Shabbat Shalom
December 2, 2016
"We are responsible for one another; we must learn to respect, understand and accept each other if we want to bring about the world we all deserve - a world without violence, a world without victims, a world without hate."
~ Rais Bhuiyan, Founder & President, World Without Hate

Without Hate
I always find something meaningful while watching my favorite show "CBS Sunday Morning" with Jane Pauley. This week they spotlighted  Rais Bhuiyan, a Muslim man who was "revenge" shot after 9/11.  As the only survivor of 3 victims, he recovered to forgive his assailant and dedicate his energy to prevent his demise from the death penalty.  During his exhaustive yet unsuccessful attempt to save his "enemy's" life, a realization of respect and appreciation was achieved by the man who shot him.  Though he didn't prevent the execution, he did diminish the instilled hatred from his murderer's soul. We could use the courage and strength of men like Rais in Trump's administration to counter the self-centered xenophobic appointments like Stephen Bannon.  Here is more info on the non-profit Rais founded, called World Without Hate

Hating Others has deterimed that the (26 point Scrabble) word of Xenophobia is the word of the year. In years past, Xenophobia was a word restricted to Yom Kippur while collectively asking for forgiveness of all sins. But the fear of foreigners and strangers has risen to a daily phenomenon.  As compared to previous words; "Identity" in 2015 referred to the acceptance of various gender, racial, religious identities and "exposure" in 2014 referring to the Ebola epidemic, this year's word speaks volumes of our State of Mind.  Xenophobia was always lurking in our woodwork, but this election outed its acceptability which is frightfully disgraceful. Our country isn't alone in its xenophobic tendencies as we all remember the shocking Brexit vote and according to (former US Labor Sec. and current UC Berkeley Professor) Robert Reich, 
"Xenophobia can be seen as a reaction to a rise in globalization."  He acknowledges that scapegoating is not new but it is dangerous when we blame multi-cultural groups for our economic and social woes. It converts our tolerance and empathy to disrespect and hate. We should be ashamed of our 2016 word and work hard to become more xenophilic (yes, that means love of foreign people, things and costumes)

Love Democracy?
You would think that Americans have a love of democracy, but in just the last 20 years, we have gone from 1 in 16 to 1 in 6 who say Military Rule would be fine for them. That is cause for a huge YIKES. The spike in our disrespect for the freedoms of democracy is more prevalent in younger people.  This NY Times article details our discontent with democracy and is a bit alarming for me.  If you have a less concerning opinion after reading this, please let me know.

Love Land
Our democratic liberties are on full display at Standing Rock. Here are some facts about the protest there:
- The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is 1,200 mile long, built underground and underwater to transport nearly 600,000 gallons of crude oil on a daily basis.
- The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is protesting this pipeline as it could cause environmental and archaeological damage. 
- The Sioux have been in North America for about 30,000 years (long before we arrived).  
- Precedent for oil spills contaminating our drinking water are prevalent and happened in 2010 here in our Kalamazoo River when a 1 Million gallon spill caused a $1 Billion clean up that is still ongoing.
- Trump owns stock in one of the businesses connected to this pipeline and is supportive, just as he supports the Keystone XL Pipeline since it has... "No impact on environment & lots of jobs for U.S." 
- Thousands of protesters are lining up to support the Sioux Tribe as they are subjected to Rubber Bullets, Concussion Grenades, Pepper Spray, Dog Bites and Freezing Cold Water Hoses.  Senator Corey Booker  has requested an investigation of  these tactics.
- Thousands of US veterans will arrive to Standing Rock this weekend to help shield the protesters from the barrage of attacks. 
- The Governor of North Dakota has ordered a manditory evacuation, yet even as the harsh Winter approaches, 
protesters plan to hold till they are convinced their land and water will be safe
- For more info on how to help, please check out this website:

