of Sandi Lerner

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Saturday, November 26

9:30 am

Kahal Shabbat Morning Service with Potluck to Follow

In-Person and Virtual (fusion worship)

While masks are no longer required, they are encouraged. For those attending Kahal in-person, there will be a potluck lunch following services.

Zoom Link

Ph: 312-626-6799 | Meeting ID: 813 2237 5514 | Passcode: 1224

This Shabbat we will be reading:


Torah: Genesis 25:19-26:22,

p. 173, Follow Along Here

Haftarah: Malachi 1:1-2:7,

p. 191, Follow Along Here

Sunday, November 27

9:00 am

Sunday Morning Minyan

Virtual on Zoom Only

First-timers are encouraged! 

Zoom Link

Ph: 312-626-6799- Meeting ID: 834 4048 4441 | Passcode: 1224

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