Parashat Tetzaveh
February 23, 2018
Adar 5778

Candle lighting: 5:23 p.m.

Dear Friends:
This coming week, we will be celebrating Purim, one of the most festive holidays on the Jewish calendars. Nevertheless, the story that we read on Purim is anything but festive. In The purim Megillah, the Jewish people find themselves once again on the brink of annihilation. Had it not been for queen Esther heroically and courageously standing up to the King and his cruel advisor Haman at the last minute, all could have been lost.

Amidst the carnivals and the hamantaschen, one of the many things that we celebrate on Purim is the courage that Esther showed, when she came to the rescue her people. She stood up to authority, not knowing how she would be received or what her consequences would be for doing so, to fight for her rights and the safety and protection of her people. For taking that stand she is celebrated as a hero, one whom we should strive to emulate.

I think we can all take a page from Esther's play book. With the many injustices and challenges that we face in the world around us, we cannot and should not stay silent. Speaking out and standing up for what we believe in and what is right, whether it be our physical safety, legislation, or policy, may come at a cost. But as Esther reminds us, the cost of not doing so, is potentially much worse.

Which is why it is my hope and prayer for all of us, that we can harness the courage that Esther exhibited in our Purim Story. That we can be agents for change, in hopes of making the world a safer, more just, and better place.

Rabbi Josh
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