Fleeting Hope
Personally, I would like to know the exact paper count of our Michigan vote.  Most likely, it will still produce the same results with the wrong POTUS in our future, but why not double check considering there was only 10,704 votes between the top two candidates out of a total of nearly 4.8 Million ballots. Jill Stein received 51,463 votes so I give her credit for raising the funds to conduct the recount.  Who knows what might turn up...a girl can only hope.   Wisconsin's recount vote started yesterday and will commence by Dec. 13.  The vote spread between Clinton and Trump in WI was 22,000.  Stein requested the 3 million votes be counted by hand but a WI Judge denied this demand yet left it up to the counties to decide on a Hand Count or a Machine Count.  Stein's 3rd State she is funding for a recount is Pennsylvania.  More details to come on this saga but if you want to help keep this process trustworthy, you can volunteer at:

Era Ended
Fidel Castro's first obituary was written years ago, just as all famous people have their obits written and ready to print at the drop of a hat.  That hat dropped last Friday at the age of 90.  Castro was admired by many and despised by others. His liberator hero status was cheered as his ashes were driven past huge crowds throughout Cuba yet many around the world accused him of ruthless political imprisonment and assassinations.  He prevailed as a communist dictator longer than any of his peers.  In recent years, his brother Raul has opened Cuba's doors to the Western world and just this week, the first direct flight (American Airlines) from the US (Newark) to Cuba was celebrated.  May this be a sign of a bright future for Cubans as Fidel is laid to rest 

Fidel Castro 1926 - 2016

Few Survivors
Condolences to the family and friends of the
Brazilian soccer team who lost their lives in a plane crash over Colombia.  A fuel shortage and possible electrical problems caused the crash. 6 people survived, including 3 athletes, 2 crew members and a journalist.  Wishing the survivors a complete and speedy recovery.

Peace in Flames
Experts believe it could take 30 years for Israel to recover from last week's arson fires.  Thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed mostly in Haifa and Jerusalem and 30,000 acres of forest and nature reserves were decimated. 200 people were injured and many animals died.  Should Fire Intifada now be added to the arsonal list of suicide bombings, rocket fire, car rammings, bus bombings, street stabbings for those who want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. But Hope sparked as help to fight these blazes came from everywhere including the Palestinian Authority. Arab towns, mosques and homes were open to fire victims setting a positive precedent from the past. We are a long way from our deeply desired peace, but maybe we are heading in the right direction. 

Though we lost the election, there is still room for optimism as we did manages a net gain of 2 democratic seats in the Senate and 6 Dems in the House.  Plus we will see 4 new women senators (bringing the total to a record high of 21 with 16 of them as Dems) to help continue our women's rights fight.

Bravo to these Senators elect: 
Kamala Harris, Catherine Cortez Masto, 
Tammy Duckworth and Maggie Hassan

The Wind
"I listen to the Wind, to the wind of my soul".  I hope this new cover of Cat Stevens' The Wind by a singer who goes by the name of Passenger warms your soul. The music and visuals are beautiful.  Passenger is  a 32 year old British singer-songwriter whose real name is Michael David Rosenberg and whose musical influences were Simon and Garfunkel.  And if you are craving more music, here is his first big hit, "Let her go", that might sound familiar to you.
Wishing you and your family 
a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom

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Fans of 1970s television lost two promenint personalities last week.  The multi-talented (soprano) and "mom to all", Florence Henderson (age 82) and the producer and MTM husband, Grant Tinker (age 90).  Florence got tired of all those moms commenting to her on how their kids would have prefered Mrs. Brady as their moms and Grant brought us  Family Ties, The Golden Girls, Cheers, Night Court, Hill Street Blues and of course (his ex-wife's show) The Mary Tyler Moore Show among scores of others.  Their contributions to TV are indelible in the minds of all Baby Boomers.
Happy Birthday
Opps, forgot two birthdays last week:
Nov. 25 Michelle Nelson
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Dec. 5th
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Dec. 7th
Fran Victor

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Aliyah Schneider

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December 8 (Thursday)
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December 13
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