Shabbat Shalom
December 29, 2017
Well, we survived a year of Trump by the skin of our teeth yet the damage done by Congress via Bills and Reforms and the POTUS appointments (many Federal Lifetime Judges) will be around to Bite us in the Butt for years to come. 2017 was certainly a tumultuous year with Ups and Down and Gains and Losses.  Wishing for a stable, sensitive, productive and peaceful 2018. We must be on top of our game to help turn the tides of our current political predicament.  I'll do my best to keep you updated on the worthy candidates and causes as we approach election day Nov. 6, 2018.  But we end this year, our family will be at the Happiest Place on Earth with our grandbabies and wishing our Real World was as accepting of diversity as this Small World.  At any rate, no News or Commentary till next year.  

SW Airline flew a plane full of animals including several puppies out of Hurricane Harvey's Houston disaster zone to find new homes in San Diego.

Sensible Gun Control was still out of reach this year as we witnessed the worst mass  shooting in US history in Las Vegas and then one month later, the 5th deadliest gun massacre  at a church in Sutherland Springs, TX. 

We gained a Democratic Senator from Alabama which hasn't happened since 1992.  Doug Jones' victory brings hope of switching Senatorial majority in the next elections and hopefully slowing down the conservative momentum curentlly led by the WH and GOP held Congress.

Losses - RIP
Jim Nabors
David Cassidy
Della Reese
Fats Domino
Robert Guillaume
Tom Petty
Hugh Hefner
Harry Dean Stanton
Glen Campbell
Jerry Lewis
Sam Shepard
Barbara Sinatra
John Heard
Martin Landau
Adam West
Gregg Allman
Roger Moore
Charlie Murphy
J. Geils
Don Rickles
Chuck Berry
Bill Paxton
Mary Tyler Moore

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet Shabbat Shalom and 
a Peaceful New Year of 2018 . 


The Holidays  are a hard time of the year for lots of people.
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Happy Birthday!

Dec. 29th
Patti Aaron
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Nancy Granadier Goldman

Dec. 30
Alicia Blas
Lynne Greenberg Obron
Judy Liebman
Leah Trosch
Yair Hammer 
Danielle Ross
David Gutow

Dec. 31
Hannan Lis (My Love!)
Deena Lockman
Tammi Freedland
Alicia Rhodes Nelson

Jan. 1
Roni Raviv 
Steve Feder
Annie Cohen
Dennis Frank
Robert Rosenfeld

Jan. 2
Norman Kaplan 
Karen Moss Frontera

Jan. 3
Carla Schwartz
Marilyn Victor
Arnie Goldman 
Jonathan Ornstein 
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