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By Jo Strausz Rosen
On Friday the 13th some people find themselves worrying. They avoid flying, crossing paths with a black cat, and never walk under an open ladder. Some may decide not to ride elevators. Others remain at home altogether! Friday the 13th of May might find you tripping on a banana peel or stepping in a mud puddle.
Windsor, Canada was home to Eight Over Eighty Tikkun Olam Honoree, Rae Sharfman. It was a small and traditional Jewish community. She remembers going with her mother to a protest meeting against the white paper, from the British, who were restricting the number of Jews who could come into Palestine. Her parents moved the family to Detroit when she was young. She studied at Wayne and got her teaching degree, spent 5 years as a first-grade teacher. She met and married her husband, Donald, z”l’ and raised her family. Her interest in politics led her to get involved with and advocate for Israeli groups, the Women in Green, Regavim, Volunteers for Israel, and then Soviet Jewry. She has been volunteering for the ZOA for many years. Learn about the interesting life Rae has led as an Israel advocate when we honor and celebrate the Eight Over Eighty Tikkun Olam Awardees, Sunday, May 22, at Noon.

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This 11 minute chair cardio exercise is perfect for building endurance, increasing stamina & boosting metabolism.
Michigan COVID numbers are on the rise. If you have a runny nose, or other
COVID symptoms, get tested to stop the spread.
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Hechtman Apartments celebrated Mother’s Day with an elegant party for residents, enhanced by musician Dana Stern.
Prentis and Teitel Apartments held lovely Mother's Day brunches and bingo for its residents.
Prentis Apartments residents also enjoyed a Taco Fiesta in honor of Cinco De Mayo last week. Olé!
Volunteer at JSL and learn why giving=getting! Volunteers are an essential part of exciting programs for our residents. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to see how you too can make a difference.

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One Pot Chicken Dinner

Main ingredients
12 ounces broccoli or cauliflower
4 chicken bottoms, or 1 chicken cut into 1/8ths
20 ounces Duck Sauce
8–10 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons fresh chopped herbs of your choice (basil, rosemary, sage, etc.)
Montreal steak seasoning 
1 pound baby potatoes, halved or quartered

Prepare the Chicken
1) Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. 
2) Rinse chicken and pat dry. In a large baking pan, place chicken, baby potatoes, and garlic cloves. Pour duck sauce on top of the chicken and potatoes. Sprinkle with desired amount of Montreal steak seasoning and chopped herbs. 
3) Bake uncovered for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Remove from oven and spoon sauce over potatoes and chicken.
4) Add florets and continue to bake uncovered for an additional 15 more minutes until the broccoli is cooked through yet still slightly crunchy. Pour sauce generously over broccoli, chicken, and potatoes and serve. Garnish with any fresh chopped herbs. Serve warm.

This recipe is from kosher.com
A Fun Community Volunteer Opportunity:
After Shabbos on Saturday, May 14, at 9:35pm
Join us at Laurel Park Place to help set up
Book Stock for their grand opening

Book Stock needs volunteers all week.
Contact Roz Blanck to help: 248-891-2208
Rabbi Dovid S. Polter, Community Chaplain
The Chai Flyers

We are approaching Lag B’Omer, a mystical day on the Hebrew calendar (Thursday, May 19th). This day marks the passing of one of our great sages, known as Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai. Hundreds of thousands of Jews from all walks of life gather annually at his burial place in a little town in northern Israel. Lag B’Omer always falls on the 18th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar. The number eighteen is a sign of life as in the numerology of the Hebrew word Chai, meaning life. The association between Chai (life) and eighteen is widely recognized.

Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai imbued life, zest and meaning into our faith and tradition. He merited to reveal deep secrets relating to G-d and the universe. These secrets arouse those who study his teachings to attain higher spiritual goals.

The following was a clip of the Jewish News, September 15, 2011, edition, “A group of about 40 Jewish pilots and small airplane enthusiasts from Metro Detroit share a passion for aviation and have been meeting regularly for the last 30 years. The “Chai Flyers” first formed in the early 1980’s. The group of physicians, dentists, businessmen, retirees and one professional pilot, gathers at 8:00 pm on the first Monday of every month at Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Township.”

One of the residents I visited was a proud member of the Chai Flyers. He was keen on sharing his group’s exciting flight adventures in the Michigan skies. 
Let us all strive to fly high with Chai/Life!

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